Taurus and love

  • Im a capricorn in love with a taurus and he doesnt make love to me. Any help?

  • Does your guy know your interested??? He may need more mental or physical stimulation from

    you to become interested in making love. I'm a taurus girl and communication is what works best in my opinion. Let him know in some way you want him and he may come around.

  • wusupper 🙂 i'm a taurus/gemini chick. Taurus at least me loooove being handled sensually like touching, massaging, smelling unless there is trust loss, doubt of faithfulness, or a lot of stress/mental growth happening but even when we're stressed we LOVE making love basically any attention where there is good sexual buildup and satisfaction. we're gluttons for doing it and cumming do you and your honey have ANY chemistry???? that's all u need with a taurus coz we are secretly unsatisfied if we are not wanted all the time in bed by (our) loved one. Honestly tho, i think if you guys aren't a set set couple that knows the score wit each other, then act cool with him, like you got other things (or people!) to do (and look hot doing it) if he likes you he'll have a hard time being patient and playing that game. if he just aint giving u no love girl- ignore his a$$! kick rox! alotta men taurus are mentally stuck on some serious crap. and can't communicate it... well good luck babe

  • I have the same problem only reversed. I'm a Taurus with a Capricorn man. Sex is the last thing on this mans mind. He is so in to his work. Then comes home and goes to sleep. Yes I have been very blunt with him on what my needs are. Yes he always has the answer sorry for ignoring you I will make it up to you. Its like ok WHEN is the make up session. Never had this problem with a capricorn before he is the first. Guess its time to move on. Good luck with your Taurus man

  • I'm a triple Cancer woman dating a Taurus male, they are slow steady and stuborn. I have discovered that he focuses on one thing at a time what ever it might be it gets his 100%. He is very capable of multi tasking espcially in thought processing but choses to be singularly intent when doing things.The plus side of this is when you are the subject of his attention Taurus make very passionate attentive lovers.

    My advice to you is not to try to draw him away, a bull only moves when it decides to move. Allow him his time and space when he is occupied else where, (competing with a Tarurus is futile). Like the bull they are they need to be enticed. Imagine trying to move a bull safely from the field to his stall in a barn. You do not tug on his horns, and good luck trying to push him, lol. Entice him, be suductively present but at same time preoccupied with something besides him. Peak his curiosity, wave some clover (or perhaps some tempting lingera) under his nose with out giving him any attention himself. Take care of all his other needs food, water, soft bed of hay (wine, music, comfort food) and you will soon find him cozying up exactly where you want him.


    hahahhahahahha i know what you mean! i just don't think we are built for a man who does not do it at least 1x a day. he's gotta go girl- you need some fullfillment and happiness in your life if you know what I mean.

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