Any insight regarding university issue?

  • Long story short, I am thisclose to graduation and I am thisclose to the requirements for it, but have not yet met them. However I feel that I am an exception to the rule, and intend to let my dean and assistant dean know tomorrow, and start seeking an appeal.

    This ONE particular requirement determines whether or not I attend an internship I have scheduled that starts next month, and is also required for my degree.

    Does anyone have any insight regarding how well this appeal will go, or if I will be able to seek another course of action that will lead to success so I can attend this internship? Or will I be delayed, yet again? I more than deserve this and usually I am a rule-sticker-toer but I truly believe I can convince them (the university) of an exception.

  • tooalooyeaye2

    To be an exception and to have others see that point of view will not be an easy task.

    The one particular requirement is what has you hung up so to speak.

    I receive for you to STOP fighting it and just plain do what you are told and that way you will receive honor and justice in ways that will pay off for you later on down the road.


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