Universal Spiritual Laws - Part Two

  • In the first set of Universal Spiritual Laws - http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=18475&replies=23 - I posted the 'The Six Basic Laws of Life': the Laws of Attraction, Request, Resistance, Reflection, Projection, and Attachment.

    All humans incarnate to experience life in a physical body. Earth is the place where we learn our lessons in the form of situations, life events and particular people. It is the way in which we deal with our life circumstances that determines whether or not we pass those tests. The aim of everyone who incarnates on Earth is enlightenment or ascension - which is the total mastery of all the lessons offered. This may take many lifetimes to achieve our goal of ascension. Often our soul will want us to return to Earth to meet the same people and experience similar situations in order to re-live the challenge or to complete unresolved issues. By knowing and understanding the Universal Spiritual Laws, we can make huge leaps of growth and awareness, as our life on Earth and the things that happen to us become easier to accept and comprehend.

    Here now are the next category of Universal Spiritual Laws - The Eight Laws of Creation. These consist of: The Law of Attention, The Law of Flow, The Law of Abundance, The Law of Clarity, The Law of Intention, The Law of Prosperity, The Law of Manifestation, and The Law of Success.

    These are all from the wonderful book "A little light on the Spiritual laws" by Diana Cooper.

  • The Spiritual Law of ATTENTION

    Whatever you focus on and give your attention to, will manifest. “Energy flows where attention goes”. Spiritual law ensures that an outcome manifests to the exact percentage you give it your attention. Attention is the focus of your thoughts, words and actions. Lives differ according to the expectations of the individual. People who are in similar life situations will each hold a different picture of the expected outcome. Accordingly, each will create a slightly different result, as each person creates their own reality. The only thing that stops you from manifesting your dreams, goals and desires, is your own doubts and fears. Watch where you put your thoughts.

    As we travel the road of life we are asked to pay attention to the whispers, hints, signs and symbols the Universe presents to guide us along our way. If you give attention to a fear or worry, you energize it and bring it into creation. Picturing worse-case scenarios in your mind, or continually talking to others about your fears, are powerful ways of drawing that fear into your life. Remember, the positive has a more powerful charge than the negative. When you hold the positive in your attention, you make your dreams, goals and desires come to fruition. When you hold the vision and do the necessary work, success is assured. Focus on what you want and you will get it.

    ‘Be careful what you wish for as you just might get it.’

  • The Spiritual Law of FLOW

    We live in a Universe comprised of energy. Nothing is static. Everything moves and changes. The Law of Flow governs every area of life. If something is full, nothing new can be put into it. If you hoard things, be it money, clothes, jewellery, ideas or even harbour old resentments, there is no space for the new and positive to enter. To allow new into your life, you must let go of the old. If you hold onto old emotions, you are full of those old memories which prevent fresh and happier things from coming in. As soon as you throw away rubbish from you home and life, the Law of Flow will ensure that something else takes its place. It is your choice as to whether you replace the rubbish with more rubbish, or shift your consciousness to attract something better. If you have the same thoughts and beliefs, then the same conditions will return. If you start making changes, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, automatically something different has to come in.

    “If you want something to be different, do different things.”

    As soon as you release beliefs and memories that are no longer needed in your life, you open the door for new to come in. According to the theories of Feng Shui, every part of your house relates to a different aspect of your life. If you have clutter or rubbish in the part of your house that relates to fame, then you prevent that aspect of your life from flowing. Different places relate to work, success, relationships money and so on. When you are physically clearing rubbish out of your house, start affirming for what you wish to replace it with.

    ‘Go with the flow.’

    We all receive constant guidance, though most people are unaware of this. When we ignore our gut feeling, we reject the prompting of our soul. When we know something will lead to trouble and misery but we do it all the same, we resist the messages from our Higher Self. Guidance often comes in the form of intuition and when we honour it, we go with the flow of the current of life.

  • The Spiritual Law of CLARITY

    When you are totally clear about what you want, everyone picks up your message and responds accordingly. Lack of clarity ties up psychic energy and keeps you in confusion. Clarity frees you to move forward and opens new doors of opportunity. There are two ways to activate the Law of Clarity. If you are feeling ‘lost’ and frustrated and cannot see which way to go - wait patiently and the path will clear for you. Then you will be able to make the correct move. The second is to make a move in any direction. Use your intuition when making your move. It is important that you make a decision to move, regardless of how fearful or difficult it may seem.

