A sag (me) and a libra girl

  • i havent been on this website in about over 2 years, i was with my girlfriend at the time and we were both sags, well it seems that after two years of dating, we kinda seemed like more like just friends than dating anymore, plus she couldnt get ovr the fact that my family didnt approve of her for me so i can understand how she felt being judged by my mom and sister mostly. and she wanted to be in a family where they accept her, and she always used to say "if you love something let it go, if it comes back to you it was meant to be" and she thought that might be our story, but i told her that it wont because my family isnt gonna change or go away, so i say well if your not even gonna try to talk with my mom to win her over than you are just giving up on me and on us..........cause after 2 years my ex had never really talked. hung around my parents at all for my parents to even get to know her, and just assume they should like her cause she is with me, when my parents cant see how happy i was with her cause we nevere spent time around my parents for them to see it........

    anyways that some back story for who ever read, maybe captain since you seem to help everyone on here and i remember you from 2 years ago lol

    well im talking to this new girl now that i met while i was with my ex,... we met at our GED graduation and she seeked me out on facebook, i didnt talk to her since i was still with my ex, but now we over done so we are getting to know eachother and she is really really cool and good person so far. and have alot in common with me, maybe even more so than my ex and seems more layed back compared to my ex which was always in a bad mood no matter what, and kinda take me for granted.........this libra girl really likes how im different from other guys (which i hear that alot because i know i am) since im 24 years old and only been with one girl in my life. among other things

    anyways my name is cody born 12-11-1987 and her name is Ashley born 10-5-1989 and idk i was wondering id anyone would be so kind to give me a reading on what could maybe happen if i go any farther with this girl, we are just talking now so nothing too serious yet, im kinda taking it slow cause before my ex i could have had another libra girl and i got almost obsessed since she was the first girl that really saw me for the person i was but i messed it up, so im not gonna do that again and im more calm now

    im ramblin on and on, sorry lol thanks for reading

  • This relationship tends to focus on balancing technical proficiency with an instinctive approach to creative endeavours. It works better as a friendship rather than a long term love relationship. One of the more important decisions the two of you will make is whether to be competitors or to join forces in a common enterprise or activity. While your friend can furnish the psychological awareness and attention to detail that you lack, her tendency to procrastinate is countered by your ambition, drive, and intuition. Generally you two do best when you sacrifice personal gain to the good of the relationship, uniting to create something of lasting value. This relationship will rarely continue uninterrupted but will follow a more erratic on-again, off-again pattern, making it unsuitable and frustrating as a love relationship.

    Unconditional commitment is seldom on the cards here in a love affair. Thus, both of you will show a tendency to become involved romantically, emotionally, or sexually with third parties, which can can have the brief effect of enriching your primary relationship with each other. At the same time however, such involvements unfortunately will not enhance the longevity of your relationship.

    A friendship will depend on the amount of time the two of you are willing to invest, for your individual schedules may be hectic. Typically you will find small blocks of time when you can be alone to share thoughts and feelings without being interrupted. There is usually a relaxed and natural attitude towards each other but it is probably for the best if personal contact is limited.

  • ugh thats dissapointing. not so much the fact me and her arent that close yet cause we are just talking and seeing what happens....but what sucks most is that i remember i asked you for a reading with my ex and you pretty much said the same thing lol........i guess im just meant to always be the friend and nothing else more than that

  • Or just not serious with Librans...

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