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  • As i recently debated with a pal of mine , is she n i in agreement, we both prefer brains over brawns. meaning intelligence intellectual minds means more to us than a six pack ab.


  • Why do people lie? Is it to get attention? Is it to show as important? Is it a game of who knows how more n better than all else? What makes some people lie more than others? Why do they have that need to lie like that? Where is their concience? Ill never get it as long as i live.

  • I have a theory on why people lie - I think it is because they think you wont like them and they have to pretend they are something other than their true self and yes they want to be noticed

  • Liers are easy (usually/...ok maybe 50/50) to detect. At another level what i don;t get is the thing where people say things that they genuinley mean at the time they say...then down the track they just flip, or do the exact things they said they would never ever do-what is that about?

    Is there (without being psychic) a way to check the strenth of their convictions? Being able to take people at their word?

    Duno just thought I'd throw that in for consideration...coz I sure would like to know

  • tob2 so do i. the liars i have encuntered always wanted me out n away. always been that way. the few friends ive found has had the same treatment n are of kindred souls. i dont get why 50 plus year old woman act like teens in highschool hunting the last spot on the popular team, which we all know wont let ya in anyways when ure a liar n vampire. ill never understand, n could it b we aint to understand but only to understand that thank GAWD we aint AT ALL like them? that we are to appreciate us as us? im beginning to think so

  • CWB my mum used to say this old saying...'There by the grace of God go I'

    My truth is, had it not been for a cataclysmic event, that led me to the silver lining in that very dark, dark cloud- a special person/friend I too could easily have been that 50yr old...or whoever else snap frozen by 'stuff"/sh## that happened=making growth all but impossible...I'm not defending it, or excusing it-just explaining from the context I know.

    I was incredibly lucky in that there did come that person into my life-the work we did set me free.

    May sound a bit piffly/waffly not sure if I'm any clearer than mud with that.

  • I hear u tob2, i hear u. im not saying us who has been victimized aint been a witch , i have. in worst cases i fought back more vicious n ugly as they did n they found i cant b beaten. it left a bitter taste inside of me bc i stooped to their level ., now im free bc when i sense eff is on its way i leave n avoid it at all costs, i go sorta saying undercover into lurk mode.

    however even lurkmode aint always n cover., when someone wanna be rid of u they will do n say everything under the sun. its start of sinking the ship n they r too stupid to get they have selfsunk., ah well ........................

    im glad i have evolved n am still growing n learning. too many doesnt. from ur words tob2 i can see so are you, growing evolving.

  • Hey CWB...I get U : )

    growth is essential n all that but don't ya sometimes think...blaaaardy hell how much more growing do you guys (universe) think i need!!...give me a break 4 godsake-they do...till the next time. Sa la vie

    I'm going to get some sleep soon its 6am here, and I've got a reading booked for that I've been hanging out for Nite nite

  • Oh yes how much more for sure yes. shaking head here, it could also b disguised as a relearn a remember this again thing ................................ i would not have brought it up unless a pal of mine got my attention to a effthing. some eff is abusing the guy i love 4 own personal gain. a gain called attention reverence pedestal worshipping.

    That EFFS me bc i know how much eff he has had in the past few years and once over n out of it then this skank starts eff. it seriously gggggrrrrr me.

    HOWEVER after asking for his help solving this he has n im better. i know it is lies.- the lying skank claimed they talked ALL the time, NOW you tell me how is THAT possible when he has been travelling back and from to CA to Atlanta, to CA to New York, to Japan to Ca to Italy to CA to montana to Ca to New mexico to New Yiork to Brasil to Ca, Ca to Argentina To Ca to bari loche to ca to New York to Ca to Miami to Houston to WHERE EVER!!!

    yep it is total EFFEFF. some people ..................... i PRAY it will bite hard n it has hahahahaah boy id loved to have been a fly on that wall. ohhh if i could see it , but i wont bc i hate that skank i lotahe them all ...................... short said i abhor them. so if i was to go look i´d need my effing ASBESTOSSUIT first HAHAHAHAAHhahaahahah n once done i´d need a serious NEUCLEAR cleansing. Yep mighty toxic to b even close to it.

    Im glad n relaxed now, i heard a clear "DONE it IS DONE!!!!" n i KNOW it is my man. GAWDS i love him so MUCH! He is THE BEST!!!

    ok time to go out n get air lol


  • I admire your passion, musta been something to do with the planetary aspects 2nyt b,c i ended up gettn tad passionate myself with one of the women from work 2nyt...grrrr. And I was in such a happy mood when i got to work. Oh well no doubt there be a bit of fall out 2morrow 2 deal with but x that bridge if needed, then.

