• Oh I forgot....did you see this? NASA took it on the 22nd of December...they said the sun was winking at us saying that everything was okay. So cute the smile and the eyes.

  • hi flowsco. happy new year too 🙂

    a fixed date in a dream? interesting! please share your experience on that date OK?

    the one experience I remember about a date that was shown to me (not a dream, a vision)

    it was sad as in death. but of course then that was just one experience I remember regarding a fixed date shown to me. and we both know, you expecially being Scorpio 🙂 know that there is end to everything, so that a new can begin. so yeah, pls do share your experience on that date 🙂

    it's been busy at home, family life. time for going through piling stuffs in the basement and see what I can get rid of, or donate. I started looking for a new job, trying to stay optimistic.

    can't wait till March is here. I can start seeds indoors and end of March they will be ready to be transplanted outside when the snow is completely gone.

    the Solar god 🙂 always heart warming, always love and live giving. thanks for the image. 🙂

    I'd love to have adventures like that too, travel to many countries. Just paid off a debt in 2011 and now there is still little bits of it left. getting a better paying job would be great! yeah every yr always starts with a lean and sober note for me :):) meh, I'll make it 🙂 I did all the yrs, I'll do it again 🙂

    you take care now. love to you and your son 🙂

  • Hi LS,


    I can't put my finger on it totally but my dream activity has been in overdrive and it's wearing me out trying to put pieces together. I am glad that one had a fixed date because if it didn't it would have been snowed down with all the new ones going on now. Ugh.

    I will share on that date. 🙂

    Yeah work has been slow on this end too...too slow. Looking around just as you yet so many people is being let off that it's making it more and more difficult...so I am watching in unconventional areas hoping that I have some undiscovered "talent" that can get something new into the door. The projects I had in the pipeline are all to a full standstill...so yeah.

    Many, many years ago I had financially difficulties due to a former boss and I managed to get rid of the debts. So I understand the relief. And ever since I kept debt free no matter what is going on.

    Yes you will make it!!!

    You take care yourself. It's going to freeze this coming weekend...brrrr!!!

  • hi flow

    can't believe it's a week into February already

    been busy trying to earn income LOL as usual, bills bills bills

    also I am saving to get a diploma, which subject I don't know yet, I have to go with what I can afford

    yeah I worked hard to pay off my personal debt. I did pay it off in 2011. But I still have small debts here and there so I still have to struggle.

    I don't know if I will make it this year with all the financial stuffs, but I know that life is not just bills and if I lose everything I have in possession, I know I still have my self and my loved ones

    that's all that matters. I just do my best at any given time.

    I hope you and loved ones are doing well. much love and blessing !

  • Hi busy LS,

    Time is flying indeed. That's good in a way. Coming weekend a New Year will be celebrated again.

    So cool that you are saving for a diploma. I am always curious for knowledge so yeah...good on you. What would you like to do/study if you could? I say aim for something that is as near as possible to that subject.

    And your absolutely right life isn't just about bills...smile more often things will turn out positive for ya. In the meanwhile don't work to hard and have plenty of rest.

    Take good care,


  • hi flow

    yeah I need to phase myself more these days.

    smiles can bring all kinds of things LOL sometimes happiness, sometimes it aggravates people as they think my life is perfect and theirs are not. but I can only change my life, not theirs.

    this reminds me I have to avoid negativity from other people too. too many people struggling with money right now, they will play dirty if they can. Not that it's uncommon, it's just happening more often the last few yrs.

    anyway, talk to you later. have a good time new moon on the 10th 🙂

  • Hi LS,

    Oh I am with you about the negativity. Not so long ago I received a phone call I never thought I would get and this person made a great deal of effort obtaining my number. Yet I promised myself if they ever call me again I will let them have it. I like peace in my home.

    Money struggle is unfortunately something that many will be dealing with for the coming 2 years for sure. Got to get creative (in a positive way) to overcome the hardship.

    I keep telling myself it's temporarily and as long I have a roof and my health everything else is not something I am going to beat myself up about. No use.

    Your so right about being able to change your life yet your smile doesn't aggravate them due to "perfection" it's the strength you posses. 😉

    Ah..new moon and new year on the 10th. New beginnings indeed.

    Take care and always have fun...lol

  • hi Flowsco

    happy belated chinese new year 🙂

    yeah I'm hopeful for the money hopefully less scammer this year LOL

    that way i can help hubby with bills and such. really all for necessity for now, nothing else.

    can;t blame you with the phone calls. If I received calls like that I would block them.

    strength, well I don't know LOL I just do my best any given time each day.

    you take care and have a good weekend!

  • Hi LS,

    I scarcely be on the forum but today my mind ran on you when I was out on the balcony. My willows have survived the chill and trill (lol) of winter and I wanted to show you how nicely they are starting to bloom.

    I hope you are doing good under the circumstances. I have been (emotionally) stretched and therefore I come on very little around here. I sincerely hope things pick up soon. The sun is trying it's best and so will I 😉

    How was your Easter. I stayed in and a good thing too...it was freeeezzzzzinnnggg. Even today with the sun it's very very chilly outside. I am going to cuddle up with a book I need to finish to get back to the library. Been dragging my feet on that too.

    Anyways..I hope this message reaches you in good spirits.

    Talk soon,


  • Hmm didn't get the dimensions right

    Here goes

  • Flowsco

    thanks the willow looks very nice

    sorry I can't be here much. been busy, still on to the same stuffs. bills and saving, gardening (the weather gets warmer during the day but still a bit chill at night) and April was tax season here. also spring cleaning, I can't believe the amount of stuffs I came up with. some can be donated, some are still in packaging I will try sell them.

    it's May now, how are you feeling? I hope weather gets much warmer there and emotionally things pick up for you. I remember winter months were terrible emotional and financially for me too. maybe because I was born in summer, long period of Less sun truly affect me. but now the days are longer, it helps lift my overall feel. let me know how you are doing when you have the chance, OK Flow? take care now 🙂

  • LS,

    I do have to apologize for not answering a bit quicker. The last couple of months I chose one thing to focus or be active with and leave the rest.

    Yet I wanted to let you know what is going on right now since we have met due to my connection with a Libra.

    He isn't doing that well and I have resurfaced the original thread.


    Do take good care of yourself.


  • Flowsco

    I have replied to you on the original thread. I am so sorry you are going through this. Heart breaking. I hope you will find the time to stay with him in his last days. That's what I did when my father was dying of cancer.

    I couldn't care for anything else, I also didn't care when a few visitors (I don't even know who they are, they didn't talk to me) showed up at the door, talked to each other about my dad's condition, and then laughed as they left the room. Death is natural part of life, not sure why that is something to laugh about. Maybe they laugh at their parents deaths too, and perhaps childrens deaths. Oh well, each person has different perspective.

    Anyway, back to your post. Thanks for sharing, for opening your heart, for so much love. You take care of yourself too OK

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