Will thigs get better

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    May 1st 1957 5:17AM

    Is it me. Every thing falling apart. MY love life Was great with my cancer man. Till april. My job was fine mistakes being made and I no it wasn't me. I was so confident in myself now that is shot. I starting to scare myself, I'm starting to no give a crap and turn off my emotions.

    I think a female capicorn is trying to make me look bad at work. (dam I help train her) as she puts it it's all about her

    please help me

  • Mickdom, you can't change anyone else's behaviour, only your own.

    Your astrological profile reveals you can have issues about control in love and working relationships. When you start to feel controlled or dominated, or if a demand is made on you that you can't or won't meet, your inner Bull stops. You refuse to budge. When you need to regain control, you will not move your butt for either love or money. You are not easy to negotiate with, in love or business. You can be a fanatic about money (you know you can obsess over it), and whether you are getting your fair share or just getting screwed. But mostly it's neither the money or position you really care about. No matter how many people are your adoring fans or how much you are sought after and wanted, you can get into a strange, absent "I'm not really here" mood that can alienate the people around you. Yet when you're in a good mood, you can be the most loving and passionate person around. But the emptiness you feel inside always rears its ugly head eventually.

    Your goal must be to be more present, cooperative, and appreciative of all your opportunities, despite these periodic feelings of malcontent or the inexplicable despondency that cannot be traced to anything in your current situation. You may try to be nothing like your mother when it comes to financial dependence - and this reveals how you see yourself and in what role. it's not only money you want but to be perceived as a person of means. But you can get over-attached to your social identity, obsessed with an image of wealth and prosperity. But those close to you can see the bossiness, the ego, and the moods behind the facade you try so hard to maintain.

    Deep down you yearn for a close, loving bond that can take away all the pain of the past. You need someone as tough as nails to handle you - the tougher the better. Not as in abusive, but from time to time you need a metaphorical kick in the butt. You need someone you can't completely read, someone who keeps a few secrets from you or appears mysterious. Despite your ferocious need to control the world around you, what you really need is a partner and colleagues who hold you responsible for all your actions and whose actions in return are always a little beyond your control.

    So, instead of feeling everyone is out to get you or leave you, look at your own behaviour to see if you have been doing anything to merit bad treatment. Has turning off your emotions alienated you from everyone else? Perhaps you appear cold and unfeeling to them. Have you been trying to take too much control of other people's lives or boss them about? The situations and people with whom you find yourself involved are only reflections of what is happening inside you. So if your partner seems to be losing interest or your colleagues are turning on you, delve into your own psyche to see where you are losing interest or turning on others - it may be that you are really betraying and becoming disinterested in your self and life.

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