Wud love a reading if anyone out there and willing?

  • At a stand still with regards to love at the moment. I am a Gemini and can usually get along with anyone really. Would love an insight into my love life and anything alse you might pick up on. Thanks x

  • Namaste, Ladyisiah. I use the Animal Dreaming cards and today you have received Hawk, #11, Messages!

    Hawk reminds us to look directly at an issue and see what needs to be acknowledged and addressed. You are being put on alert to look for signs that will guide you to the next phase of your life. Stay watchful and be willing to act on a moment's notice.

    Spirit will send you an obvious message, sign or omen that will help you see your future clearly, without the emotional of physical blockages that may have hindered you in the past.

    Stay open and look for guidance!

    Hope this helps!

    In love and light, love and light, love and light,


  • Hi Ladyisaiah,

    I can try and do a readng for you -- I have just started reading them for myself and others and am slowly getting the hang of it! but bear with me if i make a mistake, still a novice now! Could you just let me know what specifically you want to know? eg are you likely to meet someone special soon? or are there any areas of concern you may have? I have just found that the more direct the question, the more direct the answer will be. Even yes/no questions can be asked as long as they are not frivolous. will check in tomorrow morning (it's 10.30pm now) to see what you need and I will do a reading for you as soon as i can. cheers,


  • Ahliyah

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. This has given me something to think about and look out for.

    Kind Regards

  • Thanks for the resonse. I agree more indepth q's are a good idea. I guess I am wondering when and who may be coming along. Looking forward to anything you have to give.



  • hi Ladyisaiah,

    sorry for the delay in replying -- am a bit snowed under with eclipse mayhem! have to go to a class now but will do your reading later this evening when my head (and heart!!) have calmed down a bit! will let you know as soon as I finish it.

    love and light,


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