Would like to ask for a reading in general?

  • I would really appreciate it if anyone could to do a general reading for me? I'm very interested in what might be coming my way for the rest of 2012. My birthday is Aug. 23, 1960 (6:05 am). And just in case anyone wants to do a love reading, my s/o is Jan. 15, 1960 (12:30 am). Many thanks, I really appreciate any and all input! Blessings! 🙂

  • Would you like me to do a reading for you? Just a heads up I don't sugarcoat my messages so I always ask for permission and your question. If you want to just leave me those I'll do a reading on whatever question you asked, just remember to give me your permission to cast your cards. Thanks.


  • Hi, Serah,

    Thank you for your offer...I would love a reading! Hmm...my question. How about my love life? What do you see for my boyfriend and I (or for me) in the romance/relationship dept.?

  • Alright. I'll do a relationship/love reading for you. I'll post it as soon as I can. Most likely in a few days because I have a few other readings scheduled before yours. Thanks.


  • Dear DisirnottTarot: I happened to see this post and wondered if you would be good enough to do a reading for me. My bd is 5 13 54 my friend is 8 22 53. We have reconnected the past couple of yrs. Life has taken us seperate ways. He will be comin back here and we have talked of living together. There are issues with my daughter she is 6 10 85. I would be curious to know what you see, I eel in my heart there is a good chance for my friend and I. Thank you so much for your time)0(

  • Not a problem, Serah...thank you so much for your time! 🙂

  • MaBelleAmie,

    Because of the high number of readings I currently have I am unable to accept your request at this time. I usually come back on the forum when I have some free time to offer gratis readings. If you wish to receive a reading from me now I suggest checking out my website as I offer very detailed and helpful messages from the guides. Thank you for your understanding.



  • Serah, I went to your website, and you have a beautiful site. I truly do appreciate you and your guides doing a reading for me, and look forward to it. 🙂

  • Darkness_Angel,

    Thanks for your wonderful compliment. And don't worry I have your reading scheduled just give me a few more days. Thanks. 🙂


  • Hi Serah, not a problem. 🙂

  • Darkness_Angel,

    10-Card Reading : Love

    4 of Swords : 6 of Pentacles : Page of Swords : XI Justice : X Wheel Reversed

    3 of Cups Reversed : Queen of Swords Reversed : XVI Tower : Page of Cups Reversed : King of Pentacles

    We want to speak to you about your boyfriend, which is a good thing because you asked about him too. He has some kinks to work out and there are some things we would like to bring up in this message in order to enlighten you so you can take this information to make the best decisions for yourself. He can be trouble and we mean that because he can be a bad influence. Not a terrible influence but bad enough that you might be persuaded to do things against your better judgment. And when we say your better judgment we mean that you might allow him to sway you in things that you should make up your own mind about. It is one thing following someone you love and it is another thing when they have too much influence on you. And you have to find the balance between following him and following your own heart. Following him will be fine in some cases, other times you will put your own wants aside to follow him even knowing when you are forcing yourself to follow him and that’s not good. You must know the difference of following him when it’s okay and forcing yourself to follow him. Remember not to lose yourself to him in the relationship. A relationship is about meeting halfway in the middle, not meeting one person on their end. We also want to tell you in the course of this message that is okay to follow yourself, regardless in the end of whether he likes it or not, you are your own person and therefore you are #1 to yourself. Follow your heart because in the end, whether you think the decisions are serious or not, it is still your life and you still have to live with yourself in the end. Never diminish your own star so another can shine brighter. Make your own star shine the brightest and others will benefit from it.

    We wish to speak to you about fairness; fairness with yourself and fairness with others. We wish to speak more about fairness with your self though the latter is also important. You must be fair with yourself inside any relationship. Be honest with yourself. Be firm in your own decision. Stand proud of what you like and want to do because that is what brings YOU into the relationship with another. They aren’t dating you to be with your representative (or at least shouldn’t be) they are with you because they must love you for you. And we are speaking in general with these phrases. There is a difference between being fully your self in a relationship and only allowing some parts of you to shine through. At some point you just have to stop caring what others think of you because you are who you are. So be fair to yourself and give yourself 100%. You should allow your self to have just as much of a say in things as anyone else. So don’t hesitate; if anyone thinks differently about this then it will be up to you to decide whether that is something you want to live with or not. But for the course of this message we want you to always follow your heart and be fair to yourself because that is the most important expression of self love that you can show. This message is also about balancing fairness with others, and when we say that we mean, to be on fair grounds with them. Do not place anyone higher or lower, nearer or further in your wants & needs. You are always #1 to yourself but make sure that you balance out their fairness to you and your fairness to them. Always be on equal grounds with others.

