Asking for Libra men to answer

  • see above, forgot to use the "reply" link. I see the word g a y was starred out with 4 stars. pfffttt.

  • i even dont wanna talk abt these guys. i have just recently seen this guy claiming to be my sis's best friend-but hehe. i dont know how he has managed to get a wife-but every one knows him,he has *******ed all the siblings of the wife friends,and even the women at work. and he talks abt it in public. he told me its normal.

    when he goes 4 a party,ohh god.but he finds all this stuff normal,

    so,me what i decided to do,is to first question every man who comes along the month he was born and the date. because am so scared abt these guys.honestly-iam. the guy is so new to me,i have never met a libra guy before,but sure i think am now aware.i know men are different,but hey,the libras i will have to watch out. ehh! this guys.

  • unable to find the topic you titled "cheating libras". I searched and found many that had something of that in it. Could you please paste the link?


  • You want to leave them alone but somehow they get under your skin. Very alluring - Libra men - but LIARS. Mine said 'I'm single, single, single' - just like that, said on our first date that he was looking for a wife :D, brought me the sweetest mangoes ever, and use to text me first thing in the morning and last thing at night... to cover my world. I found out he is in a civil partnership with the mother of his children for 11 years, because SHE started calling and texting me to leave her man alone. So careless he didn't even cover his tracks. He even lied about his age! And still after weeks of not talking to him, we met up recently and I still have feelings for him. Thiking of keeping him just for the ***. I am a Leo, guess I can sort things out to suit myself...

  • yes, similar situation for me. Libra men have such a charm, alluring quality and then over the years they seem to learn better than any other sign of just how to sweet talk. Maybe they are better at assessing an individual and then mimicking that one person so we see what we value. For example: if you have a high moral ethic, the he could show his real self and then show how you have "saved him" as he changes OR he will agree and say he believes in same.

    I fell in love with a Libra man I met on a site that was not technically a dating site but was used for such... and had no idea he was married. Thing is... I ended up being the mistress of the mistress!! He had his wife and another woman (who knew about wife) and then me, and then was out for more. And... I STILL feel so very much for him!! My mind knows right from wrong, my heart is torn between the two, my physical body is far away from him. I am still hurting so very deeply over this mess.

  • Well...since no other libra males have replied, I guess I'll be the brave one ha. I want to start off by saying we (or me personally) are not vengeful; we are fair. Take it as you may like, but we take pride in our balancing act and if you have tipped us over to one side...we will do what it takes to balance it back.

    Another thing this was said by leoscorion "none of them I find trustworthy, male or female, in terms of friendship. because they seem to want to be friends with everybody and therefore they will be friends with their friends' enemies too." Are you kidding me? We are not trustworthy? Yes, in the female aspect...there are some trust issues, but I'll get to that. Speaking for myself, I've never thought about turning my back on a friend, back stabbing, whatever you may want to call it. Some one posted saying we are good at keeping secrets, this i find very true. We are also very truthful, even if it may hurt you. As for trying to make everybody are friend? Pshh, please...if you have read ANYTHING about libras we are known to be sociable. This does not mean we want everybody as our friend. I can only consider 1 person my friend and everybody else acquaintances or co-workers.

    Now to answer your question sable31. No, not all Libras are like the one you mentioned. I know 8 libras, 6 are male and 2 are female. From what I know only 3 out of 6 males have cheated.

    I will admit I have cheated twice. Once in a 6 year relationship with a Capricorn and once in a relationship with an Aquarius that was headed no where.

    Ladies, I know it seems like all male libras our out to cheat on you, but we are not. We simply love the attention women give us. We are just big flirts, but if you have ours hearts you have nothing to worry about. Show us you do love us and we are all yours.

    Also, the little things count much more in our eyes.

    I have a theory that may help change your libra; give him a taste of his own medicine.

    Hopefully I answered your question Sable31.

  • Dear Hec101 I just found this topic and with much interest I have read it. I too have met an Libra guy and am charmed with him but not involved.

    Again thank you for responding.

    I do have one question about you saying that you should show a libra person that you love them. What is it that makes the difference for you (the libra) to give your heart and not wander of? And what makes you wander?

    And most of all can you as men handle the fact the woman your in love with has the same amount of attention from other men?

  • Dear Flowsco,

    What makes the difference for me to give my heart out and wander? Hmm..I would have to say knowing I found a person with great emotional strength, someone that won't bend to my will. As well as someone that can be true.

    What makes a Libra wander...I would have to say that ever longing search for our soulmate, the perfect someone. The one person that will love as deep as we Libras do. We Libras are confident, we don't just pretend, as someone posted on here. It is not that we are insecure for the reason why we "wander".

    Yes, I can handle if the woman I'm in love with has the same amount of attention from other men. We Libras are attracted to all things beautiful, which would put beautiful woman in that category; we know what baggage comes with having beautiful woman.

    One thing you must remember Libras are very picky when it comes to their partners.

