Can Taurus ever forgive and reunite?

  • Me and my taurus have been together for about a year now, but we have a lot of history before. I first met him in 2008. Recently he found out something that i had been hiding from him, hoping that he'd never found out. I was hiding the truth because I didnt want to create any tension or argument between us. I value our relationship greatly. However, it's a shame that he found out that way and I cannot do anything to turn back time now. I sent him a few text and a very long email, sincerely apologise. He's giving me silent treatement now and it's been a week, we didnt speak. I know that Taurus needs patience and space, but im worried that he will never forgive me. I really miss him...

  • BTW im a leo...

  • My brother is a taurus and if this man loves you then Yes! But beware it may be hard for him to trust. Good Luck!

  • Hi [RK146] can you give a ink what he find out , i mean each crime 🙂 has his level right,

    I did something very bad to my Taurean man and his mad, disappointed and hurt but to my surprise he still contacting me and his focus was not in what i did but in trying to fix the issue we had

    Sadly, each time we speak he gets upset thats because i keep bringing back the bad experience

    This is making both us difficult to move on from the matter

    One thing i notice about Taurus is they are very patient, courageous and generous

    They have a sensitive heart

    My advice is to back away, Stop the txt, Stop the email, Stop

    Give him space and when you see him dont speak about the issue if he doesnt bring it up

    He will come around with time

    If you keep contacting him you may anger him more, space make the heart go fonder

    But that depend what you did, Did you cheat on him? if you did, they do not forgive cheating, if it's not you may have hopes.

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