Shuabby pls I'm willing to get over this but I'm always confused

  • Shuabby,

    I'm sorry to bother you again but I'm really confused after his long day I again convince to stay with me one night. I'm not happy seeing him loosing so much weight in his normal body built. His working to much and his telling me his aftaid to loose his job cos his being working for so long in that company. His working more than 15 hrs a day and I said to him to get rid of his job but he can't cos it pays his debt. I again having an argue for being selfish I always hurt him so bad and his begging me to please give him a break for a while but instead talking shit to him. I finally realized how much I make him feel worry cos I can't control my emotion to him and his worried that if Im spending time with his friends and family I will not gonna control myself. He hated me when I put the blame on him when I know his not sleeping with anyone but me. I don't know what else to do now his telling that he nearly changing his number cos I condtaly messaging and calling him and u know u pushing him away. I felt do bad lately I don't know how will I make up wit him

  • annielan,

    You need to go to a mature person woman or man that you can trust to talk to and get marriage counsling. It seems you were not ready to get married and some women just simply do not like the dull everyday same over and over again life that it brings with it.

    If your man is working 15 hours a day , tell me what choice does he have other than to quit and live in a lesser lifestyle, would that make you happier?

    Do you have friends? If not than I suggest to you to go and find some ASAP, find some volunteer work to do to fill your void as I feel you are lacking in good conversation and feeling left out of lifes stream and blaming your husband for it, when you really have to take responsibility for yourself and get out there and LIVE with good friends and this would shift your attitude towards life and your marriage. Consider your husband feelings also in this situation, if he see's you are happier than he will be too.


  • Shuabby,

    I really felt so bad cos all I want is assurance but he did already I made mistake I don't know how to making settle his totally mad at me.He only want me to be happy it's just I can't hear anything from him if he loves me. I emailed him and I tell him I'm really sorry it's just it's makes me worry if his still working when I know it was his days off but usually he does. We both agree that we both hated his job but I know felt so horrible I don't understand him but now I know It'sy fault I could never be happy when his not happy. I wish I could turn back the time. I embarrassed him yesterday cos he was out with his friend a girl I was told that she was an old friend a good friend and I do understand but it was lately when he said to me. I get mad when he said that his out and I'm asking him with whom after that his answering me with someone. When I started attacking him and constantly telling him all the past and the latest that he did to me and telling him his a dog. That's the only time his telling me his with his good friend that's the way he said to me. Then he started telling me that his giving up everything to me cos he can't handle that I always accusing him sleeping with someone when he only stays with me. I didn't know that but I trully felt that is true he only have me. And I always complained that he never ever wanted me to be with him when I know I stress him a lot. I don't know but I hope he will not giving up to me it's just I don't understand when he doesn't say anything to me. He used to adore means I've heard him last time we went out but I ignored him. I was told by him how about lets change our life style atleast one day. I just cuddle him and I felt so bad now I feel like u want to get a cab and be at his place to say sorry

  • annielin,

    Would you say that you have trust issues? May I ask how old you are?

    If you want to say your sorry because you think he has someone else to talk to , than when he forgives you start the distrust issues all over again . I would say to you that you need to find yourself another man, one that can give you the lifestyle you want and will wear you like a mink coat. You need and want a lot of attention it seems and most working men just can not serve that up on a silver platter. Growing up pains are hard to go through for most of us. You are now going through the labor of life where you have to deceide what it is you really want to make you happy and than go after that even if it is one step at a time.


  • Shuabby ,

    It's not what I want I live my life so hard I just want to make things clear for both of us. I'm not even sure who I am to him he can't even say or showing me some appreciation that I've been to a lot before I win him and up to now he can say that I'm his girlfriend or just a past time. I can't even count on my finger how many times his comparing my life to him I help him out as much as I do I always wanted him to up and I'm the one who will work things out but I'm not I need to hear the word he had no effort it's all about me. Then when I have the tantrum his throwing me away his frustration to me. A constant communication is good enough for me but if he can keep it all within his heart I can't even tell I am giving up 100x or million times but it's really funny when we argue that's the way we only figure it out how he feel is that hard to say u don't think so

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