Asking for Libra men to answer

  • LOL some Libra wrath

    here is what i wrote and tell me where did it say I call you ALL cheaters

    "If you hurt them because you feel like it, well then I can't blame libras for being vengeful. any sign will do the same. it's just how it is."

    "anyway I know some libras, females and males. the males, just like you said, are always into women".

    "I certainly wouldn't say that about you if you are trustworthy but then again I don't know you"

    I said Libras that I 'know' , or is it not clear enough?

    I'd say before defending ALL Libras, you should read what I wrote

    And no need to say sorry, I don't even know if you mean it

    I know you will go there , in fact I said it in my post :

    "1 of them, I didn't know. the other 2 I knew, but they didn't stop, they said their women were this and that. you want to blame me on these two, go ahead. I won't be offended"

    I didn't go as far as sleeping with them, but I did trust them when they said they would leave their women. I didn't see them doing this, so no opening my legs for them and whatever it was, I ended it. why do they get to sleep with two women? Nope, no balance there, is it?

    So now that you are happy with our conversation, or at least I thought so

    what about these other women, who had been honest and so forth, sharing their experiences with Libra males? what does your scale say about them?

  • Oeffffffff okay

  • LOL flowsco

    the above was for hec101

    I intend to live my life for the future and so some doors to the past have to be closed

    I am starting to do this last month, one by one

    it's not as easy as I thought but better late than never

    I remember your story though 🙂 and no I don't know your Libra so I'm not talking about him 🙂

    good luck and bye

  • Okay..u got a smile out of me leoscorpion. Honestly I felt a heat coming off your answer I was like whoah.

    I know that I can be strong with words when I am ready but this one was spicy in a mild kinda way....u know?!?

    I understand the phase your going through I closed a big heavy door this last weekend also and I am feeling a lovely free breeze but I do have to thank my Libra for that eventhough he isn't aware of it. Don't know how the future will be but it's okay at the moment.

    LOL..I am sure you don't know my Libra since we both on the European continent. 🙂

  • sorry for the heat

    it's wind from the past blowing

    or maybe because of that spicy curry I just had LOL

    I can close this particular door to the past now if I want to

    but I'm gonna wait until all is settled here

    then I won't go back to this thread again or any thread about Libra

    unless it's Leo related I might jump in to see what other Leos out there have been doing lately 🙂

    bye now and hope for the best

  • Hello,

    I am a Taurean female dating a Libra male, i can understand a lot of what has been said in this thread. Although my relationship is new(3 months) i can give you a little insight....... we met through the internet i wasnt interested romantically but he was pleasant to chat too, we swapped mob nos and began texting as friends i still didnt have any romantic interest. He was busy working all the hours and starting up a new venture, he asked if i wanted to see his new bussiness idea and meet up, i agreed. That was when it all fell into place the min i saw him i fell in love, just the right height, dark hair blue eyes and yes all the charm and charisma, but i still held back as i wasnt ready for a relationship. from that day on we have seen each other everyday, at first it was purely as friends, so i thought LOL but it haas been all from his side. He said ive been hard work and he knows i am the one for him, we dont smother each others lives as im busy with my work and children he is busy with work, i feel we have a healthy balance with room to grow when the time is right. I am not looking at life with rose tinted glasses im well aware of men AND their needs but i have to trust him as his work also involves partying he can keep it seperate, we have had issues where yes he has a lot of girl friends and recieves texts from them but i have male friends who text me too. the biggest issue with me is his lack of time management........THATS a big libra fault. When i asked him what he liked about me it was the fact that it took so long for us too meet and i didnt try to jump him when we i may have his heart as he says......who knows.....but like a lot of men if a girl throws herself at a bloke hes gonna take it if hes in the mood and not that botherd about the girls hes with in the first palce.

    Sorry think i may have just waffled a little then lol but i just feel this thread is bashing Libra men, when i could say the same for Scorpio male hate them with a passion after dating 4 one which i married and had children with and now we have been divorced for 7 years he still tries to control my life!!!

  • Sylvie74 -- It was like reading my own story. Thanks.

  • lol, thanks for a "positive" spin on the male libra sylvie ...

    actually, the only man i have ever loved is a libra. he didn't reciprocate though, but i just wanted to throw in a point there to show libra males are def nothing to turn your nose up at, no one is. we're all unique.

    just trying to provide mental insight into some of this libra's behaviors, which is also tricky since most of us in here are females and the libras are females. 🙂

  • had to come in here, I'm aquarius with a scorpio rising, and although I never considered myself attractive have been given to understand by certain men that I would be a great ****buddy,now I wasn't interested as I always wanted a relationship, not that, and the first Libra male I ever met was not only drop dead gorgeous (and probably knew it) , but with "sweet and honeyed words" managed to con me right into it, I never realised, (and never found out until later) I was one of many he almost had a girl for every day of the week, with hourly changes if he felt like it, and so there I was. years later I met hubby, and lo and behold another libra what a difference, he was everything I ever wanted fun, and faithful too, proposed to me 7 times before I accepted, and after we married everything was still good, until I had my son... and he was sidelined.... which resulted in a 9 month affair and a half sister for my son. She said she wanted a baby as beautiful as mine and told him she was on the pill, and he said he had post natal depression. I said if he wanted he could leave, he stayed,( she lost, unless that really was what she was after.) but he learned from that that affairs can hurt him as well as hurting me, because he said, and I quote "I never want to go through that again" that was almost 18 years ago, I suppose they can learn then I can laugh about it now, but out there somewhere is a girl 20 months younger than my son, and what if he brings her home as a girlfriend ?, he does know about her though so hopefully that won't happen but when she is 18 she might come calling

    Love and Light to all

  • Sylvie 74, I think maybe that's a scorpio thing my Dad is scorpio and still is trying to control my life, and I'm 52 next birthday

    also going back to my last post when I married I had a female best man that was hubby's best friend. she told him if he misbehaved she'd break something of his....and meant it LOL!!

