Wonder what this spread really means

  • I did a 3 card tarot spread a while ago and The World, Eight of Wands, and Seven of Swords appeared in sequential order. My question was: Is my ex-bf's wedding taking place as we speak(he actually left me to get married to another woman)? The image on my Eight of Wands card shows a woman floating in mid air holding one of the wands in her hand. Does it refer to me? I am an Aries, a fire sign and wands are generally associated with fire-signs. In fact my ex-bf too is a fire-sign and so is the woman he is supposedly getting married to?

  • Hey Thaisa

    I'll give this a shot!

    The World. Hebrew key for this is "Tau" or "cross" and fulfillment, divides the Universe into 4 directions. Marriage has a way of splitting up your life into a lot of interesting directions.

    The 8 of wands is a card of speed, quick energies, possible messages. Wands pertain to the "story" of your life, role, image, direction. 8 is the number of the Chariot card (Hebrew Cheth means "a field and the fence surrounding it) - Cheth also indicates "the law of attraction and repulsion" so that can pertain to relationship, together with the Chariot (speeding off) seems to support this marriage.

    Seven of Swords (imagination and plotting intellectually). The 7th key in the major arcana is the Lovers card. In the kabbalah this key is "Zayin" represented by a sword. (sometimes love and swords go together!)

    I would say if there is not a marriage already occured, there is one in the works. Something is being planned, quick and represents some sort of momentous conclusion.

    "Is this other person an Aries?" Hierophant and I always get a YES when this card appears. Hebrew is a "nail" and joins parts together, so that sounds affirming.

    Hope that gives you some food for thought.

    blessings, astra

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