• Hi dear,

    I hope I haven't missed you all together yet big was my surprise today to see you around here.

    How are you? All post up to six monts ago have been deleted without any announcement from Tarot unfortunately. Sometimes I used to go to old threads and have a giggle or two.

    How are the other ladies? Especially our budding writer? How is your project moving along?

    I hope you get to see this. I don't be behind the computer as I used to. I have move house and I am caught up with outdoor projects so not much time to catch up with anyone.

    So it might take a few days for me to answer but I will do my best to check in. Say hi to everyone for me.


  • Hi flowsco

    sorry I've just seen this post today. I am doing fine. Surprised you still remember me πŸ™‚

    yes I understand the posts are deleted I mean there are many new posts the site could use the space anyway

    there are lots of changes the last few years. I don't remember which project I mentioned to you, but right now my projects are home related. might involve selling and moving out, we'll see. right now it's just fixing things around the house and gardening. both are great stress release and add value to the house.

    I keep in touch with highpriestess. lose contact with ss, not sure how she is. I called but nobody answered. no emails either, probably she finds more interesting bunch LOL which is fine as my focus is our home now, not much of forums and socializing online. my email a/c is often spoofed, so it's possible she never gets my emails as they go straight to spam box.

    so why did you move? and good luck with your projects πŸ™‚

  • Hi LS,

    Don't be too surprised ...we had too much fun collecting objects for the dungeons to forget all about that.

    Why did I move? Well it was time ...actually more than time. I moved cities and it has been a good thing for me. Where I was I felt stuck in my progress and everything related to that so I was looking for a long time and suddenly this new home came into picture after that everything went pretty quick. I am still not finished packing out and decorating. We have moved from a house with garden etc to a very roomy apartment with a sunny all day balcony.

    I got some projects going on but the one that is the most fun is an upcoming concert in one of the biggest theaters in Amsterdam. Got rehearsal this week.

    The project I was referring to was your book/story. Did you finish it and is it published?

    It's a shame that you both lost contact with SS. I did hear from highpriestess a while back. I am rubbish with emails. Socializing online has gone down the drain too due to the move. I hope she re-connects to let us know how herself and her book is going.

    As for myself time will tell. My plate is still full willingly and unwillingly...LOL. Oh well. You take care and I hope from time to time we meet up here.

    Good luck with your projects as well. I will check in when I can. πŸ™‚

  • sounds you have exciting times ahead, I'm happy for you Flow πŸ™‚

    more than exciting:) one of the biggest theatres WOW

    I hope SS finished her book and got it published too. She started it before we met on here, so that was over 3 yrs ago. I will let you know if SS comes back in touch and please do let us know if she does contact you.

    I remember the book/story project now. Yes I started a few chapters in 2010 and then epiphanies and revelations came to me, so I decided to wait it out. I might or might not finish them this year, or start a new one, I'll just take it easy. The home project is my main concern right now.

    yes so much fun in the mansion πŸ™‚ all kinds of things we collected there :):) perverted lion, virginal sapphire and the rams keep ramming into the walls LOL

    reminds me of that movie Invention of Lying . did you watch it? "man in the sky" "everyone gets mansion and ice cream" LOL good ole times :):)

    You take care too and I will check in from time to time also. xoxoxo

  • Hi LS,

    Gosh time does fly. Sorry for the delayed answer.

    I have that a lot of lately. Yet curve balls do just that...curve...lol.

    Theatre was wonderful ...I learned so much and having so much voices together is a wonderful experience. I was trying to get Watergirl into the singing vibe yet I wasn't successful at that.

    People of the theatre said they might call upon us for other projects in the future so who knows.

    Right after the theatre performance some other venues popped up so I had my time occupied with that. Total different genre but it was fun all the same.

    I think/hope things calm down a bit because my day to day activities needs attention as well this includes finishing my house. Moving is fun yet the work around it is sooooo much...LOL

    I'm not familiar with the movie Invention of Lying. On this end we mostly get much of the overly commercial movies unfortunately.