    We want to talk about being a strong firm person with others. About standing up for what you believe in, inside and outside of a relationship. Of course doing this inside of a relationship can be very crucial because it sets you on equal grounds with the other person, who should be a strong firm person in their own right. It’s about meeting each other halfway but also being your selves. You have to find that middle ground with each other. You are doing well in this aspect but you have to keep it in mind because sometimes you can be on the cusp of not doing this and you should never hesitate with this but always be yourself. We are telling you this because we want you to be who you truly are and be proud of it. So are you…proud of it? You are doing well but you must watch your hesitations. Some hesitations are founded, other are not, we are speaking to the unfounded hesitations which make you question who you really are.

    We want to speak to you about fairness again; fairness inside a relationship and outside one. When we say “outside” we mean seeing a significant other not only as someone to love but as a friend. We want you to be fair across the board with yourself inside and outside this relationship. Sometimes it’s easier to be “outside” a relationship because too many emotions can make you second guess yourself. A little distance can be okay if there is some imbalance. Now are we saying there is some imbalance in your relationship? Sometimes there can be but that is why we are speaking to you about this so you are aware and can change it if you want but it is up to you. If you like the way it is than stay in it but never give up who you truly are and part of that is being fair to yourself and allowing you to be who your truly are. Sometimes you can be unfair to yourself and put others over you, do not do this. We aren’t speaking of selflessness we are speaking of giving up your say in the matters at hand. You have just as much say as another, you just have to make sure you say it. When in doubt make a decision from the place of calmness because that is the emotion which is the closest to your true wants and needs.

    We want to speak to you about destiny; what is and what is not. Some things are meant to be, some things are not. Now DO NOT jump to the conclusion that we are speaking about this relationship, we are just speaking about some things that you believe are meant to happen and some that are not. We want to say to keep your options open. Sometimes you believe one thing will happen and when it doesn’t you can be blind sided, disappointed, or unsure as to how to handle it. So keep your options open in this relationship because multiple things can happen. There are different paths this relationship can go down, multiple ways things can happen so be open minded so you can better deal with or enjoy the things that do happen.

    We want to speak with you about balancing friends and a relationship. Sometimes it can be hard because each group wants their own things. Sometimes you can be stuck in the middle so it’s about balance. When you should be neutral versus when you should make up your mind with one over the other. This is about figuring things out for your self and making the right decision. When in doubt go with your heart. What does your heart say? When you are confused it is usually your gut feeling that is trying to point you in the right direction. And remember when in between a rock and a hard place you don’t have to choose. It’s about knowing what is right and what is best in between friends and your relationship. Is it a learning experience? It can be if you are unsure but when in doubt always follow your heart. And be strong, it can be difficult when emotions are involved, especially when you love your friends and love your significant other. When you are emotionally strong you allow confident thoughts to automatically come flooding to you. So when you need to make a tough decision use your emotional strength to build you up so your mind will have an easier time thinking confidently; because confidence is key to making good decisions.

    We want to speak to you about jealously. Jealously inside and outside the relationship. Jealously doesn't lead to very good ends so keep an eye on it.

    We want to talk to you about handling catastrophe. Now we aren't saying something is going to happen we are speaking about just handling trouble when it arises. And how you handle trouble can be the true test of any relationship. So when you are down and out and trouble occurs and you aren't sure what to do you follow the calmest part of yourself because that is usually us trying to tell you something. Find that calmest part of yourself and speak to it because through that we will be giving you reason and advice. In the face of a "storm" we suggest mentally & emotionally withdrawing to that calm logical place of thought, finding reason, truth, & advice, and then going back out to that storm. This is common sense advice but we wouldn't be bringing this up if it wasn't important and didn't benefit you immensely. Build that emotional foundation in yourself strong so you can retreat to it in order to figure out the next best moves before you head back into dealing with trouble. It is amazing how the right steps can be the difference between a salvageable "bump in the road" and a emotionally terrible ending. So always keep this in mind. When in doubt retreat into calmness, create a strategy, and then act. We want you to be an emotional wall, so when the waves crash against you, you are unmoved; while the other part of you is creating a plan to get out of the storm by pulling information from the logical calm part of you. That is the best way to handle any trouble ahead.

