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  • Hi and Welcome to The Debate Room

    Here ya can debate everything under the sun BUT you CANNOT ask for readings. If ya want a reading POST A NEW post asking for it. If I see such a post here will I ask admin to remove the post ASAP. I dont mean to be mean BUT as readings are given all over the place would I want a thread where all else is spoken of than readings.

    With this said do i not mind if you wanna talk abut why this or that sign acts the way they do. As long as it aint asking in disguise lured to get a reading, Mind you im sharp to spot em lol.

    So with further no ado, lets debate.


  • Ok Ill shoot off a debate:

    Makes u wonder y men make friends tolerate certain persons that u as u can smell far off as bad news. They litterary REEK!!!! I am puzzled. Can it b bc men are more open or naive? Can it b us who smell the stench of bad news we ought to give benefit of doubt? WHAT THE EFF AM I SAYING???? All my life when ive gotten a KAHUNADEEP scent of bad effin people ive NEVER EVER been wrong. What about you?

  • I've observed men are very tolerant of their male friends' behavior but less tolerant of the bhevior of women in their life be it GF or friends' GF. Men seem to enjoy getting together & be in the moment...conversation is superficial, light hearted most often & rarely deviates to emotional.They seem very loyal to one another. Yes they accept/ tolerate even bad news guys especially if there is a history between them

  • Thanx Amused59

    i guess men either close ears to females effs or simply juss dimisses them. No?

    Anyone else?

    any other issues to debate?


  • I think guys grow up thinking that "it is a guything". Boys are and have always been stereotyped as just being naughty or bad, whereas women are supposed to be " a lady". Men tend to act out more, then tend to just claim it is because it is " A male thing". But, yes, women can see or sens it more easily, ostly because we want to. Women don't just shrug it off like they do. I am sure that they do know it, but refuse to because they eel that person just makes things a "bit more nteresting" to them. So untill we can change the iea in the younger generations, we will always be doome to this "male ritual".

  • I guess so yeah, my initial idea of debate was why men tolerate skanks who are not either their mom, sister, cousin, girlfriend or wife.

    However on all other sides yea i agree its a guy thang lol

    I wonder what some men i know would reply if i sked em this, why do ya tolerate skanks who aint got a sincere bone in their carcass. I do think i will ask at least 2 of em lol

    Oh i may also let ya know what they said.


  • Ah, I have asked a few men that question...They actually don't have a clue as to why they tolerate it, they just do. But at the same time they will lash out at someone that is close to them for the same behavior or less...especially if it is a female. And they say we are hard to figure out! lol

  • But, if you do happen to get a good straight answer, PLEASE share it!

  • I do, however have a topic for debate as well. Human Evolution. Has it come to a completion or ARE we still evolving? If we are still evolving, then what are we becoming? It almost seems that while some may be evolving others are actually DE-evolving back to more primitive states. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Men in general socialy and biology are wired differently. They avoid emotional dramas and do not reflect much. Woman are more wired to "get in touch with their feelings". Women are more intuitive just by being woman-intuition is a female traite. Psychic men tend to be more aware of others and do act differently as do gay men. In fact gay men are good girlfriends sometimes and will dish like a woman and enjoy figuring others out. But the usual man is a different animal. They live in a world of action and meet each situation as it comes. Unless they are a detective or general or some kind of head doctor they have no instinct or interest at all to figure folks motivations out. Also, men are more tolerant of all kinds of behaviours that females have no reference for. Men know they are all dogs given the right circumstance. They all have things in the closet that stay there and men have this honor code mostly of cutting other guys slack. Men take less personaly. When woman are irritated with other woman they get more in think mose and make sense--define the B's problem--is she stuck up? On the rag? What is her problem? Woman will group together and help figure out her problem together. Guys just do not do that in groups---they may between best buddys but even then guys fear the g ay factor. Guys talk about work--sports--toys and fantasies and female body parts.If a man in a group says something jerky a guy reacts not analyses. He may say something like yeah and I f your mother last night. Men settle things right there and forget about it. They do not go home call a friend and go over why that guy said a jerky thing and spend time wondering if they should stay friends. Guys know guys behave badly. That's why they have women--to bring out the civilization in them. It's the female half in partnership that usually makes those ituitive desicions. Men usually do not give up a jerky friend until his woman motivates him. In fairness it is the man who keeps the woman from being too understanding or emotional for her own good when a situation calls for action.This actually is a general argument as people are unique and some men are more introspective like a woman and some woman are more male action than intuition. As for evolving---it is the same--there will be those who grow and those who don't and those who don't do often seem worse in the end as life challanges us to grow and hits us harder everytime we resist. First you get whispers but ignore that again and again--eventualy you get hit with a board. So to resist over and over does intensify your stand not to change. Whatever one focuses on grows so it makes sense were the increase shows.