  • Im a 23yrold Libran Male and could never entertain the idea of cheating! In fact in the last few relationships iv had iv been used, immensely lead on and been cheated on..

    I tend to put my everything into a relationship.. and I end up getting hurt everytime..

    Im really anxious about a prospective relationship with a Leo girl, I really like her and I hav no idea how she feels about me, theres alot of flirting and stuff going on but I dont wanna make a move and end up looking foolish like Iv done so many times..

    There were alot of relevant statements in this thread, obviously balance is an integral part in a Librans life.. I have alot of female friends and Iv tried to maintain friendships with past girls even though they may have hurt me..

    Yes we can get quite jealous/spiteful.. Im not sure if it is just me but I tend to keep alot of my emotions bottled up.. If we feel we have been wronged then yes, we will go to great lengths to seek justice.. I have been guilty of trying to make other girls jealous, but this is usually after a relationship has been broken..

    I value honesty and sincerity.. I cant stand insincere people, and those who dont say please or thank you or sorry enough..

    Iv been with 2 Geminis and they have both cheated.. I had an Aries-cusp-Taurus who i fell really hard for and ended up getting really hurt, and I was also lead on by a Virgo who already had a boyfriend..

    One of my best friends is a Libra and he is married to a Libra.. and they have the most perfect relationship imaginable..

  • Okay people. you're really starting to scare me here. I am Aquarius (Feb 3/57) and I've started dating a Libra (Oct 7, 1947) We've been seeing each other for about a month now. He seems to be everything that I'm looking for in a man--honest, respectful, kind, caring, family-oriented, confident, sense of humour, even likes animals. He is also very open about his past life which he talks about a lot,(and I accept because that's life right?) and has friends that he's known for 50 years and sticks by them thru thick and thin. We see each other at least 2 times a week, usually on weekends, but we keep in touch by phone and/or email every day, and he tells me what his day's been like. I am always afraid that he finds me boring, but then he wouldn't keep in touch right? Now that I've read all this, it sounds too good to be true. Am I heading for disaster here?

  • Starrgirl,

    i don't think necessarily so. I too have the same as you. And we still talk now (heading for a year in August). Our situation is a bit different but all I can say is keep the communication channel open and you will be fine. I think the older they are the more they now about themselves and how to handle a relationship. Mine is born in '53. Go with your gut feeling and enjoy.

  • Flowsco

    Thank you for your gut instinct when I first met him was a good one. and up until yesterday it was still good, it all felt so 'right'. but when I started reading this site, my heart just dropped and now I'm wondering about the whole thing. I was cheated on by an Aries 17 years ago and have not been in a relationship since, until now. Hopefully (my) Libra has changed over the years. I do know that he was married/divorced 2 times, and was in a live-in relationship for 12 years with another woman, was in another 4-month live-in relationship in a loveless situation where she finally left him. He says that he did not cheat on any one of these women, that he always met someone after the fact. He claims he has not been with anyone for the past year, so seeing all this he is very open with his information about himself. I guess just this past record should warn me. (eyes wide open). Mind you he is 63, so maybe you're right, maybe he knows now how to handle a relationship.

  • I wouldnt worry too much any sign is open to infidelity as much as the other. My Libra is open, honest, loving to the point of possessiveness in reason, my point being i love him as if i have never been hurt before, although i have and you need to enjoy each day as if it was your last. Ive helped my libra out no end since we meet 7 months ago and i dont feel there is any reason to doubt his love for me. If it fails, and im hoping it wont, then im sure i will have learnt something and that is what life is about. Plus he is only 30 and im 36 and my first toy boy lol.

  • Thanks Sylvie74

    I'm feeling a little calmer right now..I'm just going to take it and enjoy each day like you said. See it's like you said, so far he is open and honest with me, about more things than I ever would have imagined. And as I said above I have been hurt by an Aries before, maybe I'm just being a little too careful about being hurt again.

  • I totally agree Sylvie....I think that way too. Enjoy your Libra!!!

  • well, here I am again...the Libra I was talking about just broke off with me today. Apparently he was still looking while we were together and he found someone else. Well, he said it himself, he's a typical Libra. I feel like I've been used and abused and punched in the stomach.But It was great while it lasted.

  • Awww starrgirl,

    Sorry to hear that.

    Take care of yourself...there are more scales uhmm fishes in the sea. 🙂

  • I'm a Libra female, currently dating a Libra man and of the many men I've come across he's one of the most stand up, faithful individuals I've met. I typically fall for Leo men and Pisces guys(and gals) seem to be very attracted to me(I'm not going there again). Perhaps you're just not lucking out in our Libran pool of intimacy. In my experience, Leos have been notorious for all that you've described and that's why I've tried to steer clear when I see that perfectly coiffed lion mane heading my way.

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