What the heck is about to happen?

  • I did a spread earlier tonight and I wanted to get some 'outside' thoughts. The question was regarding a career move, where I am headed over the next twelve months - give or take.

    1. Reason - 9 Pentacles

    2. Where you're going - King of Cups

    3. The type of environment you'll be in - Fool

    4. What has just passed, or has been completed - 4 Pentacles

    5. What you're moving towards, and what is to be expected - Empress

    6. Near Future - 10 of Cups

    7. Distant Future - Tower

    8. Outcome, Summary of the Spread- 9 of Cups

    • {base} The 'knowing' card. Sheds light on what is known by the asker. - 2 of Cups

    I've been getting the 2 of cups in every reading lately, so it's obvious that there will be some sort of relationship coming soon and the questions I asked before have been about my career, the 2C always pops up, so I'm pretty sure that I will meet this new guy at a future job. I have never had the 9 of cups and the 10 of cups in the same reading before, so it was a little strange to see them together and I really don't know what to expect. The Tower doesn't frighten me at all, I know that my career move would definitely tear down a lot of existing walls, as well as bringing a bit of chaos into my life (I've chosen acting as my career). The Fool is pretty obvious too, him being in the environment position, it would be a completely new adventure or a beginning of a new way to live. What I'm stumped on is the Empress, 9 of Pentacles and King of Cups, as well as the 9 of Cups and 10 of Cups together. I'm thinking that maybe the Empress could be me? I know that she represents family, but she also represents creativity and art. I think it makes sense considering the career I've chosen. However, could a single card have a dual meaning? Could she represent my creative side or future AND the relationship/family aspect that's coming into my life too? The King of Cups, I see just like the Empress in a way. Maybe not necessarily huge on the "family" part like the Empress, but being emotional (or having complete control over your emotions), as well as a lot of creative energy. But could the King also represent the both my creative career and the man I'm supposedly going to meet? Since it's in a 'situation' and not a 'who' position, I'm leaning more towards the creative part, but I don't know. I know the 9 and 10 of cups on their own, but together.. I don't know what to expect. The wish from the 9 and happiness and contentment from the 10, could it indicate that the 'big wish' is going to come true? If so, I only have one wish. I also know that the 9 reminds you to be careful what you wish for, but with the 10, it seems that it's just a reassurance that I don't have to watch what I wish for because I will be happy with it. The 9 of Pentacles, I see that as luxurious and successful but it's the first card and I know I'm not there yet. So would it be the drive? I don't want the luxuries or at least it's not my reason or drive, I just want the freedom to practice my creative craft and to have a successful career doing what I love, what I am passionate about. So the 9P being in the 'reason' position, doesn't really make much sense to me.

    I'm also doing some research on Tarot pairs. So far, I've learned that the 10C+Fool represents the unmistakable, amplified enjoyment of life. King of Cups and Empress indicates that I should expect traditional dating, engagement and marriage. And sometimes the 2 Cups and 10 Cups could indicate a 'fated' relationship, sometimes the empress paired with the 2C or 10C could indicate it too.


  • Anyone?

  • Hi there,

    lets see the 9 of pentacles is all about giving and taking, compromising and also represents an opportunity coming your way,

    King of cups is usually a young gentleman with a caring nature,who is likely to help you in some way

    The fool is obvious you are leaping into the unknown, but should be cautious

    the 4 of pentacles you are still holding on to the past

    The empress is you adopting a motherly role, being content and sometimes can mean a pregnancy or news of a pregnancy

    10 of cups in the near future you will achieve what you need to and things will start to work out, distant future the barriers you put up will gradually fall away as you gain more trust from people and in turn learn to trust others yourself.

    9 of cups is often about reaching for the stars and reminding you that if you work hard you will achieve your dreams.

    2 0f cups can be relationships but can also mean you working within a team and being a team player.

    hope this helps you

    In love and light Crystal

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