Would like an update reading on situation. Please.

  • Hi I would like a reading to see where my current siuation stands and to see where things are headed, and what I need to do next. My boyfriend was living w/me at my moms house. She kicked him out and now he is living in his own place with his friend, his friend's girlfriend,and their one yr old boy. anyway, Im on the verge of getting a new job, but my mom has increased the rent for those of us still living here, so I will have 2pay $600/month, in addition to payments I need to make to pay my mom back what I owe her. as well as my personal bills, which are alot! My mom is not happy w/me cause Im still w/my boyfriend, she feels I betrayed my family. My boyfriend wants me to move in w/him, and I would like that. But my mom told me not 2move til I pay her back what I owe her, which a little bit each month it will take at least a year! my man feels like I'll never get out from home,and it frustrates him. But my mom has been paying my way, since I havnt been working for awhile. Im also a college student. Im 33yrs old and Iv been ready 2leave the nest, but my financial situation has me bound. Im so stressed, feel like Im on the verge of a breakdown! lol no seriously, Im totally lost as what to do so I can live my life on my terms. Can anyone tell me whats going to happen here? If there are any major changes in my near future? if so what will they entail? will I get hired at this homecare company I applied to? waiting for background check to get mailed to them(its taking forever! ugh!)

  • vettech78

    I got my cards out and did a spread for you since I feel your nerves are frayed from your current situation. The cards say right away that you will have the New Job in the healthcare area which help your sorrows to pass. You are going to be meeting lots of new people and one will be really holistic in their thoughts, feels like a woman with and H in her first name.

    Your relationship with your Mother has come to an end as far as her being there to support you, as you are an adult now and need to stand on your own in which you will be soon. Your relationship with your Mother will be happy again as soon as you shift into a different mode of living.

    You may receive a second job offer out of the blue also, which will offer you more money or some kind of advancement once your in employment .

    I feel weight loss for you and female concerns as if you want children , yet are concerned you will not have any.

    In six months or less you will move into an apt or condo and it looks as though you will meet another man who has a son with light hair, the man his self has dark hair and eyes I know your now love interest has a son right? Yet this man comes in as someone new to you. You will have to make the choice if you want to live alone for awhile when you move or let your current BF live with you, however you will be meeting another man that will be a friend to you , and you will be around a lot of men in the working environment, so look your best always and show people that wonderful smile and charm you have to give.

    You will have to learn on the job training and find it a bit hard at first yet you know that you CAN do It.

    You have many good things in store for you down the line a bit. Looks like you could move out of state I get the FL. GA areas and also TN, KY come in here too. Yes, dear marriage is here for you.A man that looks to be in uniform comes in here with two job choices connected to animals, he is a grand man to work for and with, gray or silver hair . There is also another man sandy hair and older over forty connected to him. Look for them to be in your life in 6 months to a year or more.

    Country living is what you will have in your life later on with a house by a brook or small river.

    You will be a happy homemaker and have plenty of pets around you almost like a farm environment.

    I hope this reading will help you as the guidence tool it is meant to be.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel,


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