My B-Day What do you see?

  • Hi everyone,

    My birthday is this week, July 7, 1965. I was born in NYC at 1:05 pm. I know there are many gifted people here and I was wondering if I can get a reading. What do you see for me coming my way. Can you tell me something about my love life, career, health. I know that all of you are very busy but if you can tell me anything I would really appreciate it. Thank for stopping by. Have all a great week.


  • CeesLight

    I feel like you stand at a crossroads in your life and wonder which direction to take. If you want to move out of state it will be where the sun shines bright and I see trees and mountains here. This will take you awhile to achive in planning. First you must get a job in the location and so on. You are strong enough to do this and will in this new BDay year.

    I do not feel a love interest in your life and I feel you read alot , out of the books and into the future for you dearheart. You will find the love of your life after the move out of state. I feel that you will be walking alot in your job environment as it will be a big bld , do you have medical experience in some way? Are you in training?

    I see a garden and flowers for you in this new location and nice apt to start with that has white stone around winding stairs that lead to the apt . You will not be there long until you move again into a house or duplex in which you will really like. I see the name of Dear around you so look for it to show up in your daily life as a good sign.

    John and Hennritta come in as new people that are helpful and fun for you to meet in the near future. I see a blk dog , male that will be with you for a very long time too.

    Happy Birthday,


  • Hi Shuabby, how are you doing?

    You are so right. I am at a crossroads, wondering where to turn...tick,tick, tick....that is what I hear. I do want to move out of state, California comes to mind. I love the sun, but looking for something that has no humidity.I am not in school but I was going to take travel agency, computers too. Funny someone here told me if I was interested in the medical field. I have never worked in the medical area, nor am I trained but I do want to go to school. I am just hoping that the veterans will help me. I don't have any one in my life, love life. There was one person but it didn't worked out. Still trying to move on and forget him. When you say you see the name of Dear, I know what it means in a letter, but does it have any other meaning other than a term of endearment. I am a fast typer. My friends have told me to study medical transciptionist or medical billing. I do love to type find it very soothing, relaxing. I have been wanting a pet, my son has been asking for a cat. I think having a black dog, his favorite color, he will enjoy. Always thought that once moving and settling in another place I would have gotten a pet. I want to thank you for leaving this reading, I have been though a lot and now at this time of my life, when turning 47, I find myself lost. I have been raising my son on my own, and staying at home. Now he is 12, and I know and feel that it is time to change and move from here. I live in Syracuse, New York and though it is an ok place to live, and raise kids there is nothing here to entertain us. I want to move to a place that has no humidity, sun and nice cool weather most of the year. I love spring, it perks me up and that is why I decided to move and I thought about California., northern part. I will keep my eyes open for the Dear sign. Do you see anything else, I am a war veteran and I am trying to have my claim be accepted and it has been denied twice. You gave me lots of information, very specific. Thanks. Maybe if you can tell me why I have ghosts close to me, I don't hear voices nor do I see them clearly just shadows and when they want too. I feel them so crisp, every movement they make even when they move there heads to watch me. I feel a lot of this movement in my bedroom when sitting in my bed. I have told them to move on and go to the light or if they have something to tell me, but nothing.

    Sorry for so many questions, but I have been though so much in my life and so many things have happen to me I have many questions unanswered. Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Ceeslight,

    The Dear could be in a street sign like Dearborn.

    I hope also in the near future that you have someone that you will hold dear to your heart.

    Yes, CA would be a good place for you to be, I will share with you that the cost of living is high there in areas.

    The ghosts that are in your bedroom I feel are imprinted with the building you are in , feels like 2 females and 1 male , no harm will they do and in a way they are curious about you because they know you are empathic to them, yet they will remain silent , they are not ready to go into the light yet, feels like they see this dwelling as their home and wonder about the person (you) living there in it.

    Typing is such a good skill to have and will get you in the door of many business'es . Medical transcription is good paying, so you really might think of it as a potential job.

    I feel you have been afraid of trying to stand on your own for awhile but now you are stronger in your core and ready to take on the world so to speak.

