I saw this weird dream ? Any idea what this mean??

  • in the dream I was employed from the one I love to work for his girlfriend. the job requirements were of less than what I expected, which made me feel inferior. however, his girlfriend was super nice to me and we became close friends. she tells me to help her to build a flat candle holder on the cilling, from a cloth white material, like the bedsheets, which we were going to fill it up with candles and then let them fall and crash on the floor.

    we actually didn't go through doing all this, but I got the vision on my had as to what she was planing to do. While her boyfriend was looking at us dressed up very well.

    then I went out with his girlfriend in a wooden car she had build all by her self.

    could any one guess what the candles falling from the ceiling could be ? I don't know what to make out of it. thank you !!

  • Candles can represent hope and dreams, so you are wishing you could make this girl's life would come crashing down around her. You feel like she is much better than you (the job) and you wish she would go away (the car) so that you could have her boyfriend to yourself.

  • Thank You Captain !

    In fact this is not true. I sympathize with this girl and I would never wish such a thing to her. That is why my relationship with the guy didn't develop further. from the heart I say that. even in the dream we became friends. Knowing this, I still wonder what the dream means. she was proposing me the project in fact. I was employed to help her for whatever she needs my help on. Would this mean that maybe she knows about me and feels that I am crashing her hopes and dreams down. is it a message for me to know how she feels ?

  • Actually Captain you helped me understand this dream, because I do believe that I might have caused a problem into their relationship, and looks like I have caused her pain, 'her crashing down the candles' and I have guilt feeling of it, but I also make him responsible on this as in the dream 'he employed me to work for this.' I believe my guilt feeling created this dream.

    thank You again ! U

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