Asking for Libra men to answer

  • I'm a libra male, and most of my libra friends really are unfaithful and dishonest. They secretly flirt with other girls behind their girlfriend's back and then lie about it. So, I guess most libras are that way, but that doesn't mean all of us are. I'm in college now and I've only had one girlfriend my whole life. It's not because I'm ugly, or I'm not charming or anything. I've actually had a lot of girls chasing after me for as long as I can remember. Well when I was with my ex girlfriend, I was completely faithful. She was unlike any other girl to me, so no other girl ever mattered. Anyways my point is that not all libra men are huge flirts, not all libra men fall in love easily, and not all libra men cheats.

  • Libra's are cheaters... Period!

  • Holy Libra hating!!

    I know this may come across as a shock to many of you, but people cheat, PERIOD. Whether they're born in October, March or August, there are cheaters in this world. This is not a Libra "thing", it's an everyone thing and you're all capable of it. Calm yourselves,

  • No, not all libras are cheaters. I know this because for starters i am one. And not to sound conceited or full of myself but i am also a very good looking one that has never had a hard time finding female friends. I ve always been called a charmer. And even though most of my friends were cheaters all of them (different signs), i never was, and everyone knew it. For any females looking to spot a cheater or player. look at him from a far. think of a male who you know has been sincere to you a friend or look at him again . If the guy you are looking to get invovled with doesnt even fit the same level of sincere feeling that you get when you think of the sincere person, (especially if others see it too) then proceed at your own risk if you plan on opening your heart to them.

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