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  • Just being a smart S charming one! Sorry, it's the "Chicago' in me that pops up. My man has a different kind of shoe collection--he will not throw out any old beat up ones. It's an OCD thing. When the kids were younger they would complain constantly for him to get new shoes---but my man does NOT shop unless it's for a manly thing like tools. I have to buy something and hope it fits or run back and back. Anyway one day we were all in the car and my four sons ganged up on him--stopped at a store and got him new shoes then on the road again of course my man put the old ones in a box to save and one of my sons grabbed them and hurled them out the car window. We still laugh about that one---you know how you see a shoe in the road and wonder? Mystery solved. Anyway he still trys to save old shoes--we are talking sad sad bent out of shape dogs. He always says they are for yard work. I WISH! I let them hang around long enough for him to lose interest then I throw them out. If he lived on his own---he'd be swimming in old shoes among other things!


    Well its been a LONG time since ive seen shoes at side of road. ive seen many other things on road sides ...................... well im happy u guys pull if off n he doesnt even know nor notices they are long gone haahahahaahahahaahahahaahahahaha

    Ok what do you do when planets form a mess and it makes yoi sleep badly dream vision madly so your mind goes awol with fearful scenarios?

    i drink peppermint tea, after a hot bath and while talking to a trusted friend i seek hence it started so i can solve it. in past i used to freak out. boy i have evolved lol

  • Politics ...................... ok yea so what? I dont mind it at all but when it comes from all corners and places and like a effing tsunamis waterfall i draw the line. i get annoyed i get effed n i wanna eff peeps off. Ive asked the politic pals on my fb to cease n stop ................... they didnt.


    how do u the politics as in mudsling candidates n so forth? im soick to death of it.

  • How many of you have tried this here?

    you get ur ads, u go through them n a store has an item,eatable, thats has u all yaaayyyyyy i gotta get that. u got to the store u wander n look u look n wander n u then ask where can i find this item? u get direction n find it,. u watcdh it n uhm 1 or 2 2 u decide. u buy n get home, defrost n u take a bite ............................. the item tastes BLAND beYOUND bland. rest of the day u analyze how can i change it to b BETTER???? u get the ingredienses needed but u never seem to find the time n circa 2 week a later u see it sitting still n u go oh EFF ................ has to go

    do u cuss the store or the producer of the disappointing BLAND product??? I blame both lol

  • Helps sections???? How many of you have gotten a reply to an issue in a help sections???

    I mean ANY help section at all? How many have gone EFF it n left?

    in my opinion are help section a big fat LAUGH!!!! it helps no one at all, n the ONLY ones who can figure em out r the ones who made them, bc seriously .................... its an effing goose chase. even the simpliest questions have no simple answer. they think they have all areas covered when in reality they got eff covered.

    help sections are a effing JOKE!!!!

  • Who is sick to death of politics? i mean ALL kinds of politics no matter country? I am. no day goes by when we aint bombarded by effing politics from the medias BUT do ur friends n aquaintances over effing flow ur wall n their own with their view on the political candidates n their effing effs? i say its beating a dead horse to death, i 4 one aint easy forgetting what a pal of mine has of view toward a candidate or party i only ask, do they hafta eff us off with all that eff? what can one say? im sick sick sick of it n i swear if i see a hint again ill let em know it effs me off n if they dont count my wall out i will delete em as pals. period. UGH!!!

    what about u?

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  • Ohhhh honey i HEAR ya!. It used to be cancerman taurus leo aquarious or WHATEVER sign that was accused of cheating and whatnot. NON who posts on those threads STOPPED 4 one godeffing moment n asked emselves, do i know the ENTIRE story? Ni they just jump onboard n bash n yab eff!

    takes 2 to tango n i say this n its the godeff truth, when someone looks for effection emotions feelings love somewhere else has it one reason to it, he she aint getting it at home with partner bc that partner is stumped or heartless or plain a effhead.

    Now this statement may get me eff on my head but its the godeff truth, consider y ur partner seeks elsewhere, n dont pretty yasefl bc it reveals why he she seeked elsewhere.

    I say this bc ive helped many in this situation n i have many friends who has this happen to them. Its no joke. somehow once we´re with someone n after some time we let it slide n crash n who do we blame? the other person n not ourselves. Something in us the way we speak act n are has a blame on it. we´re human not perfect

    we can neglect in many ways. 1 is force the one into whom he she never wanna become as n we resent they wont change 4 us. i ask y the eff should they? it aint as if u urself change so why ought they? to satisfy ur sick sense of what is right? EFF!!! wake up n get real!

