If you were to see these two things, what would you think?

  • Hi!

    I asked for a sign earlier today about my career and I immediately saw a flash of a white dove and a red rose in my head. What could they mean?

    If you were to see these two things, what would you think?

  • TEXAS! But for you it would be an image that means something to you. It's not universal but for you. A dove alone is usually peace or a lone dove and a red rose can mean Love with great passion or blood red rose may mean love with a price as in a thorn and passion goes both ways joy and pain. Since you asked about career and not romance these do not fit unless the message was that some carreers involving star quality--passion--art--preforming come with a high price--often artists and performers are married to their career and there is little room for a mate and it's hard to maintain a relationship because success oriantated careers take so much energy and focus---anything competative is hard to juggle with a love life. BUT honestly, you asked what a dove and a rose say to me and I see the state of Texas!

  • Thank you for the response Blmoon! Not sure how Texas would fit, but the career is in acting 🙂 In your opinion, do you think what I saw was a good thing?

  • I forgot to add! There weren't any thorns, or at least I didn't see any. There could've been some, but all I saw was just the top portion of the rose, I didn't see the stem. Not sure if that helps or makes it different at all.

  • I.m still seeing Texas---and hear the words GO BIG! . If that is the message the sign was encouraging you to think big. It could be that the Texas sign does not make sense yet but will later. Either a person who can help you may introduce a Texas reference or the opportunity involves Texas. Or the acting job has a reference to Texas. I do not get anything more. Uually, the map is of your design and you get guidence along the way. You have chosen a very ambitiouse career. The most rewarding goals require the hardest work and one of the main aspects is fortitude and the ability to believe despite no immediate validation or success. It takes a thick skin to get past the rejections and failures. It's not all glamour. If it's been a part of you since you can remeber you are being challanged to start the process now--of building a thick skin and a faith. If everyone got a roadmap we would all be famouse. Spirit will help you along the way but expect to build coping skills and persistance and the ability to dream big with faith. BLESSINGS!

  • Everything you said makes complete sense. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    I think I may have found the Texas reference. There's a lead role that I want and the girl lives in Dallas, but not Dallas, Texas. Would it make sense to see a Texas reference even if the state is different? Because when I think of 'Dallas', I must admit that automatically think of Texas, but the character lives in Dallas, Oregon. Could it work that way too?

  • Yes it works in what ever way connects to you. Everyone's psychic language is different--some people hear the words --some see pictures that they find words for and some people get both. I am very visual and often get pictures. Always trust your first gut reaction. AND never get too stuck on it if nothing seems to connect at first as often it's just an important heads up for something in the future.BLESSINGS!

  • Red Rose symbolizes great love, either youhave already or one is coming in soon.

    white dove symbolizes visions, psychic impressions. also means to have faith, and hope

    will lead you to your dreams.blessings jazzy

  • Blmoon, Although my first gut reaction or my intuition is always right, there's that little bit of doubt in my head that makes me think the things I see or feel will be wrong. I've been lucky enough to have my intuition guide me, but that little seed of doubt tries to silence my gut, especially in this particular situation - since I've yet to see it come to pass.

    Thank you Jazzy 🙂 Other than this forum, I've never heard of a white dove symbolizing visions. The 'great' love aspect of the red rose makes sense, because I've been doing some tarot lately and every spread regarding my career or events over the next 12 months always says a 'fated' relationship too. I also did one the other night and it indicated a soulmate connection. So, I do know that somewhere along my career journey, I'll find myself a new love too.

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