Insite needed on the cancer man!

  • Will the cancer man and Sag women ever see eye to eye.....

    I'm a Sag and have fallen hard for a cancer. We met first two years ago at a mutual friends party, we had an instant connection, our chemesty was like something I've never felt. We had a great time but I lived 500 miles away and had a flight home early the next day. It was fun but as a free flying Sag I didn't get his # and left it as that. I thought about him a lot but wasn't about to have a long distance relationship. A year later I end up moving to the same City for work and bit later we end up meeting again. The flames we still there.. We just couldn't get enough of each other. We started talking a lot hanging out on weekends first as friends but quickly as lovers. It's been about 6 months now and he's got me so confused I'm about ready to run.

    To make a long story short, things were going great, he is so fun, adventurous he's a great lover and so kind. We had been spending almost everyday together and then on morning after a fantastic long weekend of fun he wakes up and out of no where say he feels like been toying with him and he needs a break. He was really upset and I couldn't believe. Not one to fight I left. Later that day he sends me a message about how hes so sorry but he just needs me to respect his dessision and let him be. It took me totally off guard but I figured we could us a little space things were getting hot and heavy a little fast for me as well. A week later I message him to see if I had let something at his house and he's so sweet and is acting like nothing has happen. I was totally taken back by it but was happy to have my sweet man back. A couple weeks later his crazy mood swing is back. Its so hot or so cold with us. I've never met a man that acts like this. His moods are so hard to read and I can't figure out what sets him off. He's impossible to communicate with. I feel like he won't open up to when i wanna know why hes feeling or acting moody but when we are just talking he's an open book. I really don't know what to do. I'm really running out of pacience. The horrible part is he's got me so smitten, once his mood changes I come back happily. I've never been this girl. I know the sag in me loves the game and we wanna figure him out but is that ever going to happen????


  • Hi AGray,

    Well I am a Sag as well. Was married to a Cancer for twelve years and after my divorce found another soulmate in another Cancer guy. I went through exactly what you are describing, I really thought he was the one and out of nowhere he flipped. I mean the second one was really serious about me like wanted me to move, I met his whole family, the whole nine yards in six months. Then he backed off and he RUN, and to this day he silenced me and we never spoke again. My ex husband adored me too, but again, one day totally out of left field he left me. So all I can say is that both were big loves of my life and I truly believe they loved me. But I also think Cancer can be sneaky and decide something in their minds, prepare the whole scenario for it and then, they inform you last. You are the last to know and see it, and Sags are so trusting. I know what you mean, they are great lovers, the best and the connection is incredible, like no other.

    In retrospect I do believe though that with my second Cancer I, without meaning to, put pressure on him . Both of them wanted to please me with everything and I am not demanding, I am a giver. I think there is something about us Sags that bothers Cancer on some level because, we come across as very together and they are clingy and they do not like that. They do not like that we can be beat down and almost immediately we get back up. It bugs them, they want to have a pity party and we do not let them. Something like that...

    Give it time, it sounds like he loves you. If he doesn't give you answers he is going to have to at some point. Do you think he fears he is in too deep? Has he been hurt before? (who hasn't!! right?)

    All I can say is that they want you to read their minds, they are terrible that way. And when they get into their cave, they do not want to talk, sometimes for days!! I love them both dearly yes, but in the end I was the one wounded, but they thought it was them and treated me like it was my fault, when I hadn't even done anything and they would say so. I think it was guilt on their part, because they knew they were hurting me, so it was easier for them to avoid and run!!

    Give it time, dear...

  • Thank you so much for your response. It's been very insightful especially coming from another Sag. This is my first expiriance with a Canser man and you've seemed to describe him to tee. He was in a five year relationship before us but that was over 2 and a half years ago. I know cancers are super sensitive and this hurt him deeply. He's told me he loves my optimison and sweet, care free attitude but I also thinks it really scares him. The fact that I don't really let him get me done, I also know drives him crazy but I think it helps him get out of his crazy moods.

    Your so right about him wanting me to be able to read his mind. I feel like he expects me to know what he's thinking and how to react. Im a pretty intuitive person but he is impossible to read. I've never in my intire life has such a hard time knowing what someone is thinking until I met him. When I think I've finally figured out what he wants his mood has changed. It's so tiring at this point.

    At this point I'm questioning why I'm so attached to him, why i cant seem to get over him. He has so many amazing qualities and he's hot all hell and a great lover but in the past Ive had no problem leave all that if they wanna play games with me. I know we share something very special but if he can't get over his fear of being hurt or regected I'm not sure how much time I can give it without get irritated and finding something more fun.

  • Wow I a Tauras and He is a Cancer! We been together 5 years, than boom haven't seen him since april. He call And sends Texts. Oh and he pays my cell phone. I would off shut it off if I was him. The mood I hear you.

    I'm so hurt, sick of crying, and so cofussed . I asked him if it was over? He says no. Me I don't no what I'm going to do.


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