    2. stop dressing to court

    3. no date night

    4. kids more important than ur partner


    i can go on, many forget any relationship is a rare flower plant n it takes 2 to care for it, n know this even if u think feel u had nad to do with ur partner going stray u ougta look hard at urself, dont shy back or point ifingers until u with a clear truthful conscience can say i had nada to do with this straying whatsoever. Until u do i say ure as much to blame as the one who strays.

    LAST i will say there is NO zodiac sign that strays more than any other zodiac sign. its not in the sign to say so its the person upbringing history and what befalls them. Some men n woman has it more in them to cheat n stray than others n frankly it has not much to do with zodiacsigns per se. Its an easy lame line to shoot off with, if you really think that then i can see why he she strayed, bc men n women aint always keen on not too bright persons.sorry.

    So get real, look at yaself n no shying from what u see. it may b ugly it may smart as eff BUT it will liberate u.


  • As i cycled home from doing a wee bit shopping i was thinking of helping someone with repromotion of his condos when my thoughts went on to why it could open a can of worms.

    1st of all his now ex then "wife" cheated on him, lied, and more. worst she was utterly jalous of his accomplishments, and of his fans. I´d diagnose her to be fanatical jalous. the worst kind i think. further had she gotten in cahoots with a fired man of my friend. all this man accused my friend of is what he himself had done, but we all know when u are effed at anyone you accuse them of all under the sun even eff uve made n done urself.

    any hew these 2 had gone way out of line by setting my friend on as a liar on filthyliars website, and when my friend got it stopped they went on fb with a few connecting pages. needless to say at this time thery were more than just partners in crime, they were lovers n by it cheaters as well. both jalous of my friend. the guy jalous because my friend has had success with almost all he has done, good looking, fans, money, everybody like n love hims. the woman who was his "wife" now his ex ( THANK GAAWWWDDDD!!!) fanatical jalous. I have see photos where her jalousy is caught on camera. not pretty at all.

    I went on and started to list all that jalosu has cause n again i say JALOUSY IS THE WORST SIN OF ALL SINS.

    What has jalousy not caused? Jalousy cause among others, distrust, disloyalty, disharmony, lies, rumours, fears, worst case scenarios, relationship can survive, marriges break up, ruinof friendship, resentment, ice between people, hatred, loathing, hurt feelings, heartbreak, illness, stress, gaps that cannot be mended, institutionilized in mental wards, murder, terror, torture, war, famine , victimized beaten up, abuse physically, abused verbally, discrimination, bigotry, exclusions, imprisoned, embezzlement, fraud .................. i can go on.

    what else can u list? i have witness jalousy too many times to count, ive been on the recieving end meaning people chose me as their personal private punchbag. The last bc i knew more than they did of their fave life passtime. I had been in contact with more of them than they ever dreamt of. so instead of including me they chose to exclude me and by it show their true jalousy bigoted selves.

    Also a thing that is always ALWAYS connected to jalousy is that the jalous person always claim they have a good life and those they attack has non.

    What a laff. Jalousy is the worst of all sins. Jalousy equals vampires as one feed to rid of the jalous worm aint never enough.

    what is your take on this? let us hear it let us read it let us rejoice we´re not in the same park as fanatic jalous people!

  • Jelousey is just a symptom. The disease is lack of self love. In fact almost all evil is rooted in that same place. When people are loving to themselves in a true secure satisfying way they treat others with the same respect. Most acts of brutilization is out of fear--under every bully is a very damaged scared little child who puffs themselve up in scary ways in a false sense of protection from a world they will always see as hostile. IOn their minds it's eat or be eaten. Some folks see the world all hostile others see it as a wonderouse safe place and feel protected. You do indeed open up a can of worms----or a can of hope? Perspective is everyones arguable truth! Which side of the coin will it be today is everyone's morning question. Charm on charming one! BLESSINGS!

  • PS--Victim IS as victim Does!

    --Holy Freakin Will--Thank God!!!

