Lost 2 diamond rings! Need guidance.

  • I lost 2 diamond rings sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning. One of the rings is my engagement ring (valued at 10,000). It's a Victorian style (white gold) diamond ring - the band did not connect on the bottom (needed to get the resize fixed). The other one was just a plain white gold band with 5 or 6 small diamond stones over the top. I placed both rings on my breakfast bar Friday evening because I was cleaning with bleach (sink on opposite side). I left them there until the next day around 11:00 I went to put them on and they were gone. The only other place that I might have placed them was on my dresser...but my mind is focusing on the breakfast bar.

    I tore apart my entire 950 square foot apartment on Saturday (8 hours), checked the contents in the vaccum, and went through the garbage. I'm going crazy because I know these 2 rings are in my apartment somewhere. Any suggestions, or thoughts come up? I am heartbroken! Thank you.

  • Cody, my first thought was the bathroom..maybe a medicine cabinet, or nearby.

    I hope you find them...and if anyone has insight, may they help you. Also...ask your gaurdian angel to direct you. Sit quietly...focus on your guardian angel who is near...and ask them to help you find the rings.

    I wish you the best.

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