Birthay Reading for my Son... Thank you!

  • My son was 24 today and he is a student. I would appreciate a tarot reading for him.

    Thank you so much.

    Radiant Sun

  • Hey Radiantsun

    I am happy to provide a reading for your son!

    We'll use a Celtic Cross to gain the most accurate overview of his path...

    Significator card - Wheel of Fortune. This young man has set a lot of wonderful things in motion in his life, he has worked hard and is anticipating the blessings of his work. So he is 'expectant' that see,s to be his mind or general attitude right now. 🙂

    Situation - Six of Cups. THis is a VERY tender card of love and kindness, if he is not in a very nice relationship he will be soon. This shows his life is in a rather gentle flowing place emotionally, so that is a good sign.

    Crossing that right now is the Strength card, which in the kabbalah is the key for the serpent or serpent power. So his life seems to be asking more of him lately, requiring him to dig deeper into his spiritual life to find (the strength) he needs to make the next choice. The serpent is mysterious and can be either good or evil, so how he accepts this energy will determine much. He is asked to delve a little more into the mystery of life, and accept that as equally important as his material and emotional life.

    His highest hope in life (above him) - his dream, his longing, his passion... 9 of pentacles, so this is showing him living a very dreamy and fulfilling life, materially he is at the top of his game.

    His foundation (under him) - 4 of swords - I think this represents his intellectual achievements, this is a solid energy under him. Everything looks great so far for him!

    Recent past - 5 of swords - so he has changed his thinking in some way recently. A change of focus, could be connected to his path.

    Near future - The Lovers. Uh oh! Is he in a relationship now? This is a sign of some sort of union, combining forces in some nice way. With that six of cups as his situation, I wonder if he is entertaining some thoughts of formalizing this relationship, or at least determining if this is the real thing or not. In the Kabbalah this is the key for a "sword" so this can show him digging deeper into this emotional situation to see what is really at the heart of it all.

    Future environment - Where things are heading in terms of his surroundings - Knight of Pents, this is a card of intense material/financial focus and this sounds like he is off and running chasing down work, career.

    How others see him - Page of Cups - this is card of "risk" emotionally, so this 6 cups, lovers and this card seems to show him risking in love, a relationship perhaps. This is how the world sees him... he may see things differently.

    His hopes and fears and some advice - The Universe card shows him with some very lofty goals and dreams! Yay that is great for him! His only fear in this would be some concerns that he is setting his goal too high. Impossible! His advice is to aim even higher!

    Final outcome - The Tower - Yipes! I was not expecting that! Is he planning on going into the demolition business? This is a sign of something crashing, crumbling, that he has placed a lot of stock in. Not sure what that might be. Coming after the Universe card this sounds like something unexpected. I think the message here is that he may encounter a setback in some way connected with his path, could be a drastic change in that 4 of swords he thought was so dependable. Could be his awakening into a deeper spirit walk and that has some of these other more material (9 pents his dream) crumbling as something more divine replaces that! Sounds nice to me, so whatever happens is all good for him.

    I hope that helps... blessings to you and your son... Happy Birthday to him!


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