  • Thanx BL Moon for reminding us men r from mars n women r from venus lol

    we R diff.

    As for evolution, hmmm i guess we evolve as we best can, some do more than others while quite a few still sits on their fat behinds awaiting changes to happen.

    in my book is evolution also changes. am i all wrong ? LOL

  • thanks for starting this CWB!! and what a topic! I found men will tolerate the insincere female because they like the attention but the minute the man gets offended well that female is history

    evolution interesting topic I think some evolve faster than others; but that being said some people are stuck because they feel there is no hope and without hope how can you evolve

  • I also think men tolerate skank liars bc the men are simply nice kind men. Secretly i do think men think such skank liars as the worst apples EVER!

    Stuck in evolution ??? hmmm well if u fear change, how can u get anything out of ur life love work etc?

    speaking of fear, i myself has at times feared change, yet once i embraced them i went why was i so scared of this change? it is ridiculous. is it a human condition inherited from the cave days or what??? hmmm i need to simmer on this lol

  • Hi guys .Is this the new thread from the lounge,, sound like men bashing?


  • Hi Scully

    Didnt ya take time to read the first posts at all? No not men bashing at all. A place to debate all things EXCEPT reading requests. There are already PLENTY of space and threads for that already

    We do not bash men at all, but debate the difference in them and us women. Granted we women have flaws too. I can line a few up.

    1. We need to be more trusting when we find a good man

    2. we ought to be careful not to read all small hearsay into an act to be jalous in

    3. we have a finger in when relationships go sour

    4. we must become more accepting of the guy we fall for

    5. we should trust out gut when we encounter peeps who are bad news for us

    6. we should not stay in things that bore us, things that just doesnt bring us fullfillment nor joy, lifes too short for it

    7. we oughts stop being gossips

    8. when overly emotional we act like the world has come to an end, we forget to breathe n relax

    9. we worry too effing much on all kinds of things

    10. 2 change out moods all it takes is a new hair do or n color.

    i can go on. Shall i? or better yet do anyone else has ANYTHING to add? LOL

    simply ssaid, what mystifies us in men mystifies men in us women. we´re both an enigma for the other gender.


  • Well, my thoughts on evolution.......If it is true that mankind has not completed its evolution as of yet, then what ways are we still evolving? It has been known for a very long time that mankind only has used a very small portion of our brain. But those who have "special abilities" use a part of the brain that is normally inactive.

    If mankind learned to "turn on" more of the electrical flows to more sections of the one knows for sure exactly what we could be realy capable of. Are we becoming more intuned to psychic abilities, and how far will the go? I have learned a lot about all this since my childhood. I started trying to understand about how our minds do fascinating things since I was a child and discovered the library.

    I also read a book called "Celestine Prophecy" and realized that you can manipulate "negative" ernergies from others. It is amazing how some people will actually back down when you flood them with positive energies. It is like an overload to them and they can't handle it.

    But while some may be evolving yet, I am finding many that seem to be reverting back to more "primal" ways.

    I also discovered that many ....well almost all.....religions....from catholic to methodist.....American Native beliefs to wicca...they all share some simularities in certain aspects. For example: we all have to answer to a "higher authority". We are supposed to "pay our dues" back for what we recieved and show our thanks. And the same basic rules apply to each one of them, DO NO HARM. And if a thousand voices all ask for the same needs and believe it will be, it very well can be. Faith and belief IS the key in all of these. The ideas all seem to be a "backbone" to a structured way that we are all supposed to be. A guide to our evolution.

    So, are we evolving to a point that if we were to stand together, Can we make drastic changes to our world, ourselves just by willing it? Are our minds evolving to something more powerful? And what "tithings" will we need to pay? Can we evolve enough to ever live in perfect harmony with each other as well as nature?

  • And now to something completely different to use the words of monty pythons flying circus......