    Spirit is urging me to tell you that you have many good things coming to you and I see a daughter , may be a step daughter coming into your life she will have light curly hair and she sings and laughs (so happy) this child. A joy for you to have in your life, along with her father.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    I will keep my eyes open for the name Dear. It has been tough being alone as that is what I always wanted to do get married but never found that someone. I also wanted more children a girl just to complete the set as for the father it would be great to share my life with someone and someone that can share with my son. I know he needs a father, his biological father is not around nor does he want to my son does not know him. My son is slightly autistic and I raise him on my own. I have done research on CA and yes it is expensive. There is something about CA something that draws to it. Because I been caring and raising my son on my own, he started school when he was 2, has a speech empairment, then when he was 4 he was diasgnosed with Autistism, lightly. He is a great kid but I know he needs a father. I always prayed that God would send me someone good, to help me raise him. As for the ghosts, I have seen a white shadow, female and someone with short feet, maybe a child boy just the other night when sleeping I felt someone say in my ear, "mommy", a boys voice. I was told once that I had a ex-boyfriend who had died when he about 22. We had been together for 5 months, and 4 year later he died. Well I was told he is with me, and he did things to harm me in many ways. Sudden outbursts, or he would stand next to me and say things like "you are fat, which I wasn't but I felt I did, or he would say, I was stupid...and yes I did believe it. I have prayed for him to move on and look for the light. I was angry with him for doing this but now I am not,..I know he was a good man when alive and all I want is for him to move on to the light. He also made it difficult for me to have a love life. He would do things to separate us. I will be 47 and I have never been married. I was told I had a gift, do you think I do and that it will develop more. It would be great to help people. Because I was so dedicated to my son, I didn't take time out to study and finish school and now I want to make that change. But I was so confused about what to study, I am trying for follow my heart. Hope I find my way to where I need to be and where I want to be. Thank you for your words and tell your spirit, thanks too. Your words bring a smile in my face...thank you

  • Ceeslight,

    When a spirit becomes a bother in a negetive way such as your decrease boyfriend did if I am reading this correct, than you need to sage your environment and sea salt your doorways and corners to keep them at bay, sometimes you need the assistance of a good medium to come in and talk with them.

    Don't let the past prevent your future. We learn from people good and bad. You now know you are a very worthy person and good Mother, smart and skilled enough to go out there and out type them all. lol

    You may have mediumship if you can see, feel and hear spirit. You need to find a good spiritual church and take some classes to develop this gift if you choose to do so.

    Have a great Birthday in some way it will be a grand day.


  • Shuabby

    About 2 years ago, I was in my room sitting on my bed watching TV, across from my bed is the door which leads to a hallway. I started to hear footsteps, I have carpets but when I walk thoughout my apt. there maybe some creaking noises coming from the floorboards. I started to hear someone walking, thought it might have been my neighbor but wasn't. until I heard it come into my room walk around my bed and sit right next to me. I felt the bed move and then I felt it sit so close to me it felt weird. My skin was feeling weird at this moment, because I felt it touch my arm, it's essence was really close to my skin. For some reason I felt it laugh at the whole situation. Now I have felt it before, the sitting on the bed or laying close to me like a couple would do but this time I was hearing it too crisp, if you know what I mean. I mean, one day for example I was laying down, with my eyes close and I felt it sitting at the head of the bed next to me, I moved and I felt its head move looking toward me. I can feel it when it approaches me moving it's body toward me very close, I can feel its face very close to mine. When I was 18 I started to feel this movement on my bed, or when I would lay on my side it would lay behind me and put its arm around me. Scared or yes, it felt weird. Thoughout the years I felt it more the feeling that someone was there watching me. But now wow. I am not scared no more, I feel like there is a open house at night, even my mom whom is visiting me can feel it. She has even felt something touch her while asleep. I have cleansed my apt. with sage, pray and prayed some more. Now I do feel better but before was really creepy. It's like some years ago when I would leave my room I have to pass my sons' room to go to the living area, this time as I was passing by his lights in his room were off and door open, I saw a white drop falling from the ceiling. Now I have seen this many times before but this time I went in and touched the ceiling to see if it was wet, it wasn't. This white drop is falling right the entrance from inside his room. I left it at that then one day my son came into my room and told "mommy I see a white drop fall from the ceiling" I got up and we both saw it again. He was around 4 or 5. Now I feel like they are hear to watch over me, when I go to bed I feel something at the edge of my bed sit, with it's legs crossed and moving it's leg. Like I said it doesn't scare me anymore if they come in peace than I am alright with it. I don't know about any spiritual church, but I will look into that and see if there is one.