    Sounds like you pretty happy in your relationship...always good to hear : )

    Had my reading this morning. The reading was good. Confirmed I'm on the right track so yea pretty happy with that.

    I will go back to another posting and pass back the offer. There are lota people so generous here-and a few that i kinda don't know how they keep up with all the requests. gota admire that as well.

  • Hi CWB,

    I thought it was about time i dropped by on your thread and said hello , i have been reading through the thread sorry im all out of debate tonight ive been seperating my kids from killing each other .

    Love Living:)

  • Tob2 its all about criterias n ones own rules. mine are simple, i choose whom i read, when i read n where i read, no one else does, n if non can take it they can kiss my eff. so there! lol

    yes i am happy in my relationship of course there is always room for improvement such as closeness as 4 now we´re on opposite ends of the effing world lol. but somehow it works. dunno how but it does n im not to rock theboat on wherefors n what so´´s

    Living darling thats a debate on its own, how do one split siblins from killing each other without comming over as a strict prude??? lol

  • What is it with people? I mean, i dont get it why they keep pushing punching the issue deader than beating on a horse they already killed? Do they really not think i dont get the issue? that its under consideration? Even when i say listen, pay att. i need this issue of my knees out of the way first, what part of that dont u seriously not get? Need i become rude n nasty to get my point across??? Can i b so frank as to say, stop it knock it off already n leave me alone? if any of u know how to solve this, let me know thanx

  • What do you feel about peeps stealing your work? Doesnt matter how long you have done it or what it is, but it IS your heartsblood, ur soul, what is ur invention, ur idea ur hard work thatbrought it on the map n to everyones attention. What would u do feel if anyone stole it? Again it doesnt matter between a small steal or huge steal. A steal is a steal.

    I get so pissed off. I get so angry u wont believe. In past i let it go n prayed madame karma would step in and whooop butts but now i confront them, i report them and had i money i wouls sue their last shirt off their butts.

    i debate this bc some eff stole a pal of mines life long work. first they dismiss her, call her a liar, then a witch n last a devilworshipper. she is non. she is a famous ghost hunter psychic empath who placed her town on the map as one of usa´s most haunted cities, parkersburgh. now some dingbats stole her work, wants to use it on a travelnet segment on tv.

    this is typical for such dingbats. they dismiss the owner of the stories, the owner of the phenenenom, the brung sity on the map owner and say she lied, she is fake a fraud n its not real, to stealing all of it. if it is worth stealing, then there is something to it wouldnt u say?

    I ask support Susan Sheppard at hauntedparkersburgh against the thieves of her lives work.

  • Wow CWb , your friend sounds very interesting i love ghost hunters and psychics , Stealing others work is just plain wrong . Karma will get them in the end grrrr

  • look her up on fb if u have it susan sheppard or google haunted parkersburg. she has tour n they star soon. oh shoot i forgot ya is in australia hahahaahha

  • Sorry gúys been a busy month. however :

    Have you guys noticed something? Can be anything u have had n done for DECADES n suddenly someone close to u gets it or does n they act talk all PRO EXPERT??? i dunno if its a laugh or a ggrrr moment- I for one am sick of it. What about u? lets take the all ancient dusty one, diets healthy eating n getting some excersize. Especially the diet eat healthy one. i 4 one am sick to death of newbies coming along n act all know it alls pro on diets n healthy eatings expert bullshit. Any wanna join this debate? Makes me wanna slap em upside the head n say tell me what i dont effing know ya effing eff!


  • Who poked the bear?

    One persons enthusiasm is anothers fork through the head. People really just fil in the subject --it's not the subject but about the enthusiasm--the passion--the need to be neatly organized by a subject that keeps their minds off all the stuff they would rather not think about. I guess sharing it with others comes when they are sick of just sharing it with themselves---like Jehovas witnesses. Yes, come to MY HOUSE uninvited to save me who ain't asking.

  • LOL ive not been visited by them since i said "Oh i´d love to hear you out but u see im butt naked n my lover is saluting in my bed, so if u dont mind u can come up n wait until we´re .....helloo ..............anyone there??? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hm their loss"


  • Why is it so hard to let go of a relationship even when you know its for the best...for your highest good?

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