• Hi MG,

    I am so impressed with the short reading you did for me today and am wondering if you would be willing to do a more extensive one for me. My life has been steamrolled in the last year and I am in so need of some clarity and guidance. If you feel you want to and have time, here are some of the questions I have....if you don't have the time or interest, I do understand!!

    It has been 18 months since Bill and I imploded....a necessary thing in order to get to the truth about him, but it doesn't make it any less painful to get over....he failed at the lessons he was sent here to learn...I know I was here to help him, so I feel like I failed too. He was living a double life and was exposed....I was with him on and off for 17 years and feel so stupid for wasting my life on him.

    You said also you saw a "return home" and I would like to clarify that you see it as a move and not an extended visit...I am going there for the rest of the month tomorrow.

    Also, I lost my wonderful job here in CA four months ago....any insights on another job coming soon and where it will be? I only moved to CA for Bill (1-22-53) and feel he pretty much abandoned me.

    Also, any new love....I am assuming Bill is gone for good with the death card and all....I am ready to move on and tired of being alone.

    Financially, he left me in dire straits also.....there is a possiblity of a settlement from my old job down the you see anything?

    Thanks for anything you can read for have quite a gift!

    Many blessings,


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  • Hi LibraLull,

    It looks like money that was promised or anticipated will be delayed, but should arrive shortly. It also looks like someone may be assisting you in this matter to make sure of it. I keep getting that you are looking to move and/or living with someone to cut down expenses or that you will wish something would come along and "save your ass". I can not tell you if indeed you will move b/c I feel as though there will be more factors coming into play. You are such a strong woman Leslie. I feel that you may have been playing a victim. Although I will agree that you have been "victimized" you have the ability to get out of the mindset and come out as a "survivor" no longer a victim. Love will come later on when you least expect it but in the meantime your focus will be on you. You won't really have time to think about love in the next few months. I do see a new job coming in, it may not be something you love but it will help pay some of the bills. Until you get yourself settled again and find joy again. Then you will pursue better career/job options.

    Love and Light!

  • Thank you so much have been a great help. I do feel I have taken my power back and have not played the victim....just trying not to be a doormat anymore!!

    You are a very insightful reader....thanks again.

    Many blessings,


  • Thank you Libra for your kind words. I really hoped I could encourage you on this new journey. Many blessings to you as well!

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