    Yet if that reminds you of our mansion then I do have to make an effort to find it somehow to look at....I miss the good ole times as well LOL πŸ˜‰

    I also hear you loud and clear about your home project having your full attention. How is it coming along? As for SS I never had offline contact with her so I am kinda hoping she pops up in your email at some point.

    I am planning the coming weeks to catch up and see what has been going on here on the forums. Autumn is upon us brrrr....lol.

    Have a great weekend ...talk soon.

  • Please excuse my barging in πŸ™‚

    Flowsco, this morning I was drawn here and to to this post specifically only to see you mention my name - hahaha!

    I have been thinking about the singing again recently, but my work situation has been so all-consuming that I just don't have the energy. Hoping for a new career opportunity soon so I can get settled there and then be able to look to other projects --- like singing πŸ™‚

    Hope you are well!


  • flowsco

    sounds like so much fun and creative times :):) I hope even more venues open up for you and the ones already open now, will keep in touch with you for more exciting projects in the future :):)

    I'll let you know if either SS sends me or HP some news

    the home, well it's fall now there isn't much to do in the garden. I have to start winterizing some plants. was going to build my own greenhouse but we have to make room for it first. the major things are done such as foundation and basement rearrangement which is important for my future plans.

    I hear ya, moving is fun as in movement to more suitable area, but the whole moving process always stresses me out. from packing to unpacking and then organizing. not to mention looking for things and then found out they're broken due to careless packaging lol anyway I hope you finally have time to rest and attend to your nest πŸ™‚

    Invention of Lying, the trailer http://youtu.be/a-H2dNfx-Uw

    it's hillarious. I hope you can get dvd there. you have a good weekend too and happy full moon on the 29th :):)


    thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

  • Hi Watergirl,

    Nice to see you here. I know that I am way back logged with our chat and I hope you forgive me.

    I have been under the weather lately. And the chill in the wind is not my fondest thing. I am really a Spring and Summer person. I hope you are well.

    I am glad to hear that there is some movement for you on the career front. Yet your comment on having time to add another project ..uhmm it never works like that for me. Like the singing is something I didn't really planned to pick it up at the time and due to encouragement and an advertisement I took the plunge. After that I just made it my extra way of relaxing. What I have learned with some events that happened is to not listen too much to the ones that criticize in a negative way about your talent and make you insecure.

    All I can say is for me it brought back some people from my performance past and met new ones. Within those people... possibly new long term friends. πŸ˜‰

    So my advice is not to wait until one thing is finished to start the other because that "break" might never really come when you want it. I hope that makes sense.


  • Hi LeoSc,

    Ohhh thank you for the link. I enjoyed that. It seems hilarious. I will look out for it in the shops.

    Like you I too have to winterize my plants. I have some baby "japanese" willows on my balcony and I had the intention to make a large container. Yet I haven't had the time to do so..so I am considering to take them into my house for the winter and then see in the Spring what to do.

    I had them at my previous house in the front garden and they loved the sun. So this is starting over on a very windy balcony.

    The rest of the house is coming along. Got winter curtains to sow etc.

    I noticed that the site is moving to the new and improved one. Finding the forum wasn't easy. I found it under the live psychics tab. I will have navigate through it once again...did that a few months ago.

    Oh well a change is gonna come...lol

    Talk soon,


  • heya there Flow

    happy full moon oct 29th and I hope all is well with you and your loved ones

    I couldn't find this post at first LOL yes many changes πŸ™‚

    willows, interesting I was going to plant that but changed my mind as we don't get much sun at the back. I just went with familiar kitchen herbs and added some flowers and veggies which seeds were available at the time. I have bought some more seeds for next yr that I can start indoor. this year is the first time I am serious about gardening LOL and so far I liked it. if I have the space (there is still more work needed in the yard next year) I'll check out japanese willows too πŸ™‚

    gotta go now. it's 10 PM here it's raining thundering storm out there. we're pretty safe here, just all wet and strong wind. BC and Quebec got hit harder by Sandy and the US east coast got the hardest. 50 ft or so wave. I'm still following the development in the news. hopefully it's not going to get worse over there. take care Flowsco πŸ™‚

  • by the way Flow I hope it's not too late. Happy Birthday :):)

    and hope you and your loved ones have a great year ahead !!

