Me and My Cancer Man

  • Well, I am trying to walk away from Cancer Man until I heal my heart from my divorce. Tuesday I text him I missed him and we had an argument via text about just being friends.... He called me when he got off work to talk. He says he would have walked away a long time ago but he knows we can be great friends and maybe after I have healed and we have spent time away over time we could try again. He says he doesn't know why but he would and has cut other people out of his life that have been so all over the place, but with me he doesn't want it to be that way... I was glad to hear him say that, but I need SPACE! I can't heal when I love him and he doesn't feel the same and he says he's sorry he doesn't love me but that he does care for me and it makes him feel good that I love him. Obviously he feels something or he would have shut me out of his life. I have been so emotional and dramatic-not Taurus like at all-since leaving my marriage and the divorce. I can't heal with Cancer Man in my life. I have to take time for me, but I love him and I find it hard some days to let go... Do Cancers really rekindle things down the road or is this just a crab thing-holding on to me? I'm not trying to get my hopes up. I want to focus on me, but if I thought taking time away would lead us back together it would be easier somehow I think. I have it so bad for him, and yet my Taurus self has kicked in and I know I can't be whole until I am whole alone. So, I am deteremined in my Bull like way to walk away from this and work on me. I will, but I want to know that he really does want to be my friend (I'll make sure that we are distanced as friends)... And could he and I find a path back to each other after time has healed my heart? j

  • TnT----Hey how are you.? Glad he open up to you, I wish more Cancers were like that instead of bumping head 1st....But if he has a special place for you, then yes there is a chance. I say this with experience, because my husband now...We were Bf/Gf high school sweethearts, we went our spread ways, 10yrs later we met up, and Im now married. I can say being married to a Cancer hasn't been easy. It was good in the begining, the middle was great, but some where toward our mid-30's & 40's we lost each other. Our kids our growing we have more time for each other. We are having a hard time communicating, because of the distances we put ourselves into......Yes I believe friends is best...

    Wish Ya Well,


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