My Past Life?

  • I've always been haveing these feelings about my past life,but i've never knowen much about it. It feels like i'm always having re-takes of everything in my life like it's happend before,but I know for a fact it hasn't. It's weird..could someone please give me alittle more in site on who I was and what I did etc. Because I feel that somethings from my past life are connecting into my life now. It would really help me out.

    Thank you.

  • Would you like a past life reading? If so just give me permission to cast your cards and ask for a past life reading. I just want you to be aware that I give the full truth in the messages and sometimes the messages can be tough. Let me know. Thanks.


  • Yes I would like a past life reading. It would mean alot to me if you could to do that. It's fine. I understand I like to be given the full truth instead of some of the truth and lies. I would love it if you could to that. Thank you very much(:

  • The guides are asking which past life you want. I told them that you are having recollections and they are saying that it is the recollections of multiple lives. So do you have a past life in mind that you want to focus on or do you want a reading on the significance of having recollections? Let me know. Thanks.


  • I'm not really sure which one it is..I feel like it's a past time somewhere that dates back to older the 18 a past life from sometime around then is really what i''ve been getting most of the that's really what i would like to focus more on.

  • Ok, I'll ask and see what I get.


  • Okay. Thank you.

  • hi serah,

    for past life reading. is it that guides will "select" the most significant one that are most relevant to current lifetime or it will be a collection of all the major lessons over all the lifetimes?

  • pinkrose08,

    Thanks for the question it is a good one. Usually my guides don't even want to bring up past lives because they don't want people dwelling on things that they either can't change or don't really affect them in this lifetime. They have explained it to me that the soul is already the culmination of all the past lifetimes so you already know, on some level of yourself, everything that you've ever done. Now if the soul has good memory you can do past life recall and things like that but even I have some trouble doing it. When I asked about my past lifetimes they brought up the lifetimes that I had really hard lessons to learn but didn't and let me tell you they were really unpleasant. Now that was just an example for me because I know them so they felt comfortable opening that part up but it was really hard. Other times people ask about past love lives and the guides will speak about it but they make clear that it was a past lifetime and not to dwell on things, they just don't want people to get too concerned with something that has already past and not on the current lifetime. Relevant past lifetimes would be something they would bring up if you need to learn a lesson in it any other past lifetimes that you ask would just be for curiosity sake. Sometimes my guides argue with me because they would rather give a person a current lifetime reading than a past lifetime because to them is usually has no real significance past satisfying their curiosity. But everyone wants to know things like that even me so I don't mind doing past life readings they just aren't as relevant as current readings. For TheOneWhoFadesAway I was "drawn" to them because they said that things keep coming up and I wanted to help them because it seemed more significant than just for curiosity sake. Hope that helped.

    Oh and to answer your second question it would be a very long drawn out reading to do all the major lessons they would just tell you according to which memories or quirks you are recalling. The entire soul history would be expansive to say the least.


  • Thank you so much Serah for the detailed explaination!

  • TheOneWhoFadesAway,

    Just to let you know my guides speak through me when I type so that is why they use "we".

    5-Card Reading : Past Life

    XIII Death Reversed : 10 of Swords : 3 of Pentacles Reversed : Page of Wands : 5 of Pentacles Reversed

    We want to bring up a past life in which you had some trouble moving forward. We know that you want more of the overview of what happened to you(details that make you say, Oh and Ah I remember that) but in the course of this reading we are going to focus on specific lifetimes and than later on if you still want to know the small details you can ask another reader or psychic. This lifetime was set in the 1800's and we are pulling from a few lifetimes too when we do into details because most lifetimes are strung together with the lessons that you learn. So in this lifetime you were a pauper and you had trouble with money. We tried hard to teach you the lesson with money but you were pretty stubborn, that might be the reason why you can pinch two penny's together when you have to. In this lifetime it was very same from start to end, you were basically poor. And you might ask, "Well why is this significant to me?" and we will say that it should be pretty obvious. You might have some quirks with money and it all can be traced back to this period in time when you were "stuck" concerning money (no money).

