Job Reading for a gemini :-)

  • Hi guys!

    I would love for anyone to help me with this question i have about my future job findings..

    I am a gemini born 1983-05-23

    I recently left my job, where i was unhappy, and is unemployed now, doing my best to find a new job where i can be happy and grow and learn ect.

    As a typical gemini, i love to change environments all the time, truly i am a typical typical gemini.

    But i was wondering if anyone can see when i will find the job im searching for, whatever job it is now. I am searching for a job, but dont really know what kind of job i truly want, but im applying those jobs i find interesting, again im not sure if this is the job that im meant for. Im sure of i will find something, as i believe in destiny and whatever is meant to be will come right?

    I believe i had to leave my previous job behind to find something better in life. This better job is ahead of me i know it. Im positive and confident i will succeed in life. It is just the hunt for finding a job and getting a job that is difficult. I am trying to be patience, as it make us stronger, but its difficult. the wait.

    I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart if anyone could help me, figure out WHEN i will find this job. Whatever job that is ahead of me.

    If you have the time and chance to do a reading for me i would appreciate it. If not thats ok, thanks anyway 🙂

    Have a wonderful day 🙂

  • You won't get the job you want until you know what it is you want. What talents do you have, what is your passion or your dream job? What hobbies do you enjoy that may be turned into a career?

    From your birth date profile, I see there may be a danger of you neglecting to ground yourself adequately in the details of daily life or succumbing to an inflated self-image or snobbery. You must make sure you slow down your mad rush through life and truly savor and reflect on each experience that comes your way. Truly, you have to take time to 'smell the roses' as you zoom past on the road to success and recognition, since the journey is much more important than the destination (especially since you don't seem sure where you are going). Too much energy badly directed can be your biggest stumbling block so learning the value of subtlety and the simple pleasures, and gaining the ability to tone down your more grandiose visions in favour of more realistic goals will all prove important for your success in life. If you just slow down a bit and allow yourself to take things more as they come, rather than trying to make them happen all the time, all will go beautifully for you. This is not a lifetime where cutting corners or taking shortcuts will pay off for you. You will need to follow the whole process of finding a career, even if it involves a lot of hard work and effort, study, a long apprenticeship, or whatever. You have to adopt a disciplined step-by-step approach or you will never have that golden career you desire. Instability and lack of commitment will only work against you. Empty hopes, wishes, and enthusiastic illusions must be avoided at all costs. So called 'overnight success' can take years and many small steps to achieve.

    You must develop the quality of empathy for others and a sense of your own role in the everyday world rather than seeing yourself as the fantasy heroine in the grand drama of life. A more thoughtful approach will help you discover a larger truth about yourself. in both work and relationships, you have a tendency to idealize the situation, then becoming crushed when it turns out to be less than perfect. Less fantasy, more reality and taming your wildly romantic soul will prevent you from becoming fickle, jaded and disillusioned about life.

    What you really want is to be totally free to pursue Truth, have adventures, and be right all the time. To do this, you must stop focusing on 'your Truth' and begin to focus on the people around you. When you really listen to and understand what other people are sharing about their lives, they will open to you, and will appreciate your insights and attention, and well, just like you. When you really listen, you access the ability to tune into others and gain information that allows you to view situations from an expanded perspective.

    You possess an array of creative and expressive energies plus sound analytical ability, so you can find success in a variety of careers, often but not necessarily centred in some form of business, advising, or counselling in real estate or investments. Selling, writing, teaching, and communicating in all forms can bring you happiness as well as material success. Fields as divergent as coaching, travel agency work, family services, architecture, engineering, counsellor, philosopher, professorship, or any form of work that supports others will serve you well. Your practical creativity, developed over time, will lead you to the security you desire.

  • And it may better next time to find a job BEFORE you leave the previous one.

  • Dear -the captain, now i understand what it is about you that everyone in this forum love. your one of the best in here. and i see it now 🙂

    its amazing to me beyond words that without seeing me, without knowing me, without knowing who i am.... that every line you wrote above... IS ME.

    seriously dont know what to say. Its as if you have known me for 10 years.

    It is amazing the gift you have dear. Im totally impressed and thankful that you did this for me. You have so right in so many points.

    You are so right specially about me trying so hard and shall just let it come to me.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Wish you all the best! Have a nice day 🙂

  • thank you

  • You're very welcome!

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