  • I agree jealousy brings out the worst in ppl. It leads to everything CWB mentioned. And Blmoon was accurate in her description as to the cause of why ppl are jealous. Sometimes I wonder if some issues are just human nature like jealousy/envy or being nosey or liking drama. I appreciate this thread to debate on any topic. Ok, I can think of a few topics we can debate but I'll start off with: What is our purpose here on earth? Do ppl even care? I'm a seeker and am always looking to grow and enlighten myself; even though the truth can be scary....Are you living your life purpose?

    Or do ppl rather find out the "truth" once they die?

  • thanx pisces78

    purpose on earth, purpose for living, hmm with me i think i have many a purpose, first might have been to learn more about living on earth as human, ive had a few say im an earth angel, meaning i chose to come here, i might have, why not, i mean i recall many of my past lives, while finding my way as a human,. one is to learn as much as i can, another to recall as much as i can from past lives, also its been so long since ive had all nine yards. anyhews ill stew on this n get back with more leaving the field open for more to come n say theirs.


  • Purpose is very confusing for many of us. Some folks come to life with a solid knowing that never wavers. You hear many famouse folks say that. Then others are too much in the thick of personal battle--surviving to realy see purpose. Also, we tend to see purpose as some huge high place or achievment when often we neglect to see the merrit of small but important roles we have in life. We tend to see all we have not done and often do not see what we may have done . Usually, it's the little but very timely kindnesses we give others and forget. Maybe on a friends darkest day we unknowingly but intuitively decided to send the perfect card with just a few lines--they may not have answered! But we made a difference. I remember many years ago, during a shifting in my own life I was feeling a bit lost in the inbetween of things and wondering the same thing---how much time wasted? Then in the mail came a poem from a friend who is dear but we do not meet often---her poem was to ME and she photocopied a sweet card I had sent her. I looked at my own handwriting and forgot it was sent and saw how sweet it was--like looking at myself from outside myself. I had no idea how much that card meant to that person---she reminded me that we tend to underestimate small graces. That card was years old yet it came at a dark moment for her and she felt the need to write a poem honoring that quality in me. So, as far as purpose--never underestimate the heart in you that just exhists in an everday way and does what it does without much thought as important--often it is!

  • Gawds ilove ya input BlMoon,

    Okay i was awoken by some smart eff this morning at 4 am, i was up and about, and as i tried to go back to sleep this thought hit me.

    day before i had bought a jacket ive DIED for in YEARS, a softshell jacket. this one is long so it covers ones bum and it has a hood if it rains or snows. it was a bargain litterary. once i put it on i felt soooooo beautiful.

    I showed it to ma n she said its nice but u cannot get any bigger. she ALMOST ruined my feel of feeling BEAUTIFUL. i wore it on way home as it had gotten chilly.

    the feel of feeling SOOOOO beautiful returned.

    my thought at 4 am is:

    How often do we women feel beautiful? how often do we let us feel beautiful? When we feel beautiful do we enjoy it or do we let a nasty narrowminded jalous mind wreck that feeling of feeling beautiful ???........................

    I speak for me n it is RARE that i feel beautiful. I hardly ever do. I get u look nice, that looks good on u, but never do i get a ure beautiful. Not from an actual physical verbal say.

    aint it high time when we feel beautiful we do all we can not to let it be ruined? oight we tell that person who is jalous n negative to shove it? or say gee thanx u ruined my feeling beautiful. n let them win? any idea how to tackle that ruin of feeling beautiful?

  • Guess I'd say "well it makes me feel like a million" and walk away. Guess we need to work on not letting others be a pin in our feel good balloon. I for one have a mum who has no issue announcing across a crowded room " I can't believe you wore that or you still wear your bangs like that?!!!' amazing how quick I feel deflated when I was on cloud nine...learning to turn a deaf ear...& not talk like that to my sons

  • its an effing eff lesson UGH!

  • Hi Charmed n all...

    Charmed, I love the fact that you took a brief moment handed to you in negativity and had enough sense of self worth to get back to where you were in your "beautiful" moment.

    I have had weight issues all my life...especially after having kids

    In my 40s when I lost some significant weight, I noticed how differently men looked at me

    and it made me mad


    I have come to learn that biology has it's place

    that if the attraction factor wasnt there we might not have produced offspring for survival as a species

    I am heavy again...but I love myself and when I look in the mirror I see beautiful

    I make mistakes, as we all do..part of lessons in our life experience;

    but the core of my soul is good in nature and I feel beautiful about that.

    All women and men will grow to a wonderful point when physical beauty is not paramount

    and spiritual wisdom is the glowing crown

    will it happen here????


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