Seeking advice on Sag women and Cancer male

  • Hello, I'm the Sag and I've been seeing a Cancer man for about 4 months now. I'm hoping someone could give me a reading or some insight on the future of our relationship. It's been good so far. We have the best physical connection I've ever experienced. The chemistry between us is undeniable. I'm worried about the long term compatibility. I've been with another cancer man and be was very controlling and so dull after a while. I haven't seen any signs of this new cancer being controlling and he's always down for any new adventure, which I love. He is a lot moodier than I'd like but I just give him a little time and he always comes back with more want for me. Not sure how this will work out in the long run as well. I tolerate it now and find it as a welcomed challange but over time it might just be to much. Other then the great physical connection we do have a lot in common and he is such a gentleman. I guess I'm a little sceptical, is this going to last, is it just a game, is he really this great? Will he always be this great? Not wanting to sabotage this relationship because I'm thinking it's to good to be true I welcome any advice. My birthday is 12-18-82 with a libra rising sign and Capricorn moon and his is 6-24-1975 Thanks everyone!

  • The Capitan, I see you have such great insight for many other people on here. Is there anyway you could share your thoughts with me on my relationship?? I would be very greatful... Thanks

  • Hello ASag,

    I am a Sag too and have been in love twice, both with Cancer men. One I was married to for 12 years, the other was after my divorce and only lasted 6 months. Like you said I had an undeniable connection and we made a really good team. With both I also experienced a great telepathic connection and also physical. We had the same philosophy about like, same sense of adventure, etc. The moodiness is so true! It drove me nuts! With the second one I did think the thoughts that you are having. I really fell in love with him and I ended up broken hearted in both situations. Looking back I believe it would have bored me over time, I am more insatiable intellectually. But I still miss him so much.

    I am not a psychic but all I can say is that there was a tendency to have drama or get the silent treatment and I do believe that over time both Cancers were a bit envious of my undying optimistic disposition. They just couldn't have a pity party around me, I think it just bothered them on some level. Anyway. It is a great match I believe, but you need to adjust to the mood swings and not let it affect you.

  • I hope the Captain can do your reading though! Doesn't get better than that!

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