    If you choose not to make a decision, then you have already made a decision. The word ‘decision’ comes from the Latin word ‘decedere’, which means ‘to cut off’. A decision cuts off other possibilities. You must then focus on the route you have chosen. The quickest way is to make positive, clear decisions, then implement them. Clarity opens doors to the future. Speak clearly to the Universe about your wants, needs and wishes. Clear thoughts and intentions draw from the Universe that which you require in your life.

    “The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want”. - Ben Stein

  • The Spiritual Law of ABUNDANCE

    Abundance means free-flowing love, happiness, joy, success, prosperity, vitality, generosity, laughter and all the positive things in life. The flow of Abundance is directed towards you, but your beliefs, thoughts, memories and self-worthiness creates barriers to receiving it. It is up to us to remove the beliefs which block our flow of abundance.

    Love is about enjoying all of your relationships. We block our due abundance of love when we close our hearts. Our beliefs and fears about rejection and hurt make us close our hearts. They cause us to either cling onto unhealthy relationships or emotionally withdraw. We stop loving when our mind takes over and we see the imperfection of the other. This forms blocks to the flow of love.

    Success is a state of mind, not a particular achievement. When all of your focus is on reaching a specific goal, nominated as ‘success’, there is a moment of elation at the moment of the achievement – but then you have to set another one and strive again, so success is not about trying to change the flow, which just leads to stress, frustration and loss of self-worth. Abundant success is about flowing along with life, taking advantage of the currents, and enjoying the journey. True success is a sense of inner satisfaction and fulfillment. To really live basked in the flow of abundance one must understand the energetic vibration of ‘give and take’. The more we allow ourselves to receive, the better we feel inside. Then, when feeling full and content within, we are genuinely able to nurture others. When you allow yourself to be nurtured regularly (eg. eating healthful, nourishing meals) you don’t yearn with neediness. When there is a natural ‘in and out’ flow of love, caring and nurturing in our lives, we feel balanced and abundant in all ways.

    However much you may want for the abundance you see, the Universe will not bring it to you until you prove that you are ready to receive and accept it graciously. The Law of Abundance is quite basic. If you want more friends in your life, be friendly towards others. Change your fear-based beliefs that block the abundant flow of friendliness and friendship. If you want more happiness in your life, express and live happiness. This on its own will make you feel happier and will draw the flow of happiness to you. If you want more caring and nurturing in your life, remove the barriers that stop you from receiving and you will send out the right energy, and the people around you will automatically nurture you.

    Material things flow to you when you have an abundance consciousness.

  • The Spiritual Law of INTENTION

    Intentions are much more powerful than wants, wishes or hopes. Intention releases a force that makes things happen. Whatever your aim in life, if you gather the energy and keep your target in sight, the force of the Universe backs your vision. That is the power of intention.

    Intention is taken into consideration when assessing karma. When your intentions are noble and honourable, even if your plan does not come to fruition, you will be rewarded for the purity of your ideals. It is the intention that signals the rightness (or otherwise) of an idea or project. Make sure that your intentions do not come from the ego, but are for the highest good as Universal energy supports the highest good.

    Universal energy supports your intention … it is the basis of manifestations.

  • The Spiritual Law of PROSPERITY

    If you believe that you do not deserve prosperity, then you cannot expect to receive it. We draw from the Universal pool according to our consciousness. You either have a ‘poverty consciousness’ or an ‘abundance consciousness’. Huge fear underlies poverty consciousness. Some people use all of their available energy focusing on ‘lack’.

    Greed is financial indigestion. If you hoard money in a back account without letting it flow freely, you eventually tell the Universe that you do not want or need more, and eventually it will stop sending it to you. If you believe that you are unworthy you will miss opportunities. If you are mean-spirited, rigid-minded and tight-fisted, you will never feel contented or happy for poverty consciousness is an attitude.

    Those who are generous-hearted, open-minded and giving will always be contented and happy. Their attitude of prosperity is to use riches with wisdom.

    Think, speak, act and believe as if you are prosperous, and you will impress the Universe to send you plenty.

  • The Spiritual Law of MANIFESTATION

    You have manifested every single thing that is in your life. Everything in the Universe has an energetic frequency of its own, and it is broadcasting on the etheric level. Your task is to tune-in to the vibrational frequency of the vision you seek. This will access the information you need to draw it into your life. Your constant thoughts send out interference which stops you from fine-tuning to the frequency you need to be able to draw it in. Be certain you know exactly what you want, otherwise you may receive something other than what you wished for.

