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  • I have been with my partner a few months now and it is early days but we have been through more things together than I have ever been through in any relationship! Its had its ups and downs and downs. In the beginning he said he wanted me to have his kids and get married to him now he says he wants neither but I have told him that he should not have started a relationship with me because these are things I want.

    I find that he plays mind games with me and tries to test me on things constantly! He told me that he wanted to be friends with me because he can not deal with a relationship right now as he is going through a lot of stress! That was Friday at 22:00 by 5:00 he is calling me asking me what I am doing and where I am? Then he calls me at 8:11 saying he can’t manage this? By 13:00 he is asking me if I found another man when I went out. I said you finished with me? Now you’re asking me that. Now he is saying he needs space and that he has not finished with me? I have told him that he needs to make up his mind because he cant keep messing with my head and my emotional

    He asked me if I cheated on me would I leave him and I said yes. He called me back 2 mins later and said I cheated on you a month ago your not going to be with me anymore. I gave it and hour and decided for his honesty I will forgive him. Two days later he tells me he never cheated on me he just wanted to see my reaction and what I would do? Yet he still needs space?

    His ex of 4 years cheated on him with her ex partner (father to her child), and I think this has alot to do with it. He asks me never to cheat on him which I have never done and would never do! I have also asked him not to compare her to me (although she is also Aquarian).

    I am so confused by this I don’t know what to do for the best. Any suggestions?

  • I'm not sure how old you two are but he sounds a little young. I'm a cancer woman and I have never and would never treat anyone like that. If you guys have only been dating 2 or 3 months why would you want to stay in that relationship? I can't speak for any other cancer but myself and I can say that yes each and every relationship I've been in they have cheated. In life we take the good with the bad. My thing is take what you can get from any relationship that's good or bad and if the relationship isn't working learn and move on. Too many times we stay in relationship thinking things will get better but with each passing day it doesn't I say get out get the lesson and inprove on the next relationship. I'm sorry that your going through this with a cancer or any other sign but if it's only been a month or two decide what's best for you and your heart.

  • There is more to it than what I have put on here! And I can not really go into it but im here for him in his time of need and he knows it. Sometimes I think he takes advantage of it (Kindness for weakness). He says he has never meet someone that has done the things that I have for him. And he is not used to it. We do have good times but obviously we are going through a rough patch due to his issues. Which I have told him he needs to work through. Age has nothing to do with Maturity believe me.

  • Hi, Sounds like a lot of BS to me (at any age). Although, most kids act more grown-up than this. I think the bottom line on this is he isn't sure regarding his feelings and he is being truthful when he says that he needs time and space. But he also needs a therapist.

  • Forgot to mention--Sounds like he is trying to punish you by saying that he has cheated on you. He is either jealous or gets some kind of sick kick out of this. Almost sounds like he does drugs. I would steer clear or may want to submit him for research at the nearest psych hospital.

  • lol! You could be right! but Im not getting no insight from anyone on here so I should just remove my post.

  • How do I delete this post? any ideas?

  • So, you've got a very paranoid cancer on your hands. They always seem to test the person their with, to make sure they won't get hurt. He's just trying to poke and prod you to make sure he's not getting into a situation like the one he was in before.

    My suggestion? Is actually to stop dating him for a bit and just be friends. This way, he can get to know you without all this drama and he can see that you are sincere without having to drive you nuts. There will be no need for confusing phone calls and silly games. Once you have a nice foundation of trust, try dating again.

  • That sounds good Maria thanks!

  • Slow down before you remove your post. It may take a while for the cancers to respond, but when they do their insight is invaluable , be paitient check out some of the other post you will find that you are not alone. Hang in there if it's real you'll know..... ps I'm in love with a crazy ass cancer too. It will get better as time goes by and he sees you're in it for the long haul. He may never be solid as a rock but he will be always there although slightly out of reach, like the moon.

    And work on your patience you will need a lot of it

  • Arh that is so kind! I think that I was a bit miffed about the comment on maturity! I am not a teenager ( love struck teen). I am a sensible person who wears there heart on there sleeve! I am brutally honest and I have alot of patience! I looked into this as I have always been into astrology and strongly believe in it!

    I am glad that its not only me with a crazy Cancerian man to deal with! I have given him a wide birth and started to concentrate on me! No calls, no texts just space as he asked for! Maybe distance will make the heart grow fonder! But who knows I can only listen to his feelings and what he wants and the rest is up to Fate! But I am staying away he knows I am there for him!

  • RH, have you looked at his natal and your synastry?

  • Whats that then?

    Im 5th Feb 1984 19:00 Wolverhampton England

    He is 24th June 1983 Kingston Jamaica

    Will this information help me at all? So far I know I have moon in Pisces and he has moon in Saggitarius

  • Hey RebellionHarmony, without a birth time you can’t really get an accurate reading because the angles (AC/DC) would be undetermined along with the house placements, which are very important in gauging the energies that exist.

    One aspect that appears to be playing out in his natal here, is his fairly tight Mars/Neptune opposition which would indicate a lack of self-clarity in the way he expresses himself and in the actions he unconsciously chooses to take. He doesn’t have a good grasp on his inner motivations and why he does what he does, and this gets carried over into his relationships because what he reflects out gets reflected back onto him and a mutual mistrust can develop. This doesn’t make him a bad person (he is passive aggressive tho), and yes it does appear he is playing mind games but I think he is suspicious of other people’s actions because he is unclear as to what motivates his own.

