My B-Day What do you see?

  • Hi everyone,

    My birthday is this week, July 7, 1965. I was born in NYC at 1:05 pm. I know there are many gifted people here and I was wondering if I can get a reading. What do you see for me coming my way. Can you tell me something about my love life, career, health. I know that all of you are very busy but if you can tell me anything I would really appreciate it. Thank for stopping by. Have all a great week.


  • You must forget about what is to come and concentrate on what is, the present moment - because if you heal any present issues, a successful future is assured.

    Do you feel drawn to work in the health industry or have you ever thought to teach kids with learning disabilities? Because I sense in you a need to take care of people and an empathy for humanity that will keep coming to the fore this year in order to be satisfied. You tend to find your security in work and it makes you feel needed. But you must make sure you don't become a slave to it instead of serving gladly. Selling, writing, teaching, invention, and communicating in all forms can also bring you happiness as well as material success in 2012 and onwards. Money is one of the central themes of your life path and certainly it will be so in 2012. Many people with your profile are self-made millionaires and humanitarians, having had the confidence in their own ideas and abilities to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Your original clever mind must be crammed with good ideas that you can put into practice to make money if you just believe in yourself more.

    Also, devote more time to just having fun and kicking back this year. This devotion to work affects your love life because your subconscious feels that part of you must always remain single, in service. You will have to work through a need to be indispensable if you want to have room in your life for a partner. Because work is so important to you, you must find a self-sufficient partner who understands your dedication to your career from the outset. By now, you should have worked past most of the power struggles, the dependence/independence issues, and the control problems that blighted most of your past relationships. You still have some emotional over-sensitivity and self-doubt to deal with, however. But your blend of a powerful versatile mind and wit, plus your curiosity and strong drive for success, can lead you to connect with friends and lovers on many levels.

    You usually have a strong constitution, but watch that you don't spread yourself too thin with scattered ambitions or get distracted from your goals as there is a possibility of burnout, accidents or self-sabotage if you are not careful. Focus your energy and balance hard work with plenty of rest. Self-sabotage can be avoided by committing yourself to working for a meaningful higher purpose rather than just for the money or security. Watch what you eat too - a balanced, low-fat, mainly vegetarian diet and everything in moderation - will optimize your health . Exercise too, especially of the kind that brings you a sense of personal power such as weight training, martial arts, or individual sports, is good for your self-esteem and confidence.

    Basically you have inside you all the tools you need to succeed. All you need is self-belief.

  • HI Captain, I went to the movies with my son and my mom and before the movie started we ate lunch. As I was sitting I started to look at my surroundings and I felt joy, but most of all I felt advancement, something new was coming my way. It was a great feeling because I felt that everything was going to be alright. As I was reading your posts on the 'laws of attraction' I realize that I do have the answer and everything I need to achieve my goals. Your posts are really an inspiration. On your reading what I wanted to study was to be a travel agent, I do like computers and I love to create, invent could be in cooking or crafting. There was always a part of me that wanted to help and that is why I entered the national guard. It was great being part of something. During that time not only did I go to the Gulf War but I also worked with the police it was a great experience being in the service. I know I will find myself again....just need to look within

  • That's the spirit! Once you have the intention to do well for yourself and think positive, the universe will support you by giving you the good things you believe you deserve.

    Yes new things are coming to all of us this year.

  • Hi Captain

    I am trying.Keeping myself positive and getting to know myself. It is hard but I don't want the negativity to win. Lots of work but I know I will get to my ultimate goal.

  • Don't think of your goals as hard to achieve or off in the distant future. That is negative thinking. Instead believe your goals are ready to be fulfilled NOW and that the process will be a simple and easy one.

  • That does make sense. I will keep that in mind. Like the army says " be all you can be". You can achieve whatever you want all you need is the desire....Have a wonderful day,.,,here is beautiful,,,sunny, just a tad humid...

  • Hi Captain,

    Just stopping by...hope you are doing fine. Thanks for all the info. you gave me.

    Chat soon.

  • I am very well - how you doin', Cee?

  • doing much better theses days. My depression comes and goes but I am doing well these days. I have been wanting to go to school but I can't, at least not until I get my student loans paid or out of default. Not very happy. But I won't lose hope.

  • I feel like you are very close to finding your pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Hang in there!!!

  • HI, Captain,

    It would be great if a door would open. You know how much I have been though. I try to remain positive and just recently since I posted this, it got posted twice, Shuabby left me a message,, she says she sees me moving, california maybe, and I get to know my future half and she sees a daughter. Isn't that wonderful. Lovely. Anyway she told me also that she sees me in a building walking alot and asked if I was in the medical field or if I was training. Funny but medical field is not of my interest, only forensics and not sure if that is medical. Maybe science. I do want to go to school not only for my development but also to show my son if I can he can, I want to show an example. Did you by any chance tell me the same thing, that you see me in the medical field? I sent you an email but it was returned...think you got your inbox full of messages, send you another one. Take care.

