The Debate Room

  • At least it is for me

  • i hear ya patchy ............... that sounded like a poem. i may use it may i?

  • Charmed, you may, anytime you wish, anywhere you wish

    It comes from experience


    How can our thoughts be our own in all the lifetimes on this earth?

    It amazes me when I pick up a book from the 1800s or early 1900s and read the souls who speak in their heart as I do sometimes

    Our thoughts have been been shared before aloud and in the written form before us,

    for we have a commonality,

    that of being human on this life plane

    We all hurt

    and love

    and laugh

    and live

    and die

    though some die in such a way that I do ask God for constant protection against the dark forces of this world.

    Let me not delve into line of thought or I will leave you depressed!

    No No No!!!!!


    With my love and friendship

    I put a light On...loving

    rays of light

    light upon you with grace and well being

    may your smiles become many more

    and fear and distrust


    until only a powder of dust remains of them

    that you cup in your hand and blow to the four winds

    and release

  • yes it IS amazing how people you dont know that well and most of times from heresasy, tabloids and studying can have written sung said things so profound they make our souls sing with joy understanding n deep deep satisfaction of being HEARD!

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