    We want to bring up those instances when you are emotionally closed off and we aren't talking about the necessary times. Being emotionally closed off can have its advantages because you feel less in times of trouble so you can deal with things better. The problem with this is if you are too closed off you won't actually be learning anything during these times. We don't want to say this to make you feel uncomfortable with having to learn lessons but the point of life is to emotionally grow and challenge yourself. Learning through tough times in a relationship, or in any relationship, can be the best times to emotionally grow. That is why we want you to open a little bit more during these times where you unnecessarily walling yourself up. Now we don't want to confuse you with the paragraph above which is talking about becoming a wall. Those are the really tough cases when you need to be an emotionally strong person ("wall") in order to deal with things. We just want you to be resilient on the outside while you are calm on the inside. This paragraph is about being emotionally closed off to things that you need to deal with but don't want to because it can be difficult. It's easy to stick your feet in the mud when you have to go through emotionally uncomfortable situations but if you don't challenge yourself along the way you'll never grow and learn through them. And we'll tell you a secret, until you learn to grow in them they are going to keep happening and you are going to keep being uncomfortable until you learn how to deal with them. These situations happen to get you to slowly master your emotions until you don't bat an eyelash when they do happen because you'll know what needs to be done. You won't care about the outcome because you are confident you can deal with them in the best way possible. Now that is something that everyone should aspire to doing and this part of the message is to make sure that when you get those chances to emotionally challenge yourself, you do, so you can grow and become the strongest you that you can be.

    We want to talk to you about your boyfriend now. We know that the message consisted more about advice but that is what we decided to focus on because we know it's going to be more helpful than any other type of message for the purpose of your love reading. We are bringing up your boyfriend because we want to let you know that he is a decent good guy. He does have some kinks he needs to work out but so you do and in that sense you two are good for each other because you can help each other smooth the kinks out. This message is also about being emotionally secure with yourself in the relationship. We want you to be happy in it for the right reasons. So are you happy with it? If the answer is yes than you are on the good path, just keep working on each others kinks and emotionally depend on each other more. If the answer is maybe or no, then you might have to consider some things. We want you to know that he is a good guy and though he might screw up a couple of times he does mean well. So we hope you keep this in mind if he puts his foot in his mouth a few times. Concurrently with you, we'd like you to work on your emotional growth during the course of this relationship. You can learn many things from him and we'd like this relationship to be both a learning experience and happy/enjoyable one. We want you to meet him halfway but not give too much of yourself up. We want you to be honest with yourself with your feelings about the relationship and learn through them. We want you to give him the benefit of the doubt when he needs it and be a shoulder for him to lean on too. And as you are going through the trials, tribulations, bumps in the road or even just the good times we want you to experience them all fully in order to take as much as you can away from them. Also, we want to say, it is okay if he screws up a little because he is trying to learn his own lessons in this relationship too, so if he does be as fair as you would want him to be if you were in the same position because he means well. And if he happens to do something irritating try to be more supportive than judgmental because sometimes he doesn't realize that what he does can be like "nails on a chalkboard" to you. It would be good to meet him halfway in this because he might have a different idea of what is acceptable than you might and it would be good to meld both your expectations together so you can be happy with each other.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, Serah,

    First of all, thank you and thank you to your guides from the very bottom of my heart for such an in-depth reading and for sharing so much information with me. I am truly floored. Wow.

    I just read through my reading, and it's going to take me a day or two to fully process it and get back to you. I can tell you right now that I've already read things that are very right on and do pertain to our relationship. Describing my boyfriend as a "decent good guy" is more perfect than you know. He is such a wonderful man, he works hard, and tries to do the right thing every day by others.

    I will be gone most of this weekend, but on Monday I'll post about my reading. Thank you again for taking the time to give me such an in-depth reading. Can't wait to get back to you on it! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!! Bright Blessings! 🙂

  • Glad I could help. Let me know what you think about the full reading when you get a chance to process it. And thanks for being patient with me. I got a little backed up on my readings 🙂


  • Serah,

    It was well worth the wait. 🙂

  • Thanks Darkness angel,

    Don't forget to facebook me 🙂 I post my deals on there if you ever want another reading from me.


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