My B-Day What do you see?

  • And I don't feel the travel work will be your true career, but it would help bring back your confidence and pay the bills.

  • Fear....don't know might be. I do want to learn more. I am not afraid of the spirits I feel. But who knows about what would happen if I see my guide. How do I work on this fear.

    I believe that the travel wont be my career either ...just something that will help me get starter until I find what I really want. You see I always wanted to get married never thought much about a career, now being a single mom and not having finish my career I find that I am lost, I like to many things but none that I find the love to study and have as my career. My love and what I always wanted was to get married. Love is important to me. Since I am not lucky in that department either I find myself searching for what to study in order to get my career started. I can hear the tic tic tic tic in my head and it is very stressful not knowing what to do. I have a son to think about ...who starts 7th grade now in the fall. Years go by fast and soon I have to be thinking about him and his college tuition.

  • I think deep down you have a superstitious dread of the dark side of the spirit world, perhaps instilled in childhood by fairy tales and ghost stories like the rest of us. Hollywood also has a lot to answer for with its scary movies about demons, possession, exorcism, vampires, etc. It generates a deep primitive fear in all of us. But spirit can protect anyone who seeks the truth and the light. Trust your guides to look after you and always ask to be surrounded by white light when you attempt to communicate with the other side. Grounding yourself with your feet touching the earth also helps.

  • In my culture, back in Puerto Rico, a lot of people believe in spirits and white magic. I grew up with a family that most were gifted. Ghosts stories were just one of the many topics. I guess being a child that can be pretty impressive. I always knew that we are surrounded by ghosts. That is my moms side my fathers side they go to church a lot. I read the bible and by what I am reading and understanding the topics mention here in this site are a no-no. In my family I was the one that I thought was not gifted at all, I never believe that I was capable to even feel ghosts around. I believe in God and now that you have mention that you see fear and that maybe that is why I don't feel, see or hear my guides, I realize that maybe that fear you see is that, of not being accepted by God. I always said that if I have this gift of feeling ghosts around me is God's work, but what if. I am so afraid to sin that just fearing is a sin in itself. I pray to God alot that if I have a gift it is because of Him, and I accept it. Wow, I never saw that one coming, fear, I guess I fear alot. I think that I need to face my fears. I ask always for protection for myself and for my son. Yes superstition might be, as my family had a lot to do with it. Spirit world vs truth and light......hey there is a topic for you.

  • Cee, did you get my email about the "Coming Home, Moving Forward" campaign in your country?

  • Hi...

    Yes I did I have been having trouble logging in Yahoo. So I didn't get there until today. It's amazing how you knew this. I didn't know any of this. I went to the site but I haven't been able to see it throughly.

  • This woman who runs the site began following me on Twitter for some reason, I guess because I was tweeting about this issue. I think it's an example of how civilians' awareness is changing regarding the ex-military, how the people are beginning to recognize the social and economic problems that even those who saw no combat suffer from after being institutionalized for many years.

    Also I heard actors Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise, two acclaimed actors who have dedicated themselves to veteran’s causes and supporting the troops in active service, have begun a campaign to help ex-soldiers get jobs. You might want to look into that one. I myself am going to try and get some Aussie celebrities to promote the cause of our troops here, since the politicians or newspapers don't want to listen to an 'unknown' like me.

  • Hey Captain,

    I have to tell you how happy I am to know a person like you. Thank you for your support on this issue.

    I will like to help too, but I feel that I need to get on my feet in order to help. At this moment in my life I need to find myself first.

  • I so want to move from here and start a new chapter in my life with my son. I feel trapped. But I have hope and light. Shuabby told me lots of stuff, she was very specific about a lot of things and this gives me much happiness. But as soon as I can I want to do something, meanful, like when I was in the military. I know that I am doing something meanful, raising my son, but I want more in life now. He is growing to fast, and I want to see more, I want freedom. I guess that is why I want to take travel agency first, then I will see where that will take me.


    Have a good one

  • Did you get the websites I emailed you? I don't know, maybe they could help you with jobs and study?

  • You know Cee if you want to study but also need to support yourself, there are at-home jobs for typists that you could do. After a little internet searching, I found that good typists are in great demand like never before, even though the typewriter days may have gone down in ancient history the way of the dinosaurs. This sort of work suits people who prefer typing at home, rather doing the same work at an office.

    You would probably be surprised by how many people are writing books or lengthy manuscripts. Professors and experts are all expected to write books, some text books, some non-fiction works in their subject. Many of these people live very busy lives and may be writing by hand between their other responsibilities, making them a great source of potential business. All you need is a computer with word processing software.

    So here's a few home typist jobs that may be a good temporary match for you, just to get you back on your feet and headed towards your goals -


    One of the most sought after typing jobs by companies is transcribing audio into the printed materials. For example, many internet marketers create audio based products to sell that require home typists to transcribe their dialogue or monologue into the printed word. Also internet marketers often participate in audio interviews that need to be transcribed into text format. Some internet marketers may even need the home typist to perform editorial work so that the transcription can be marketed to customers as an ebook.

    Data Entry

    Another kind of typing job from home actually requires data entry. This is another area where home typists are in great demand. A lot of companies out there need the information to be typed into their databases as quickly as possible. The are different types of data entry jobs on offer and they will vary according to the nature of the business that requires data entry work from home.

    Advertise yourself by posting flyers at colleges. There are generally bulletin boards all over college campuses, and there is no place where there will be more people looking for typists. Grad students have to write their thesis, which is basically a manuscript, and that's where you'll find all of those professors who are writing books.

    Also advertise yourself online. There are websites that are dedicated to connecting freelancers with people who need their services. At Elance, there are numerous projects that freelancers can bid on, including typing and editing manuscripts. Visit for a variety of clerical and data entry jobs. If you can't find any locally, you might be able to branch out and find some work online.

    If you look, you can get legitimate work from home jobs online. Do not fall for any scams. You should not have to pay a penny to find legitimate work at home jobs.

  • Hi Captain

    Thanks for the info. I have previously been searching for typing online. I am scared because I don't know how are the real ones. Who too trust. How much information of me can I give with these companies. But I keep on searching.

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