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  • Okay, I know I have a lot of issues in my life right now, but the one thing that could help me get out of my current situation is a means to be financially independent. I can't move out otherwise.

    So, I guess I'm saying I want a little help in searching for a job or other means of income. I don't know where to start, now that I'm throwing away any other ideas I had before. What would be the most likely place to look, and WHAT should I look for? What's on the horizon?

    I feel like I'm asking for a more accurate weather forecast doing this, but I'm just so unsure of myself right now. I need a clearer answer than "just get out now!" That doesn't help at all. I KNOW I should, but I need to look on the more realistic side and find the money to make that happen. What I make now won't do.

    I have no future plans to spend on anything but necessities right now and have refrained from any further activities requiring me to pay. I have one relative who hasn't paid me back and has managed to weasel her way out of about a third of it (and we're not talking pocket change either). I also just received an unexpected medical bill I thought was covered by my insurance. At this rate, even completely cutting anything superfluous won't help me save up in a timely manner.

    What are my best chances in finding decent employment?


  • Change only comes when we change the way we do things. Some kind of change has to come before we see change. I say this first because you get stuck and focus outside yourself on magic bullits that are all or nothing and will magicaly make life happy. Yopur perspective only brings disapointment as you are not realistic. You focus on one major focus and in the mean time ignore all the little things that need change or focus. It's a common thing--a distraction that actually distracts you from other harder issues to face. Many of us have days were we all think if only we had the perfect job and more money ALL our troubles would be gone. WRONG! Life just does not work like that as earth is about growth not quik surface fixes. That's why if you find yourself hitting the same brick wall--spirit is saying wait--it's not the wall or anything on the otherside--you have issues to deal with--growth---lessons--healing and hears the secret---for most of us all that happens RIGHT WHERE WE ARE. Relationships and situations are a reflection of our energy and our wounds. You are still in victim energy--you feel trapped--and you have too much attachment to others influence. You have boundry issues. You see yourself in others aproval and have so much self doubt that you imagine slights that you shouldn't. Why is this important? Because even if the best job in the world fell in your lap--without change in YOU you would fail in that job because your issues would come with you. You would have problems with coworkers and bosses who would replace your problem relationships because you must concor your shadow side where you are. As you feel it and see it now you are a victim stuck with others who you feel make your life unhappy but true empowerment comes from being happy DESPITE others--that's when being a victim energy changes. Others are not holding you back unless you let them. To really want a great job takes certein skills and not just personal but relationship--the better the job the more demanding and you must learn to be a team player even when there's a jerk on the team or a sneaky underminer---they usual don't last but cause shakups in the best of jobs and often take others down with them. The survivers have skills for dealing with difficult people AND a successful person KNOWS how to not take things personal or feel attacked because the boss had a bad day and looked at them funny or critisized them---truth is if the boss is really a great person he or she will not even remember it and a person who is in power does not take it to heart. I feel you are not there yet---that even if you found the greatest job you would struggle with getting along with others--you would not have a strong drama boundrie. So--start that change. Always think of empowerment--being a Goddess--as a perspective of how can I make this work for me---making lemenaid out of lemons. So see the challange---react differently to those who make you crazy---if you don't learn these skills moving away will only confront you with the same issue so just work on growing to be someone who can be happy no matter what. BOUNDRIES---if someone makes you feel bad limit that contact--the energy gets sent out that hey I do not stay around for this--be nice and we can be together---also realise family means nothing if it's toxic--there is no law of family devotion that trumps toxic abuse. And if you are insecure about yourself the law of atraction will atract judgemental people into your life as that's how you are pushed to heal. To finally seek change. People with confidence and self love do not attract judgemental relationships. Spirit says you think too much--live in your head too much and are too unsure of yourself so put your power in some other person or circumstance to save you. That's part of victim energy--to be saved.. Start were you are. Get any kind of job and stay moving---do not overthink every move---it drags up too many what if this what if that. Just move. Maybe you will work many jobs but each will give you a lesson in people---spirit says that is your core challange---getting along with others in a way that preserves and builds your power. Do not see drama as failures but opportunities to learn--remember the Goddess--she takes a sh itty hand and grows roses. We can not control others only ourselves--so change you and your perspective. Stop taking on your family burdons--many people dish out anger frustration and abuse because they own it and it has nothing to do with you--THAT is a golden piece of truth that will help you be successful. That is a boundry--knowing what is you and what is them. If you are stuck for the moment in a house with someone who disregards your boundries then you learn to not let it bother you as you work your way out. Count small blessings and stop shooting so high you invite failure or feeling bad about yourself. Get a job and stop judging yourself--and forget what others say. Stop sharing too much with people who are NOT really on your side but build themselves up by looking down on others. You need to see people behind their masks and protect yourself. You have safety issues--be careful as that attracts predators and sharks. Sorry, sad but true--the law of the jungle--if you go around wounded or needy the predators sniff you out. Your goal is independance and less fear. Fear and desperation do not make good desicions--never make a big desicion when desperate. Start slow and at home and believe in magic. Change your energy by being busy. Get any kind of job and work hard and distance yourself from the judgers. Keep your ears open for a better job and just keep moving. You are stagnate right now. Stay away from conflict unless you feel strong enought to not let it own you. Also be real about your shadow side---you are too attached to pleasing others and you are to paranoid othyers think things but don't. You get distracted too easily. Once you learn this that really great job will apear and you will be in power and ready.BLESSINGS!

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