Love reading please? I really need some insight

  • Please I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a reading on this please.

    A few weeks ago I started to reconnect with a guy who I was friends with some years ago, we were not really close friends just in the same mix of people.

    Out chatting got to be more often each time and for longer time.

    I stared to view him differently and by what he says him too.

    He did say he likes me but i dont know if I can trust his words.

    Is there a love in our future? Will there be a relationship between us ?

    Are his words true towards me? (his feelings)

    He is a Leo and I am a Pisces.

    Thank you on insight to who ever will answer me

  • fishyone,

    You can have a relationship with Mr. Leo and what you need to expect is that he likes attention, and he may not always understand your feelings of depth. He will be fun and very romantic as this is his nature. He just may be a very good cup of tea to add your pisces sweetness to and make it a very enjoyable experience that you can take anywhere you want to.


  • Thank you Shuabby

    I truelly want a relationship with this man I feel I could be more myself with him.

    Hopefully he feels the same way?

  • fishyOne...Leo does love attention and sometimes that can give people wrong ideas. I think if you really would like to have a relationship with this man, you need to make this clear and see what he says. If he feels the same way, he would be happily accept and you could be the happiest couple on the planet 😉

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