Confused and needing answers

  • I am hoping that someone...ANYONE out there can help me. I know that right now my life could take a hundred different paths. But I don't know which one or what is next. At the moment I don't even know for sure who or what I really am anymore. I think I know what I want, maybe. But even then, I am not so sure anymore. All that I am sure of is that I have lived a very hard life and have been used and abused by so many. What is my destiny, near future and distant? If it helps, I am a Scorpio born on November 20th 1963 in Eustis Florida.

  • Ok. I get it. I am invisable to everyone. It seems like when I really need help, there is never anyone out there that can/will help me.

  • I know that without a doubt, my past is gone...there isn't anything left of anything from my past,...houses gone, friends gone, even the hospital where I was born...GONE! But is any hope for a future? Or has the Landaliers eaten that too?

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