    The different governments handle on unemployment and finance for those wihout a job. Danish government has spent nothing but a year on nothing else but talk and some laws n agreements tht makes it harer for lowpaid people to maintain life, job and what not. Plus they still after a year in office still talk about creating jobs but has yet not actually DONE anything.

    they have made it more difficult for the avarage dane to main life bills n afford a meager life even at best. instead of aiding the unemployed, the lowest paids job have they created a deeper canyoun between poor n rich. They call it progess. they call it betterment for all danes. no matter culture n creed.

    to me is thios a load of hogwash n heads up butts where nada is seen but brown farts. many danes likei PRAY it will fall come autum when financial budget for 2013 is debated. if not is Denmark n danes alike very effed.

    how is it in ur country= the same? worse? better? lets hear it

  • Ok too boring? too upsetting? too blarh? Ok ok ok

    how about this for one debate lol

    I know a LOAD of u have experienced this. You need to go out to shop to go out to a meeting, a date, night our with girls, a party, baptism, wedding or alike. U stand b4 ur is full yet alas YIKES ya have NOTHING to WEAR? ye ye we do have stuff to wear but at that moment in time we have NOTHING AT ALL.

    How many change million times? how many desides we have time to go out n get a new outfit? how many of you do as i do? and what is it i do?

    i say to myself k i wanna be comfy so what would i wear if i was staying home? i get on that n im all set. ive taught myself if im going for a special occasion i find clothes before time that will benefit ll kinds of weather,

    my debate issue is this, with me is the whole what to wear got nothing to wear a conscience setback bc i really dont wanna go. I wanna stay in and not go at all. i hate the hoodlum havoc of the stress of going out. i feel fine in what i chose to wear until i see my company. then it is too late BUT i always observe the progress of eve , n my companions always ALWAYS look mor en more uncomfy in their fine clothes.

    so another debate issue is this, why the eff do we dress up in sundays best when we feel so uncomfortable in the process? What is the point? Aint it about time the sundays best is a thing of the past ???? hhhmmmmm ..................Then again on very rare occasions it is nice to dress the eff up to impress no ? oh my full circle ...............

    the dress up r we doing it to impress? to up on on someone else we hope is there? what is this about ? i never understood fully lololol

  • I have my own rant about this. I too am prone to dwell on the dress up thing to the point of not going WHICH is my hermit nature that hates leaving home. I know that and usually if I ignore it and not have to look perfect I go and forget the whole silly nonsense---AND often I enjoy the excuse not to go. It's a toss up. ANd, there is a truth to the clothes choice thing in my observation--look what the market forces on us. ARGGG!!!!! Ihate clothes shopping!!!! I know I am not the only one who tires of dragging boatloads of clothes to the dressing room to find one thing that actualy fits and is flattering. Often I just say F it and leave. They make tops way too short as if we are all young things who haven't given birth many times. This obssession with thin bodies dominates the fashion when the AVERAGE woman does not look like a model--that's why models get a fortune for having their special bodies--they are not average but yet they are the standard for the clothing market. AND if you do try to buy in the older lady market you get huge plaids and goofy prints. AND am I the only one that notices the quality of clothing s cks these days---you wash it once and it changes shape? I'm not just talking about the cheap stores but even in your high end. Everything is made in some third world country. I have touched stuff and as a psychic cringed as I felt the imprint of slavery and poverty on something. I mostly shop at the goodwill secound hand store as they offer at least more variation. I tend to ignore any new fashion trends and just find items that I feel good in and are comfy. I also believe in dressing how I feel for the day so even when I have made my choice the night before I too have at the last minute been rushed to dress and late because suddenly I was feeling pink and not blue. I love bright happy colors and I love to match like a total work of art. But for around town I also love many different T shirts--several Eric Clapton concerts. I just always dress it up with jewelry---stone beads or crystals and always a pin---butterflys specially or frogs. I balance a nice comfy loose Tshirt with jewlery. I used to sew my own clothes when younger --find a pattern I loved and make several in different material. I lost my thrill in sewing long ago. I think the worst is weddings---it's a given that whatever you choose is going to be a pain--specialy the shoes! You know the ones that never get worn otherwise. Once everyone gets loaded the shoes come off and always get carried home and your feet hurt for two days! Yes charming one--nothing to wear is not just in your part of town!

  • Oh i hear ya. I can even change clothes during the day. i dress how i feel. When i worked i dressed not to drop over from dehydration bc the place was like a searing hot sauna to work in.

    Alone on my nieces confirmation day i changed clothes three times. 1st time bc the dress was just too cold to wear, meaning weather was cold. the 2nd outfit soon also proved to be too cold. lucky had packed warmer clothes so the last was my fave brown jeans n a matching long sleeved shirt. warm. i didnt care bc i froze my ass off. i was not as "spiffy" as many guests BUT at least i was warm n above all SOBER!

    i also like u often choose to stay home, hermit yes GAWDS i love the hermit way lol that is also atributed to my empathic status. i soak up in crowds. that is why schools was such a tirering experience. i was always beat once i got home, drained unable to function , sleep only way lol

    so yes i dress after my moods n how warm or cold i feel lol

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