    Hopefully this helped =]

  • Dear Hec101,

    Once again thank you for your time and explanation. What you wrote was indeed helpfull and recognizable for my present situation and I will take this all into consideration.

    Thanks you.

  • Hec I have to agree with you. I am a Libra and I am as faithful as an old dog. My son is Sept. 30th and he is different than I am in some ways but I am at the other end. But I will tell you he is faithful to who is with. He is a hard lover and he is very picky when it comes to what he likes his women to look an be like. He doesn't like a lot of make up. He likes outdoorsy women to take part in riding off road and being outside. He likes thin women. And women that look exotic. And he has had his heart broken a lot just like most Libras male and female. My father is Sept. 25th and married to a Leo woman for 57 yrs. And passionate lovers right up till my mom died. Saying that a specific sign is all alike is kind of narrow minded but I know other signs that I wouldn't touch with a ten ft. pole.

  • I am a Libra male currently in a relationship (yes in love) with a Leo female. I am not a cheater although I do recognize there is a certain affinity for promiscuity that lurks deep inside. However, I would never let this instinct take over and ruin the most integral and pure part of any relationship I am in: in fact, although inside I have the instinct to chase after women, in practice, I despise the idea of having many meaningless sexual relationships.

    I am a creature born to love: all I've ever wanted romantically was to have one beautiful woman who I could love and trust, showering her with all the compliments, love and flattery which flow so abundantly and naturally from the Libran soul.

    As for vengeful, yes: we can be. If your Libra man is not getting an adequate return to that love he so generously and graciously engulfs you in, it will turn a switch in him and he will have an inner (good v. evil) battle on his hands. When the Libra male feels he is slighted, he has a compulsion to get even, make it right, to balance his scale. This can be done extremely in some cases, or like me, you can 'tame the beast' so to speak, and work hard not to overdo it, which takes fairness, exacting and meticulous contemplation plus a WEALTH of consideration for your partner.

    The negative Libra is extremely powerful and it is NOT easy to contain him after he is instinctively released from his chains in response to lack of love or a misdeed. For those of you reading this who have a Libra partner, at all costs avoid setting this off: trust you will be better off having never seen this side of your partner for when the gloves are truly off, all that charm and love becomes guile and bitterness; Libra will break you and leave you in a heap.

    In my current situation with my gorgeous Leo (I'd like a little advice on this btw) we are only able to see each other once a month if we are lucky. Because we spend so much time apart, primarily through text message, I rain down upon her heartfelt compliments to assure her of my love (I do this instinctively, I just read up on Leo females yesterday and patted meself on the back :p). The problem is its beginning to drain me: she seems rather careless when it comes to returning that love and there's not much snow left up on the mountain to fill my love river with you know?

    Now she's a wonderful young lady, sweet, caring and generous but unless its in person, I don't get to feel much of this. She doesn't go outside herself like I do to express herself like I do; she has, in a word, become complacent: content to accept the compliments and love but not really doing much by way of returning it of her own initiative. Because of our circumstances, I understand it is difficult for us to get together but that complacence I mentioned makes it so she doesn't really try. I seem to be the only one concerned with actively trying to make something happen..I don't fault her for it because she's busy and stressed but, it doesn't even seem to cross her mind! Which of course baffles me, you know with the being in love and such LOL (gotta have a sense of humor 'bout this kind of thing or it drives you insane).

    The thing that gets me is that she's always able to go out to her little girl's night things with her cool, but needy (sigh) friends without a second thought about seeing me! Don't get me wrong, Im not suspicious, this is only once a week if that, she gets picked up and its all easy for her but still it pisses off my inner Libra that she's so careless about spending time with other people and not MAKING time to be with her man.

    Otherwise she tends to be forgetful, liable to forget what she had my hopes up for (don't mistake this for deception, just carelessness) and its taking its toll. Whenever she goes to see one of them I feel resentful and neglected. Im starting to feel like the only way to save myself the heartache is to reserve my attention (but that doesn't work Libra has no love if he is not expressing it) or just save myself the trouble and stop trying. I've tried to explain this time again to get her to do something about it but she's really not getting the memo whether its failure to comprehend, ambivalence, forgetfulness or some fuc ked up combination of the three, this Libra is struggling and he's feeling alone. I know the love is there, she's unbearably pure and childlike at heart, but a careless lover is such a torment to Libra. HALP!!

  • hec101

    I should say that I am saying what I am saying about the Libras I know

    males or females and I know many of them my entire life

    they sure started really well with me but along the way is something else

    I certainly wouldn't say that about you if you are trustworthy but then again I don't know you

    if you are trustworthy well I hope you find someone trustworthy enough to give your heart and life to so that you never have to experience what I did

    I also need to say that not all these cheaters cheated on me

    some of them are just friends and they cheated on their men or women

    in fact with 3 of them I was the 3rd party

    1 of them, I didn't know. the other 2 I knew, but they didn't stop, they said their women were this and that. you want to blame me on these two, go ahead. I won't be offended.