    Clarity is the key to manifestation. Be still, clear and precise. If you want to attract a friend who is open-hearted, fun-loving and light, then you must develop those desired qualities in yourself.

    The ability to manifest is extremely powerful so it is important that you manifest only for the highest good. As soon as you have clarity, clearly picture what you want. Visualization is an important element. You must have absolute faith that your intention will come to fruition.

    If you have difficulty with gaining clarity, write down exactly what you want. If you want for a partner, write down exactly what qualities you would like them to have … and remember to have those same qualities in return within yourself. If you wish to manifest a car, write down exactly what you need. Picture it, visualize it, then make sure you are sending out the right vibrations that match the vibration of the car. Focus on the higher qualities of that which you are manifesting.

    The steps of manifestation:

    Be still and listen to your guidance.

    Be very clear and exact about what you want.

    Relax and visualize yourself receiving it.

    Align your vibration to what you wish to manifest.

    Have total faith that it is on its way to you.

    Take any necessary action.

    “You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.” - Brian Tracy

  • The Spiritual Law of SUCCESS

    Success comes to us when we get the energy right. Success occurs when our personal or collective vibration resonates with the vibration of the wished-for outcome. Your beliefs create an energy which vibrates around you. Success follows when you believe in yourself. To succeed, clear out the physical, mental and emotional clutter. You cannot succeed if you don’t know where you are going.

    In material terms, ‘success’ means achieving your desired outcome. The easiest way to achieve material success is to use the Law of Attention. Be clear about what you want, have the necessary faith in yourself, then work steadfastly towards that vision.

    For success in love, take notice of your beliefs about love. Those that create success have the self-belief of ‘I am loveable, I respond lovingly to others, I have an open-heart and I give generously of myself.’

    Beliefs that result in business success are ‘I deserve to succeed, I can trust people, I deserve to have good things.’

    In spiritual terms, success means believing in yourself, doing the best you can, and achieving the highest outcome for all. If success arrives on your lap from nowhere, then it is ‘karma’ - the reward for work done in a past life being reaped in this one. Karma has placed you in the right place at the right time, and with the appropriate mindset.

    In order to succeed you must also follow the Law of Flow. If you wish to activate the Law of Success and allow the wheel of fortune to turn for you, let go and keep a positive focus on where you wish to be. Success occurs when your vibration resonates with the vibration of the outcome you desire.

  • Hi Captain,

    Been a while since I spoken to you. I left a new post, hoping that someone will give me some insights on what is to come. But I started to look for your posts, and I find some very valuable information. You are right. I have the answer within me, so I shall seek. Sometimes it is hard, a person like myself who has been though so much, doubts and fears have become part of my life. But I don't want to live like this, I have a son who is wonderful and deserves a positive mom. I now need to work on turning my doubts and fears into confidence and knowing that with a positive mind I can achieve my goals. Thank you for your words they are truly helpful. Hope all is well, take care and have a wonderful day.

  • If you say life is hard, it will be...but if you see and believe it instead as being easy, it will be that way for you.

  • Captain

    Thanks for this posting. So much to think about & incorporate into my new thinking pattern. Just today I caught myself several times & was able to change what I said out loud & in my head. It feels good. Plus its helping me express myself w more confidence.

    Do you think when relationships go awry that it is a combination of both people's negative thoughts or can one person's negative thoughts out way another's positive thoughts? I'd like to think positive energy wins out but it seems negative energy has more clout in weighing us down.

    Blessed Be

  • Thank you Captain I completely enjoy reading your enlightening posts I WISH THE ENTIRE WORLD COULD READ IT....APPRECIATE IT,,,,, AND USE IT AS A GUIDE TO MAKE OUR WORLD A BETTER PLACE..

  • Amused59, I think positive energy always trumps negative energy. If someone around you is being miserable, you just have to try harder to be more positive and do things that make you feel good so they don't pull you down with them. Eventually your good vibes will have a beenficial effect on them. But you mustn't feel responsible for their feeling bad - everyone has the choice of being positive or negative, and adults must be allowed to make their own decisions, even if they are bad ones that bring them grief. We humans tend to learn the most from negative situations.

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