In love with a Gemini

  • I an a scorpio and recently I had been dating a Gemini. We had a great relationship and hepushed for us to get more and more serious. Talked about the future together asked me to move in with him etc. Finally aftr about 11 months he told me he was in love with me, four days later he broke up with me. I never have been connected to someone like this orhad these feelings, I do truly believe he loves me( I never believed a guy before) It has been 2 months since the break up and I am not over it, Many pyschics have told me he is the "one" or that he is my soulmate and this is a challenge for us to overcome because he is scared. We got into a arguement when he pushed me away and we broke up, we both said some really hurtful stuff and I feel horrible about that. Should I reach out to him or should I let him go?

  • From my experience my Gem man did that to me most recently. Long story but we were broke up after a miscarriage and me finding out about his other woman. I didn't stay in contact with him for about 8 months and then we connected again. I reached out for his help during a hard time of my life, me having all these emotions around the baby. We had a good talk and he offered to be friends again, him wanting to prove himself to me and make up for him being a jerk. After we broke it off 8 months ago he thew his new woman in my face. So, one night we had a great talk, he apologized up and down and then offered a more meaningful relationship to me. Then four days later he stood me up and he was withthat woman again. She dumped him months ago and he said that he didn't want anything to do with her since she broke his heart. So after an emotional fight over email because he wouldn't talk to me on the phone, it's over between us. It's the best thing for us anyway because in hindsight, he is not the best match for me.

    It's been my experience where I have consulted with readers, and well they are not always correct. I would save $$ and just watch for signs and listen....If he wanted to be with you then he would. That is hard to hear but it's the truth regardless which sign he is. If he is your soul mate then there will be a time where he will come to you but maybe this isn't the right time. With much compassion, I suggest that you just go about your life. Take stock and write what you want in a man and things will become clearer for you. I most recently took this online course called, Calling in the One with Katherine Thomas. Very good at helping people define what they want and how to attract it. It's a hard one to get over someone that you care for but really, focus on something else, take a class, re-organize your home, and do something other than think about him. If he got scared then maybe he is not ready or the right one. This could be a blessing in disguise. Also,pray, pray or whatever you believe in to help take away that pain. It really does work.

  • Gemini, Gemini... The Twins... They have two distinct personalities.. I have extinsive dealings with them... My son is a Gemini Get to know, understand and accept these personalities and a relationship can be possible.But be aware that they are very business driven and like their independance but they also love attention and love...Your job is to get to know which personality you are dealing with and adjust to their quirks. As a Scorpio (Just as I am) you can manage this because you are a skilled sign with just as many faces. Good Luck, and God bless.

  • Sounds like a lot of work for a relationship, but, thats just me...

  • Thanks everyone!

  • I am a Gemini, and my ex husband is one also.Geminis love hard but we also lose interest quickly if things arent going the way we would like. Its a true character flaw. The waters of the Scorpio run deep and it takes a long time for most Scorpios to let people in, once your in, everything is cool but still; its the getting in that will make us turn away. He may love you, in fact im sure he does but he has to be sure that you trust him enough to let him stay there. The good news is just because he broke up with you doesnt mean he longer wants to be with you. If you want him back and you feel he's worth it, make yourself unresistable to him. He will come back. That is also a Gemini way.

  • as they say gemini's have two personalities. my advice to you would be to let him go and if he really wants to be with you he will come back, but whatever you do DONT chase him. wait for him to contact you first. gemini men hate it.

  • i think when you see a red flag let it go listen from someone whos had years of troubled love just becausse i did not see the flag if someone has a personality slit it isnt going away! by the age of six years old we are who we are really!!!

  • How do you make yourself unresistable to a gemini man?

  • Im not sure if the question can apply to a woman, however i am a gemini woman and what I find unresistable is intelligent conversation and lots of it as well as a great sense of humor!!

