To the Captain Thank you for your work here

  • You don't remember me. I used to be in the forum between 2009 to 2010. I have gained friendships with some members and keep in touch with a few close ones. All my replies here are gone, obviously it's over 2 yrs now there is no reason to keep them and the site could use the space. I remember a post about you thanking everybody (including myself_ before I left the forum. I was going to thank you back, but a lot has happened and I forgot completely to do so. The post itself is probably gone now, but while I'm here I'd like to Thank you for your work on here and blessing of Love and Light to you -- Always 🙂

  • You're very welcome! And I do remember you.

    I hope life has been treating you well.

  • Please excuse me for jumping in here leoscorpion, (Im guessing/hoping your not the type to be put out by this though 🙂 ) but I also would like to thank the Captain, for endlessly giving of yourself , your talents and your good humour, you have made such a differance to so many people's liveso here's a big Thanks to you Captain, you are greatly appreciated!

  • I would like to thank you also CAPTAIN for all your time. You are always there to

    help us all. YOU ROCK! MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU AND LOVED ONES ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Captain, yes life has treated me the way I treated life. All is Perfect as it is.

    I am honored that you remember me after so long and with so much time and energy you have spent on here. Thank you so much, your work of Love will not go in vain.

    Matjes, no problem 🙂 I am not doing any reading so it is perfectly fine for me if anyone thank Captain in this thread.

    Love and Light to you all and those you know 🙂

  • Leo scorpion,lovely to see u back!

    Captain thanks for always being there,like an anchor:)

    Love and Light to you both

  • Leoscorpio, great to see you are right.

    The Captain has tirelessly been giving of her gifts to everyone in here and deserves many thanks for that. You are Blessed, Captain, and have contributed to the enlightenment of many who are here to learn. Blessings and light to you.


  • That's nice of you all. 🙂

  • Hi Leo-Scorpion, I remember you, thought about you the other day, Hello Captain and all! Have a wonderful day!

  • I remember you leoscorpion! So nice to see you back here, and glad to hear that life is treating you well! 🙂

    And Captain, I would also like to chime in as well in thanking you for your generosity. I know that you've done several readings for me, and your advice has always been sound. Thank you for all of the hard work you put in, and for all of your time! 🙂

  • Thank you, sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading them I figure if even one person gets a word of encouragement and hope then I've done some good. Thank you Captain for all you do and have done you are a ray of hope and light for many. Love you and God bless you! Hang on for the ride I think this month is gonna pick up speed!

    Captain I copied this from the other post, you have been right there with me on my journey back to my True Self, Thank You for all you do, you and many others who have passed thru here, wonderful group of Soul Sisters! LOVE YOU! NAMASTE!

  • Dear Captain.... If I could send you flowers IT WOULD BE A MASSIVE GARDEN. You have inspired , enlightened, and brought encouragement to many I totally appreciate all your posts, and for this I want to send you a heartfelt THANK YOU .

  • As much as you all say you get from me, what you teach me and give me is far more wonderful and powerful than I could ever have hoped for...Blessings!

  • 🙂

  • captain,

    i would also like to extend my deepest thanks, usually i am in the background somewhere reading especially articules that have to do with spirtual growth, your latest on the laws of attraction i have been copying all three parts, it has been a truly great post, and i feel that up to the moment it has been helping me alot, i have seen improvements in some area of my life, and to be positive, i am positive the improvements will continue, why i copied these articles, captain, knowing right from wrong, but i am extremely hard headed, bieng positive want to melt the cement into butter, once again thank you for such great enlightment

  • Captain

    Your posts are an inspiration & thought provoking every time. Your generosity & caring support has been very helpful to my personal growth 😉

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