Captain. May I have an update please.

  • I am at the cusp of many many things. Could you give me a little in-site. It has been a long time. Thank you for your generous talents.


  • Into what in particular do you want insight?

  • I am putting house on market, trying to plan were to go as I can afford here, get husband to sign papers on my terms, empty nest. Basically I am starting fresh and scared. Where will i end up, who will love me next?. Am I Going in the right direction?

    Thank you so much.


  • You are mainly speaking from your fears right now. Of course you will find love again if you want to. Listen to your gut feelings and go with them. Then you will never go wrong. You have to trust that you will be looked after by the Universe and open yourself to its protection and guidance. Change any negativity into positivity. You are the creator of your own life. If you want new love and happiness, then you must put in the effort to achieve them by doing the things that will bring them to you - expecting good things instead of bad things to happen, hoping instead of fearing, loving instead of withdrawing. Whatever you believe in - good or bad - will be attracted by your thoughts. So believe in love and happiness. Look forward to your life from now on.

  • Thank you very much. I do manifest regularly where I want to go and the place shows in my dreams almost nightly now. I also picture the family to buy my house. I guess impatience is my weakness. Haha. I just want to wake up six months from now. I plan to be relocated befor xmas in my manifestations.

    You are so kind.


  • Let me know how you go. Moving is a big stress but once you are in your new home, you can start making good memories.

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