  • Hi LS,

    Thank you!!!

    No, you weren't late. B-day was today. lol

    I had a quiet one today. Celebrated it on Saturday with some friends and family. Actually my son and I celebrated it together since we both have our b-day's this month.

    Did Sandy do any serious damage where you are at? My friends both in NY and New Jersey thank goodness are ok. No damages or electric lost. Yet buildings around them have suffered. I was so happy to hear that they were ok.

    Only one thing irritates me and that the weather people keep calling a full blown hurricane a storm!!! I have been in one and no matter how "slow" the wind is going it's still an hurricane. Anyways ...I hope they use the in between season to really do fix the cities week points. Because hurricane season keeps starting up earlier and earlier each year.

    My plants...sighs well I am struggling and so are they. I left them outside because my house would be to warm ( I am guessing) with the radiators on an all. Last night it froze so I am going to see how they cope. Thinking of putting bubble wrap to isolate the containers and see what happens.

    How are your seeds developing? Any sprouts already? I like low maintenance plants and so I opted not to grow veggies and herbs on my balcony. Yet these willows are demanding more attention than what I normally would give.:-)

    At my previous house I planted them and gave them water the first couple of months to get them going and honestly after that I didn't need to. They grew "wild" and I chopped them back about twice in the year. That's the most I did.

    Did you find info on the willows? Their official name is: Salix integra Hakuro Nishikii

    I like them because the leaves changes colour from green to white to pink. And that makes and interesting experience in the garden.

    Well..it's 3 AM and I still have to hit the sack.

    Oh before I forget...are you preparing for Thanksgiving? We don't celebrate it here yet I find it an interesting time. Mainly because it's also a big family gathering right before Christmas which is also very family orientated.

    Gotta go (yawns) Take care, Flow.

  • hi Flow

    must be nice you and your son born on the same month πŸ™‚ you're both Scorps, quiet and meaningful birthdays then :):) I like quiet birthdays too. always a perfect 'reflection of the past and intention for the future' time.

    thanks for the latin name LOL I was browsing for japanese willows and came up with a bunch of links I was so confused. I like plants that do not much sun or water, if it turns out gorgeous colors it's a plus, yeah I'll definitely plant that next yr. But I have to find the seeds first, local, I don't want to buy seeds from abroad it might not grow that well here.

    the other seeds of herbs and veggies I already grew them last spring and summer. now I can only bring them inside and hope they can live without sun (just water and heat). from the looks of it, nope LOL and I can't bring them all inside either. the ones outside died already. I think like your experience, plants grow better in garden, natural environment, than brick and mortar houses. the warmth (heat) inside is not even natural, it's all electronic. our place is also small, we have to make space in the garden for a small green house at least that way we can grow them outside and keep them there. greenhouses still get natural sun light and yet warm enough for winter. anyway that's the plan for next yr.

    the hurricane. we only got the winds here. that's strong enough lasted for 3 days at least. no flood. I am glad your friends were alright though. isn't that something, buildings around them suffered and yet they were not damaged whatsoever :):) LOL exactly. I was wondering the same thing about the news people. can't they just call it what it is LOL I hope these areas get the help they need, over here also a few provinces need it. I have a terrible feeling that more will come. so let us all be prepared for more mother earth changes.

    happy birthday again Flow and your son. take care. I'm going to cook dinner :):)

  • forgot to add : already had thanksgiving last month over here πŸ™‚ bye now

  • Hi LS,

    Yes it's good to have all the b-day's centred yet having them 9 days apart does make it a challenge for the visitors LOL. I normally skip it and go do something for myself yet he became 18 and wanted to celebrate..so yeah.

