Is this the classic cancer push/pull?

  • Urgh...I seem to have no luck with men at the moment lol.

    I've been friends with a cancer guy for a while now and about a month ago we started hooking up.

    Not really meant to be anything serious but the last time he came round he was really affectionate and sweet. I started to really enjoy his company and he seemed to like me as more then just friends too. he asked if he could have his wages payed into my account as he was having problems with his.

    He said he wanted to see me the next day, so we arranged for him to come over. Then he didn't show up, completely stood me up. I sent him a message the next day about picking up his money and also to say look it's not cool to stand me up like that.

    He responded straight away said he was sorry and made up some excuses. We messaged each other a bit and he was putting x's on the end of everything and then he asked if I could hold onto the money for a few days, when I said yes but I'm going away for a bit he just went offline.

    Since then he's liked every status i've put on facebook but when I went to chat to him today to wish him a happy birthday he just ignored it and went offline.

    I'm a gemini so i need good communication and this is really annoying me. Is this just the cancer push/pull i've heard so much about or is he just not interested?

    Sorry for the long post.

  • I'm suspicious - can this guy access your money?

  • Hi Captain,

    I completely understand your concern but he dosn't have any access to my money at all.

    I also passed the details onto his company myself so he doesn't even know my bank details and it's a company I have worked with before so I know it's all above board 🙂

  • I still don't understand how he could be having so much trouble with his bank or wages that he would want to use your account. And now he has grown cold to you. I'm sorry but I feel the two are related in some way. Friendship and money affairs should never mix.

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