Love Tarot Reading Please

  • Hi all,

    I was just wondering if someone can please give me a love tarot reading?

    I am in a very confusing and emotionally draining place at the moment and I would really appreciate some insight.

    I'm not sure if this will help but my birthday is 26 August 1986 and his birthday is 22 February 1985.

    Thank you

  • Hi Koko123

    Hey I can take a look at the two of you. Sri to hear this is a draining situation, it happens...

    So I will draw figures for both of you and we will compare the energies and see if we can put together a blueprint for you!

    So, 5 cards for each of you representing your what is going on with your thoughts, heart, feet and how you are reaching (or not) to each other, and also a general sense of the path...


    Head - your thoughts lately - The Strength card - You are having to really apply some discipline to keep it together mentally. Sort of forcing yourself to think about this matter a certain way, this could leave you feeling a little exhausted. Take plenty of time outs for yourself. Strength in the Kabbalah is also a card of the "serpent power" so that is an energy available to you to help. If you have a tarot deck you can meditate on the strength card and that should give you strength (the same way that Moses held up the serpent on a pole in the wilderness and the people were healed when they looked upon it. I wouldn't advise trying this with a real snake though haha///

    Heart - The 5 of Swords - oh, this shows some real changes in thinking and it happening under the surface - you may not even be aware of it - however this does show that in this relationship you are contending with some changes of attitude about him and what you are together. This could manifest as some real feelings of unsettledness and a little confusion at times. This will fade away as understanding comes to you about this matter.

    Feet - this shows your general course right now regarding the relationship, and that is the Wheel of Fortune, oh my! This is like standing on a big ball and trying to stay balanced! No wonder you are feeling a little drained... so what has happened is that something occurred "back there" between you and him, and this energy is still working its way out to conclusion, so there is some patience required (ugh, I know) that you will simply have to wait it out to see what happens. Because there is the Wheel energy here, it is an indication that one or both of you are "doing things" to try and repair something, and then waiting to see if it works. The advice here is to DO NOTHING until matters have settled out. Stay calm.. wait it out for a little while longer and tape your mouth into a smile expression. 🙂

    Reaching out to him - 6 of cups - well this is very very sweet and shows you really reaching out to him in every way possible, lovely and tender... oh, this must be painful, you are wanting to see his reaction in hopes that your affections are understood and received. SO this is okay as long as you don't place too high expectations on how you "see" him responding. With that Wheel card under you, there is not a need to do too much "reaching out"... he knows how you feel, he is going through something... requires some waiting until the wheel finally stops! So your general approach to him is nice, however be on your guard about doing too much his way, take it easy and go slow, a little restraint with this energy perhaps...

    Letting go (or a hand in something else in your life) - Two of Pentacles, well this can always indicate a possible move, or something changing physically. Could be picking up on your thoughts "is it time to move on?"... 2's relate to the Magician energy, so anything can happen really. The 2 of pentacles is saying yes to a new home/security/physical pattern for your life. you could find yourself daydreaming about making a move of some sort. Escape maybe. Or locking him in the trunk of your car and taking him to a mountain hideaway - a new physical location to set a mood... I am just throwing out some ideas...

    OK... that is you... now, let's put HIM on the witness stand!

    His head - what is he thinking about you? 8 of pentacles - this is a card of property and material life, the physical aspects.... his head is pretty wrapped up with the "appearance" of the relationship with you, and he may not understand the other connections he has with you. The 8 [pents] is a door or opening, so this can also pertain to unexpected developments. He could be feeling like the relationship is a lot of "work" and that is wearing him. He may not understand that there are these other ways to connect with you... spiritually and in some mysterious secret ways... so he is contending with the appearances only it seems. He could also be dealing with something pertaining to his career so that could be affecting how he thinks about the two of you.

    His heart - 9 of wands - holding his ground. This is an indication that at the heart of the matter with him is an identity or role issue. This is a very strong card of a stable identity, this is not changing any time soon. It seems the relationship could be asking him to change his concept of himself (with you) and that is frightening to him. So I think he is exerting a lot of effort to "maintain" this self concept. You may find him saying things like "you know how I feel about this", and "I have always thought/felt/treated you in such or such way..." All of that kind of language is a guy having established "base camp" with his self concept and role and he won't be changing that too easily. Think of him a little bit like a scared kitten at times. He may be a little defensive in his dialogue. A little.

    His feet - 6 of pentacles - this is a matching card to that 8 pentacle in his thoughts. So his general path is materially focused. Not a bad thing. It is simply his starting point toward you. The 6 energy is very gentle though and one meaning is "sharing", so he could be really wanting to "share" more with you in hopes of working out beyond his ego/role concern.

    Reaching out to you - Justice - oh wow. hmm... seeing the justice card appear next to your 6 of cups you are extending to him, shows some balancing act effort on his part. He is reluctant to accept your offer of (unconditional) love because he thinks there are conditions. "If I respond this way to her, will she then expect me to behave in this and such way...?"... so he may not be responsive at all... quiet.... Justice energy is VERY quiet and reserved, ponders, weighs, examines.... I think he is saying to you to wait and let him work it out until he reaches a decision.

    Behind his back - this is a more secretive or hidden aspect of him, that is the four of swords, which is a very gentle, calm, intellectual energy. So this is a companion to that Justice card. He must be really examining something about the two of you, and is sorting it out...

    There are no cups in his figure so his emotional life may be non existent right now... unresponsive. Mostly pentacles with him, so the physical life with you is about all he is capable of dealing with right now. i can't even begin to see how he really feels about you with that 9 wands in his heart, his issues seem to be learning tht he can relax with you more and be more playful... without cups he is living out a story that is all physical and intellectual. Ugh, he may not be too pleasant to be around at times (until that justice energy leaves).

    So, in summary... I think your part with him is to tread softly and let him have his space. You are doing everything to reach out to him, only he is so preoccupied with his own wand life (and it could be a career or finances weighing on him too) that he feels numb and unable to reciprocate. So I would remain patient, and take plenty of time by yourself treating YOU nice while he continues down "is it just physical with she and I? avenue.

    I hope that helps!

    Blessings... astra

  • Thanks so much for that I really appreciate it !

    I did get his birthday wrong though..:it's the 21st feb 1985.

    Again thank u very much

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