    Let me know if you get seeds for the willow because I never have found seeds for it. I was told that the "essence" of the plant does be "injected" on the stem. How....I don't know. I would prefer planting from seeds if I get the chance.

    It looks like a few of my mini plants haven't survived. 😞 Next week we are getting our first snowflakes.

    You are right about the environment were a plant is/grows. I have been on the internet trying to find a system that can work on the balcony and help my plants stay alive. Some are bit too complex even for me. I can be pretty handy but you can clearly see when a guy thought of something and when not...LOL Or when people have sea of time to be busy with their garden project. Unfortunately that is not for me. πŸ™‚

    The entire planet is on an edge. That's why the environment is so upset. Hurricanes, Floods you name it ...it's active. And there is little you or we can do. Yet I think the cause has also to do with the continuous anger/envy that lingers between people on this planet...the wars, the slaughters etc. The negativity kinda goes up in the air and settles in nature and has disrupted the balance off all. It's not as far fetch as it sounds because when I take time to actually listen to what's going on and see how my surroundings reacts I always say the one can't be without the other.

    There is a few of us on this planet that understands this and try to do something yet the numbers are just that...few.

    I teach my son to be aware at all times of what he says and does because there is always consequences. He recently had a warning in his dreams and didn't realize it until a few hours later in the day. He dreamt that him and I was at a pier and there was a bunch of ants on the ground. On the bench behind us it was also filthy.

    Now this pier exists. Not far from our house and we do use it to get across from one side of the other by a ferry.

    Anyway he left home that morning and took public transportation as he always does. Yet it couldn't take it's normal route and dropped everyone at this same pier!! He called and complained that he was running late for school.

    Then a few minutes later I was listening to the radio and on the news they said that there was a big accident on the road that he would normally take and then I look on the internet and saw two buses had collided and there was a lot of glass all over and the one rear ended the other. Four people ended up getting medical attention and one of them is still hospitalized.

    Mind you the time it happened would be the time he would have been there yet he left home a bit later so he "missed" that.

    So he was warned of danger in his dream. In this case the ants=glass, back bench probably rear end of the bus. That's how I decipher things like that.

    Well today it's raining and I got some things to sort out. If I don't see you around have a great weekend. Flow.

  • HI,

    I found a compilation of the show I was in September. I am not in any of the shots because my group was standing wayy up in the "roof" of the building.


  • heya Flowsco

    Ok I will let you know about the willow seeds. With the winter I don't plan to plant anything inside other than herbs as I don't have much space inside yet. From what I read the willow grows up to 4 ft wide that's way too much space, also winter here tends to start early and then end longer, means by the time winter is over the plant will already grow that big LOL I can use the shed but husband's stuffs there are still a complete mess I have to wait for him clearing them up first. So I will start looking for seeds next yr instead, and I will let you know if I get one.

    I used to dream a lot and the ones I wrote down in my diary are all meaningful. I think I wrote about dream meanings on this site too somewhere. and yes dreams can also be prophetic, like your son's. Mine are usually symbolic or psychological. If I don't dream, it will come when I meditate. Your son indeed was warned, and shown that he would be fine, all in the same dream πŸ™‚ Interesting isn't it work of the psyche πŸ™‚

    yes very true. everything has consequences. that's why we need to be aware at all times, of what we say and do, here and now. because what we say/do now, carry its consequences to the future. I call it karmic cycle. but since people always relate karma with punishment, I call it a more popular name I read somewhere Law of cause and effect, one of many universal laws. It seems when I use that name, less people get agitated hearing it LOL

    I am doing a lot of clearing now. because clearing my energetic field will also clear Mother Earth's EM field. That's why a lot of people are doing it too, it helps with individual ascension which in turn helps makes Earth ascension faster and easier. Earth changes will be less dramatic, just as I feel my steps in life lighter than before πŸ™‚ We are one unity consciousness, what we do to each other we do to ourselves and vice versa. I know some people choose to sit and wait, do nothing, I leave it to individual choices. Not all souls choose to ascend, which means they will not be part of the New Earth. They will stay in the current Earth reality and live the same life they are living now. It's individual choices.

