Unusual/ Out There Decks

  • is anyone into decks which are out of the ordinary?

  • i don't know. i know some people use very interesting ones but i think i'm one of those who prefer a traditional imagery when i'm doing a reading. since i'm a beginner, using rider-waite for instance makes it easier to get help from websites and such.

  • hello 🙂

    thats a good point, sometimes the traditional ones can be easier to read with especially when some of the unusual ones stray so far away from the original design & meaning.

    But I dont mind expanding my horizons

    I hope things worked out with that guy btw

  • hey! sorry, completely forgot about this thread till now 🙂

    i agree, unusual decks sure add a new perspective to tarot. i haven't tried any myself but i got a few readings from people using them, and they were very accurate and helpful.

    i can't believe you remembered that reading! 🙂 it was so long ago, at least it feels like that. no, no progress, unfortunately. though i do some readings from time to time about him and they all come out absurdly positive, haha 🙂 thanks for asking!

  • all good 🙂

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