    The other thing that happened in a 1600's lifetime was that you were murdered, it was similar to the 1800's above that you were poor. And we usually don't want to bring things up like this because it might get you paranoid or get you worrying about things. But most everybody has been murdered in one lifetime or another and if they haven't it is just because it hasn't happened yet. So take this from the stand point of curiosity and understanding not from the stand point of fear and anxiousness. You might ask again how is this significant but it is because you can get "on edge" you should know what we mean by this. If you feel like you need to check your surroundings or you get nervous with a little bit of fear and hesitation because you feel like there is someone behind you it is because you are pulling from this lifetime when you were murdered and that residual fear of being attacked stuck with you. You might ask what happened we aren't too sure if you want the details but it was a robbery gone wrong and you were the one getting robbed and you unfortunately didn't survive that attack. People though you had money because you used to wear a cloak and they thought you hid things in there but they were wrong so sometimes you get riled when you feel attacked for no reason like, "Why hurt me when I have nothing to give or nothing to do with it," feelings can come up with emotional situation and we aren't just talking about with money or robbery but overall just getting confronted you might feel that way but this is a smaller part of you and it only comes out of the conditions are right to jolt you into remembering those feelings. So when you get stand offish and feel a little fear or hesitancy you draw from this lifetime.

    In another lifetime (1600's) you did some craft with your hands like carving and you wanted to be recognized but never were. That might be the reason why you feel a need to want to be recognized in this lifetime. You want to feel like you know for sure, from others, that you have been recognized in doing the work you are doing. This also is something which happened but you only pull from this during certain times when you want to feel more recognized than others. Though you might be a little with held during some parts of achieving things the overall want is achieving recognition of good work. And this might just sound like something everyone wants but that is what you soul is telling us to bring up with you so we are doing it. You just want a little more recognition than what others usually want and that is you pulling from this lifetime when you didn't get that national recognition you wanted for your skill set. Recognition might come at a high price so be aware and keep balanced with your work load and your wants with becoming a recognized "artisan" or crafts person and that can be taken in this lifetime with what ever you create yourself.

    This is another lifetime (around 1600's) we are bringing up in this paragraph. In this lifetime you forged a new path where others didn't see. If you want to know what kind of path it was a religion one. And whether or not you are religious in this lifetime isn't what this is about. It was about being a visionary. It was about doing something that other people couldn't visualize and you were one of the first, if not the first, to take that step and carve out a new understanding or ritual with religion and than others saw that you knew what you were talking about so they followed and you gave a lot of hope and inspiration to others who didn't have the courage to be the first to cross the boundary into something new, in this case it was with religion or a religious practice but that what made it so significant because many people benefited from the fact that you did something new which mapped it out for others. So you can be inspiring in that sense.

    The last thing we want to bring up is another lifetime (late 1600's/early 1700's) in which you again had trouble with money but in this lifetime you didn't mind it. It was a simple lifetime for you and you really enjoyed it. You lived in a cabin or cottage in the woods very close to the town and you just had a down to earth, simple things are best, type of lifestyle and you were really peaceful about it. It was a really wonderful lifetime because you didn't care about what happened and you weren't worried about money you just lived a kick back lifestyle and you "enjoyed the scenery" in this life. You lived in Europe so it was that relaxed European mentality of just going along with life at a steady flow and enjoying things, not worrying too much. So when you get back into that mode of relaxing you can really "let go" of things. And this was a lifetime we love to talk about because plenty of people want to just let go of things and enjoy what they have available around them and you did that, you had no fears or worries about where the money was coming from because you always had steady work you just never became middle to high class. You loved just being happy with yourself and you can get a deep sense of peace inside yourself when you draw from this past lifetime. We love speaking of this lifetime because it can be hard to let go of wanting so many things and just enjoying what you have but you had it and it was wonderful!

    We hope we answered your questions. We obviously focused on more of the broad sense of what happened but that is for you to make bigger connections in your life. We could have stuck to small, "I remember that" kind of flashes but they don't have much more of a significance than you just liked them so you remember them again in deja vu type scenarios.

    Hope that helped


  • It does! Alot! Thank you soo much! But there's just one more thing..a locket..or a neckless. Some type of jewelry that you can wear around you neck..i've keep getting like..weird feelings that I lost it or someone took it from me.

  • I asked the guides and they said.

    "It was around the 1600's. Something happened that made her feel like she lost something (the "locket"). Was it a real locket? It was similar to it, it had a clasp. There is some sort of relationship associated with this memory, so that is why this has significance to her. Losing this item made her harbor feelings of "something is missing." Was it stolen? No, we think she just misplaced it. Why is that feeling still sticking around? Because it was something that bothered her, like a needle in her mind. It comes up ever so often because she always wondered what happened to it. Her soul still has that, "Where is it!" feeling."


  • Hi, can you do a past reading for me of all my previous life and now? Thank you in advance!

  • Peace4everyone,

    Hi. I am currently completely booked with my tarot business that I need to take a break from doing gratis readings but if you'd like a reading from me please check out my website. My services are affordable and I put a lot of time and detail into my readings. I would love to cast the cards for you. When I get a chance for another round of free readings I'll come back and post on my Disirnott Tarot thread I started. Thanks.


  • Hi,

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