  • Remember on the previous page I asked you "Do you feel drawn to work in the health industry or have you ever thought to teach kids with learning disabilities? Because I sense in you a need to take care of people and an empathy for humanity that will keep coming to the fore this year in order to be satisfied." That is the sort of thing I feel for you, health related but not strictly in the medical profession.

  • One thing that I feel is that you are waiting for things to happen or for someone to help you out rather than really making them happen yourself. I feel your spirit is acting very passively at the moment as if it all feels too hard to get out and do something. I can truly understand how life in the military has made it hard for you to get motivated to do things on your own. But I am seeing that it will take a very sharp change in your life to get things moving. I 'see' you and your son walking along a road that suddenly curves off abruptly to the way you are currently headed - I interpret that as the universe telling you that you need to act decisively and dramatically. You have to take a big chance and make a big decision. Like embarking on a move or a course of study, maybe something you have always wanted to do but have never had the courage before. The universe is telling you it supports big bold ideas and changes for you but you have to take the first step yourself. Once you 'launch' yourself off the cliff, spirit will catch you. To just keep passively walking along the same old road will not work. It will take a big leap of faith but you need to do this. Don't wait for signs or for someone to make your life change - take charge and do it yourself. Isn't anything better than just coasting along in a neutral 'nothing really bad happening but also nothing really good" way? Time to put your foot down on the pedal!

  • You are so right. I have been so confused and for so long I haven't thought about myself. Now when I really know that I need to do something, I'm at a crossroad. I can feel it. Wrong turn or no turn and I will be like this for the rest of my life. I wanted to go to California, something is drawing me there. I don't know anyone there and then again I am not afraid to launch myself towards the west coast. I feel happiness. Sometimes I get these visions, which I don't know how I get them, and what I see if light, sun maybe,. the weather is great, like spring. When I was told that I was going to move towards a place where the weather is great, sun, I said to myself well mayber these visions are real. I get them not knowing how,. and then I don't trust what I see. I mean what if these visions are my desires. Since I was told a change, then I said well, I need to trust in what I see. I want to go to school so bad. I have this urge to learn to have the full experience of going to a classroom. But I am having trouble with financial help. I always wanted to help, that is why I entered the military when younger. There is a urge to help people. I just wish that I knew where I need to head so I can achieve it. I know that I need to look within myself in order to find the answer. I should probably meditate or something. Then I really want to move from here. Central New York is not somewhere I want to be. Winter, I need a plan.

    Have a good one.

  • When I looked at your life as a big jigsaw puzzle, I saw there were two pieces missing. They were not people but objects that, once replaced, will complete you. I saw a metallic nut (the sort that holds a machine together) so I took that to represent 'faith'. And also I saw a book which along with what you feel, I believe represents 'study' or 'school'.

    Don't worry about your finances - spirit will support you once you make your move. Behave as if there is nothing to hold you back. Pack a suitcase and study travel timetables and information about the area you wish to move to. Or look for classes you wish to attend. When you have a determination to achieve something, spirit will provide the emans.

  • You know I have been thinking about starting small steps when it comes to my studies. Remember I told you I wanted to study travel agent, well that is something I can do at home and don't need alot of money. I can pay it slowly and the course is less than $700.00. I thought that I needed to start somewhere and that anything else will follow. I do want to move to California but I need an income, good one. I wanted to leave by summer 2013. Positive thinking. I will keep that in mind. I have been looking at areas in CA and classes too. You mention spirit...did I ever tell you that someone had told me I had a spirit with me, male, native american.

  • Yes, one of your guides is a Native American, very wise.

    Regarding the travel agency idea, would you have to travel a lot for the job and would you be able to leave your son if you have to go away? Still the studying at home is a good idea.

  • As a travel Agent I can worked in any agency that sells tickets, airport or work at home. I always like this get to travel at a low cost and my family and friends can get discounts too. This to me would be a great start. I still want to go to college. Being a travel agent has its perks, and of course it also has it's down side. Getting clients would be a bit of a challenge because with our new technology people can buy there airplane tickets on the internet. However, I do have a idea on how to attract customers.

    I do talk to my guide. One night as I was talking to him, I said I wanted to meet him, in a dream, or to appear to me. Since I can feel spirits around me all the time I thought I was able to see him. Three days later, I dreamt of a Native American, early 30's and was with a boy, native american also. He didn't say anything and my dream was very short. I do talk with him and tell me to guide me. I just wish I could see him and talk to him. Another night while I was sleeping something woke me up, my eyes were still close and I felt a presence in my room. It was standing close to me and had something in its hand and I felt a movement, it was moving it's hand in a up and down motion over my body, I felt like it was cleansing me. I just layed still and I fell asleep.

  • I feel a little fear of the unknown is blocking you from having awake and direct contact with your guides.

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