    From a non-astrological perspective, you are doing exactly what you need to do, and that is to concentrate on you. He needs to work things out for himself; meanwhile all you can do is to show him what is real about you.

  • Hi RH.....

    First let me say I'm an aquarian woman who has found herself a couple of cancerian men (give me strength).

    As aqua woman, we wear our hearts on our sleeve - it's who we are - sometimes it's not a good thing....we're honest, and caring (sometimes too much). And what you previously said - men (cancer men) mistake our kindness as weakness...(it's true).

    Please to anyone who reads the following do not take offense; I'm just stating what I kow based on personal experience......

    Cancerian men...truth be told, are ego seekers...anything us aqua woman are capable of they eat it all up..wether it's being too kind, letting them take the lead....we're always there and willing to do & do & give & give - sometimes with no reciprocation but hopes of!!!

    I'm head over for a cancerian male right now, but OMG the tests and the withdrawal that he puts me through is unfathomable. Once they realize they have a certain hold on you - it's pretty much a done deal....then they play with you - because they know how we work & the push us to see what will make us break. It's a test - is there anything that a (cancer) male can do that will push us away? Or make us question our relationship?

    It's also commitment issues & trusting issues. We have to be friends with a cancerian before we set ourselves in a relationship with one...because at the end of the day - we know one of two he JUST a friend....or will it ever escalate to more than that. We have to make that decision.......truth is we know the deal, we know how they operate. Do you want to take the ride and see where it goes? Or have you had enough & need to jump ship? Or do u like the torture?

    I myself - pretty much have a good idea - my cancerian plays with me - one would think I enjoy torture (especially that my last bf was a cancer as well - & let me tell u he desperately needed help......I'M NOT KIDDING! For some strange reason us aqua woman are drawn to cancerians.....WHY? When all the buzz is that we're the least compatible with one another.

    Keep what your doing - give space......he will realize what he's missing, they all give us that "I need time for me". They eventually fall back - however it's then on you to decide if you're willing to go back with him or leave it alone. First & most important thing - BE HIS FRIEND! We are too patient - and that gives them the upper sucks....but, we know this but we fall back into the same routine every time. Like I mentioned above once they are feeling low they come chasing back after us - like a dog with its tail between its legs......they need to get what what they know they can from us - meaning, they come back expecting us to be there stroke their ego & say we're still here for you...blah blah blah - onve they have their fix - it's back to the same old routine 😞

    I'm too nice and my friends tell me i over-compensate - and I do - but, I desire my cancerian male way too much to turn away right now. Maybe i will eventually - right now I'm letting the road run it's course & see where it leads....but, still whatever happens I still know I have a friend in him!

    I'm sorry I wrote so much - but you are not alone! Just wanted to give you some insight....

  • Oh my this is the truth!

    I dont mind your long reply! Thats just what we Aquarians are like! Lol

    Well I gave him space and he came home cooked dinner for me and left. He came back later on that evening and I was out partying but he never called to see where I was. I went to this after party and he was there! That night I had made the effort to go out! Hair, makeup and a dress (Im more of a jeans and t-shirt person). I went over and said Hi! He was like are you going to get me a drink!

    We talked and talked and we sorted a few differences out! He came home! However it was less than a day for him go back to his same Routine only difference is Im not changing mine. Still not running to my phone when it rings im giving it time letting it ring out and if he callls me back then I answer. I am not texting him constantly that I love him and I am there for him. He should know this by now especially as I have the keys to his place! But I am going to and I know I sound foolish! Stick by him because I am not someone who gives up so easily! (Heart and sleeve). I have told him I wont tolerate this behaviour too long because there is only so much one person can take! Hopefully I have passed all his tests now and he can just appreciate what he has in me.

    Stay tuned Lord knows its not over yet! Cancerians we got to love them!

  • My late husband was a Cancer and I am an Aquarian. He was outgoing, fun loving, seriously loyal and a true family man. Make certain your partner feels secure in your relationship and then instead of continually testing the waters, he will committ to the swim.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more Nurse36. If he is consistently testing then he’s not feeling secure enough to commit to anything serious. But you know RH, he has a lot of mutable planets and his Sun is his only water planet. It might not mean that much to you, but he is a wishy-washy Cancer because mind games are not a Cancerian trait. I’ve been in long terms with all 3 water signs (current Cancer) and I can tell you, they test differently. Yours has a more Piscean feel to it, which is prolly ok with you since your DC is in Pisces.

  • It's insanity, yes? Once read that a Cancer man was the worst sign & to avoid them if possible. Dated one man, DOB: 6/30, and another DOB: 7/6, they are a lot alike. They can dish it up, but can't take it.

  • He is done with the testing now! Im all tested out! He wanted to make sure I was not going to cheat on him like his ex did! She also made him do a paternity test on there child? (The child is literaly his twin) and because it was not in her name she wants it done again?

    If she is certain he is the father why do another paternity test? This girl is crazy and that is what is making my Bubzy the way he is!

    He said to me the other day, as long as I can handle the situation between he and his ex partner (mother to his only child) then we can be together just fine! The more and more this Saga with her goes on the more and more I wonder why I fought so hard to be with him! We talk everyday on the phone sometimes its just a quick hi and bye. We see each other almost everyday but with us working different shifts its only quick! (We dont work together).

    When he is really stressed out he wont answer his calls, I used to take it to heart but now It does not bother me! I just let him call me back which 9/10 he does. Or I text him if it is important. I think that I will be in this for the long haul!

    AQUABUBBLES is my DC my Descendant? And what does that mean? Sorry I dont understand as much as I thought I did lol

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