  • You can try and let him go -- but scorpio does find that hard ??? General both scorp and gem get 'the bad zodiac press' - He may feel fearful of your inentisty - whilst being attracted to it at the same time -- Gemini likes to be light and breezy - not tight and squeezy - better check what your moons sign compaitibilty and your venus and mars connections are -- you need some dept and emotion in your life -- perhaps he is a late gemini and has some cancerian planets -- which would explain his withrwal into his shell.

  • You are experiencing a twinflame connection. I fell in love with a gemini, I am an aries. But we were friends and have been for 18 months. He comes close and then he runs scared. I finaly decided I had to let him go vven though beeing told by psychics that I would be with him my August. I am also clairvoyant and just know that he is the one. But Gemni men are very complex but also seem to be very fearful of comittment. Well August is here and he has contacted me, so I just hope everyone is right. But I am having fun and living my life, going out with others and feel that is what you need to do. Gemini's hate being controlled. Good Luck

  • I am a Gemini who is dating a Gemini man. I am feeling the "fear and flight" pattern because he is smothering me. It's only been 41/2 months, and I'm afraid to give too much because I'm not sure where he will be in a "year". We Gemini's are very complex. I love intelligence and intimacy and I find it hard to understand his views of several things. He is affectionate but I'm not sure about his intelligence sometimes. He focuses on things that he really has no control over, what a waste of time!! Good luck. Gemini's are caring people who are very intelligent and very nice......

  • We both said some really mean things to each other when breaking up, I do really care for him and I feel horrible about how we left off. I want to reach out and apologize but I don't know if I should, if he wants nothing to do to with me or how he will react to it. I am extremely confused.

  • I am a Leo wno was in love with a're right about Gemini's having 2 personalities...Jeckle and Hyde...Never knew who I was talking to...Lived together 2 years and then one day he said to me..."I think this has run it's course"...I was devestated...still am...

  • No matter what the astrological sign may be, true love cannot be turned on and off. No matter what, other people, places or time will not disolve it....just let things unfold the way they are supposed to. Good luck!

  • Jotoole, to make yourself attractive to anyman is to be yourself. I keep hearing that Gem men like intelligent conversation but I look at my situation and he choose a barfly, dim witted, low class woman over me....I do have to toot my horn here....I am a classy lady, hard working, intelligent and generous good friend. So it must be his dual nature to want two. I cared for my Gem man and she doesn't care one bit for him and she is the type that dump him when no one else is interested in him. He doesn't drink so I am wondering why he would want someone who abuses alcohol and I heard that she smokes marijuana. When we ended things (when I caught him with her when he was suppose to be with me consoling me) we said some really mean things to each other.

  • Sealaskalady, I don't think your Gem man's behaviour has anything to do with astrological signs. Dump his butt! Let me tell you, eventually they realize that the grass isn't greener on the other side and they return. The key here is for you to work on you and be prepared to say NO when he returns! Good luck!

  • Thanks Bella, yeah I know that it's not him being a Gem. Yes, I dumped him for the second time around - the first time he was foolin' around with that same woman. After she dumped him when no one wanted him anymore he feel into a deep depression for months and he told me that he learned his lesson with her. Well he didn't because he is right back with her. I am saying NO to him and the door is closed for good this time. I got asked out by two different men yesterday and I am feeling so happy, attractive and that I did the right thing. I ended up thanking that woman for playing her part to show me that he is the same snake (well I said more than that) he was and that he didn't change.

  • Depending on the reason for the unexpected and rather quick break up, I can only say that Gemini's have the ability to change in an instant. They are hard to keep up with, hard to read and in some cases, hard to hold onto. But, in my situation, also a sagitarius, I have been with a Gemini for nearly 13 years. I thnk it took him 5 years to say he loved me, but marriage is an absolute no. He is a number 1, meaning he is a loner. He was hurt very seriously by his first wife and I don't think he'll ever take a chance on that again. Maybe reaching out to him is a way to let him know you do care. He may turn off, otherwise. The worst that can happen is he does not respond. You'll be no worse off than you are now! I vote for an attempt to reach out to him. However, I might add, life with my Gemini is difficult. We have different interests and were I younger, I would be bored. I guess it's always life situations that change each person in a sign. Good luck!

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