    By the way I can't find the video. Your link takes me to a bunch of videos of various youtuber.

    What is the group's name and where did you perform? I might find it myself.

    Anyway happy 12/12/12 and happy new moon 13th Dec πŸ™‚

  • HI LS,

    Sorry but I have been a bit unsettled lately. Lots going on ..trying to "relax" enough to get on with what I need to do. Christmas is tomorrow so that means family time and cooking.

    Dreams has been all sorts too. It does take up energy especially in the morning when I haven't totally figured out what the meaning could be.

    Compared to me my son's dream activities has slowed down so that is good...lol yet it's always has been with pauses so sometime they will kick in again.

    Oh about the willow. The reason I like this one is because when it starts to branch out I clip them back short and that also helps the plant to go through the colour shades it produces over and over again. They like "though love" lol.

    I agree with you about that changes Earth is going through and how people perceive all that is going on and the choices they make. Since I have opened up more to it all I do sense it more and more in my body and to be honest I am not always happy about it. I know I have to go through it but still. What I find more interesting now is sometimes when I get somewhere for totally other reasons than the spiritual one and then the person opposite of me feels the need to start dropping words that has to do with the spiritual world. And I always sit there doing like I don't really know what they are talking about just to see how far they would go. Like a man I recently met and he found it necessary to ask me if I knew what Mindfulness was. I said yes and then left it at that and he too did the same. This is one of many yet it's interesting to say the least. Consciously it has been going on the last 3 years.

    Regarding the link ..uhmm yeah. Here is the correct name of the film-> Duizend Stemmen in CarrΓ© - Compilatie <- and ->Groep Jenny Lane Flashmob <- both by TheTheatercarre


    I also want to wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Blessed Christmas. Pass on my greetings also to Highpriestess.

    Take care πŸ™‚

  • flowsco

    thanks for the info. Found a video of a group in red singing on the balcony of a restaurant, seems like restaurant. really nice. no music in this video but it's really nice and a lot of people seem to enjoy it too πŸ™‚

    remind me I had a few unsettling dreams last week. It was my own making, so to speak. I was upset and had bad intention and in the dreams they manifested. I did more clearing after that. I understand that clearing never stops as healing never stops either. I think I know what you mean by opening up and sensing it more and not too happy about it. I think it happens gradually each person goes through it at the most comfortable they each can accept, adjust and then settle, and then new energies/experience comes in and the whole cycle starts again. I think during this time people will be more openly talk about spiritual, consciousness theme, more than ever before. It somehow helps me go through this phase, openly talking about it and gets suggestions or feedbacks truly help.

    I know whatever happens you will finally be able to relax or find time for it at least. Seasons greetings, much love and blessing to you and those you know ❀ ❀ this holiday and the coming year.

    I will send HP your regards πŸ™‚

  • Happy New Year!!!!!! Leoscorpion

    I wish for you and loved ones a blessed and energetic 2013. Filled with peace and much love.

    Dreams....wow...in my case it has been so very active that keeping up with what it means is challenging. Like now I have a slight headache from a dream I had that yet has to be manifested some how. I will have to wait and see what happens and possibly elaborate on it at that time. The only thing I can say is that I got a fixed date in this dream showing that it's an important date to watch.
    I am glad someone captured the day as it was in the video you saw. I think if they added the sound with that one it would be a pretty noisy thing. lol Yes it was so much fun. I would like for this coming year to have such adventures in it too...so I will be definitely be on the look out.

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