    Thank you for your wishes I will make it the best since this I will spend it not only with my son but with my have a wonderful weekend.

  • Ceeslight

    I think you are very brave and even tempered to put up with the spirit that comes to your bedside and than the one that you feel in bed beside you. I myself lived in a haunted apt and I knew it was the first week I lived there because when I went into the computer room which was a second bedroom, I felt like someone was watching me and could feel a presense. The next night I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night in my master bedroom and the closet door was wide open, so I knew than that we had a visitor. When I would go into that closet as it was a big one I always left the door open and it would close on it own completely.

    I got mad when our bed was shaken in the middle of the night and I was woke up. That is when I saged and used sea salt and it did help. The bld was imprinted I am sure it was. You do have your own power and can tell them off if you feel like it. I would not want any spirit in bed with me as I like my own private space to be respected.

    Good Luck to you dear and I know that you will be stepping out and into a much better space and life soon.


  • Hi Shuabby,,

    For some reason I am not scared but I know what you mean. When this happen, 2 years ago when I felt it so crisp, I was scared, invaded and since I knew that they are around it made me aware of when I was undressing or doing my private issues in the girls room. I guess I got used to them around me and since I am not scared anymore and I know they come in peace I let them come in. But you do have a point, there has to some rules. I don't like it when they wake me up, or poke me and I have told them. When I am asleep don't wake me up just for fun or whatever the reason they have. . I pray every night for my family and friends and for my son and myself. Protection. Deep down I know that God is with me and that he will always be, as He always was, protecting me. I did use the sage, wow that stinks, and sea salt. I even had a cleansing down by a friend who is has a mystical shop. With candles and incense. I do feel something coming change, and it feels good. Shuabby do my finances get better, because now I hate having a phone call because I am afraid of getting some creditor calling me. Lets just say that I don't pick up if I don't know the number. Thank you for your words. It nice talking to you. Have a wonderful weekend and keep yourself cool. Here in NY is very humid and hot.


  • HI Shuabby, Good morning

    I am hoping that you read this message. I need your help. Some weeks ago, my grandmother, who lives in Puerto Rico, was robbed. My brother was going to pick her up to take her to his apartment because his wife had a baby and my grandmother wanted to see the baby. After he left my grandmother at his apartment he left but came back to his home. When my grandmother went back to her home she notice that the money she had left in her room was stolen, close to $2000 were taken. She says that it was my brother but he says no.She doesn't want to take this to court but still she told the police and there are detectives who had gone to my brothers job and even looking for him at his work. I don't believe he did it. It is not the first time that money is stolen from her. I feel that it is the same person who comes and steals. Oddly enough, the last time they stole from her, her other daughter, my aunt, went on a trip to New York. This time she went on a trip, two, one from the school she works at and went to Disney in Florida, and now she is in New York City. Can you help me? Can you see anything as to whom did this and how I can help my son. Is there anything you can tell me? My grandmother is very upset, and my mother too since it is her son. Please help.

    Have a wonderful day

  • CeesLight

    I do feel a male presense in the theft. Does the grandmother leave her dwelling uplocked? If so than who knows that she does and of the money that she had? Does anyone have a key to her dwelling besides her? These questions need to be answered to slove the problem. When the money was taken, did it look like anything else was disturbed like ram sacked, as I don't feel like that happened.

    I hope this is of help to you.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    That day someone left a door open. I have a feeling that it was someone close. And yes she does leave money in her room. My mom, who is with me now, has a key, and her sister had a key, her daughter, my cousin has a key but that day she was working. My mom sister has taken money from my grandmother before. The door open was left open by my moms sister. Nothing was disturbed, I think they might have gotten in by this door that was left opened. I have a cousing who lives near by who is known for robbing. Also my grandmother has rooms and a house in her property which she rents. I don't believe it was my brother, and I hope it isn't. Thanks for the input.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    I was thinking about what you said about seeing me in walking alot in a big building, something to do in the medical field. I do want to go to school. I have been looking in to it to study online. There is only one area in the medical field that I find interesting and that is Forensics, working in a lab. By any chance is that what you see me in?

    How have you been doing? Have a great week.

  • Hi

    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for all the information you gave. Take care


  • Ok so it is 2014 and I realized that the word "dear" which is something I am suppose to look for well, I live at bear rd. currently. Been here for 14 years.

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