Libra dating a leo, he seems distant what could be the reason?

  • Can anyone get a reading on the guy I'm dating so I can find out why he's being distant from me? Is something wrong?

  • Can you give more details about your situation? How long have you been seeing each other? How did you meet?

  • a year and a half, we met through a mutual friend.

  • Is he offended by anything? My Mom and Dad are those signs and they are a match made in Heaven, together for almost 50 years and for my Dad, to this day, my Mom is the most beautiful woman on Earth, inside and out. Leo is so generous but sometimes it becomes about just being right for them and that is when Libra, who is always easygoing, gets out of their indecision and puts their foot down. When that happens, because despite Leo's sense of justice Libra should be able to assert themselves, Leo feels hurt and acts silent or offended for sometime. Libra usually has to make the first approach on communication when this happens. I do not know if it helps, just what I have observed in their interaction.

  • How often do you go out together and do you do the things you both like to do?

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