Cancer woman lost with love

  • i am a 34 yr old cancer woman,i have started to think that love is lost to me,i have had 3 long term partners (2 1/2 yrs,then 13 yrs and now i'm in a 2 yr one),yet these partners have all been demanding and very bossy,i have always backed down to them and been left feeling that i am worthless,it has got that bad with my current partner that i am moving out,he has driven my eldest child away and is trying to get me to put another in a care home,(there not bad kids) this is why i am moving out,my partner is an aries and the other two was a virgo and an aquarius,is this where i'm going wrong??? is there a zodiac sing which whould better suit me??? can someone please help as i'm about to give up on love

  • Hi Kris I'm sorry that your going through a tough time with relationships. I'm a 46 year old woman and I can tell you that I've been through the same. I've been in not one and not two but several bad long term relationships. I was married for 12 years with an Aquarius, a 10 year relationship with another Cancer and now almost 5 years with a Virgo. I think in any sign there may or may not be problems. If you feel that you can't handle what's going on you need to get out. We as Cancers like to hold onto bad relationships and find that in the end they just don't work out and we're left holding on to the hurt it's caused us. If in your heart of hearts telling you to let it go deal with the hurt now and just move on.

  • And by the way the 5 year relationship is taking me through hell and back over the last 10 months. I'm ready to move on but I like yourself just don't want to let it go! I know that staying in this dead end relationship I'm only hurting myself. When it was good it was good but now it's gotten really bad and I'm just stuck. Don't ever feel that your the only one going through a bad relationship by yourself. Like I said good and bad things happen with every sign it's not just us. Keep telling yourself that you deserve better and pray for strenght to get out or pray for understanding that you guys can work things out. But please don't doubt yourself as we often do.

  • It would appear to me that you have a pattern in the men you choose. You have to think outside of your comfort level. Lose this Loser you have now, allow some time to pass, and when you are ready to move on pay close attention to the men you choose to be with. If you see their history is similar to your past relationships, get out, before you get sucked in. It takes strength, but you can do it. Trust me I know, and when I finally did what I told you to do, my whole life changed. At first it was weird, I kept looking at him and thinking, wow, this is someone I could of never seen myself with 1 year ago. I am living proof that what I am telling you is within your grasp, but you must live fear free in order for you to accomplish this task.

  • Hi, i am also a cancer woman i feel your pain, but there is hope for you i have been married to a pisces man for 19 years,we are soul mates never back down on your beliefs but be sutle that is what i have learned from my pisces man wonderful guy. Vigo,Aquarius,Aries were not compatible mates. try pisces,scorpio never give up

  • Yes, you are picking men that appear to be strong and have a direction when in fact that use they are leaning on and using you. I bet when you met them you were very direct and if demanding but when the relationship grow ( went on ) they saw a different side a much sweeter side and took advantage of you. Been there done that. And sometimes we stay in relationships too long just for staying in a relationship. But I am glad, or should I say hope you can see that you don't always need to be in a relationship. Take some time for yourself. and trust me you will miss being with someone, but you will be surprise that you will like having your own control and space for yourself. Taken time to focus on you again. I broke up 2yr ago after 17yrs in a relationship, I miss him very much. but I love my freedom. I think i even like being celibate. Try pisces taurus not so wild signs that are a lot better suited for cancers

  • just a quick note to say thank you all for your kind and helpfull words,i'm typing this while he is in bed as he don't like me being online,hopefully i can move out in a couple of weeks,i cant wait to tell the truth,

    thank you all

  • Im also a cancer woman tyin this for the first time. Reading ur story gave me chills! i have currently exsperienced the same thing with a libra. Thought it was strange cause my best friend is a libra. What the other ladies had to say was helpful to me as well n i just wanted to thankyou for posting this question.

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