    I don't know any libra that doesn't cheat, whether it is relationship or mere friendship.

    at work I met another 2 and when things are rough, I stood my ground and they didn't

    money is scarce, I know. 1 have kids and 1 had a crush on the boss, and both are married

    of course, if you have kids you have to earn something. and if you have a crush, sure you will do anything to stay working under the boss. hence the backstab.

    I can't say I am always right in relating to others

    but the way I see it, if I am not happy in a relationship I will leave and find another

    I won't stay in an unhappy relationship while looking for another

    you can choose to be vengeful and said some Leos are cheaters

    I won't be offended, and I won't defend them and yes I am serious

    I never cheat my whole marriage, almost 9 years with a Cap

    I said everything in advance to him, that I have been cheated and so if he cheats on me, I will leave and find another, and I will make him pay for it

    so he knows upfront what will happen if he does what and so far I have never cheated or left him because he hasn't given me reasons for those

    I am sorry if revealing about those Libras I know (knew, because they are dead to me) somehow injured your pride but I will not sugarcoat my experience

    I don't know you, so you shouldn't feel offended, unless of course a part of you feel exposed

    then again, I will leave that to your own scale

    you can be vengeful, say what you want about Leos, not like I never heard that from Libras or anyone else. I won't be offended, in fact I won't defend Leos. I can try make you see things our point of view, but if you don't want to see it, fine by me.

    plus now that I learn more about astrology, I realize that personality is not only based on sun signs, upbringing and other planets position when we were born, also help shape it

    I've said what I need to say.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am 9.23.87 she is 8.4.87

  • Mercury - Mercury

    Negative aspect: Not favorable for communication.

    Mercury - Jupiter

    Negative aspect: Not always the best of unions. They don't always share the same ideas, their tastes are different and this leads to a few tense moments due to lack of understanding.

    Venus - Pluto

    Negative aspect: A very strong passion but destructive, to be avoided if at all possible.

    Mercury - Uranus

    Positive aspect: No clouds in this couple's life. They have a good intellectual understanding, take pleasure in being together, in discussing and exchanging ideas.

    Venus - Venus

    Positive aspect: Very good aspect for a successful union. Love, gaiety, understanding, everything for getting on well together.

    Venus - Neptune

    Negative aspect: The attraction is certainly there, but the relationship will only last a short time. Venus misunderstands the other and will, without a doubt, be the only one who really is in love. Neptune will be unfaithful.

    Sun - Saturn

    Positive aspect: Here is a couple you can call stable. They will lead their life together quietly, with friendship slowly replacing love. Saturn will dominate the Sun - as is only natural - but the Sun might find this difficult to accept. In any case, as the Sun likes to feel secure, Saturn is a perfect partner.

    Mars - Uranus

    Negative aspect: It is impossible for such a union to happen but, if it does, it will only lead to violence and extreme aggression.

    Mars - Saturn

    Positive aspect: A life together without any problems, love will develop into friendship, they will understand each other and go well together. An indication that they will both be faithful.


    more negatives here than positives. You seem to understand each other, but communication seems to be a problem. It is said Venus misunderstands the other and will, without a doubt, be the only one who really is in love. you are ruled by Venus so this explains what happens. she is ruled by the Sun, not Neptune, so as long as she feels secure in the relationship she will stay loyal to you.

    As in chinese signs, both are rabbits. here is something you need to know about her.

    The Cat woman has clear-cut views on what "true love" should be and sets up definite criteria for her marriage. To her, love must be something ethereal, composed mainly of pure sentiment and reason, never dominated by blind passion or sex. She cannot love a man who has not won her respect. However much she cares about her prince charming, it will be almost impossible for him to make her knees go weak or her sense of discrimination falter, for, as we know, this is not an overly emotional or unduly affectionate female. Even though her condition in life may be one of the most modest, she will never entertain the idea of marriage for advancement in rank, prestige, or material status. The man with whom she is involved on a permanent basis should allow her to retain the illusion that she has lost nothing of her privacy, dignity, and independence of thought. She would be happier alone than sharing her life with a man who attempts to dominate her or seeks total communication with her.Despite her natural gentleness and considerateness, her approach to sex is cool, detached, lacking spontaneity and variety. One of the reasons for her reticence may be that she fears to lose her own identity in too deep an involvement. There is always an aura of purity, reservedness, and overdone delicacy about her desires. Even if she made a conscious effort to surrender herself without holding anything back, her mind would refuse to be fully committed to sensual abandon. Her response to her man's advances may leave him with a vague feeling that she does not care much about him. He should know, however, that she actually welcomes his embraces, but that she does it in her own way, which is cold and aloof. She needs a partner in whom she would have complete confidence, who would support and who would have the same objectives and interests as hers.

    Notice this "She would be happier alone than sharing her life with a man who attempts to dominate her or seeks total communication with her" hope this helps.

  • rabbit = cat

  • sable31

    don't know if you read this, but about Sylvia Browne's book that you said she mentioned Virgo is whore of the zodiac. I don't know this book but I heard she is Libra herself born Oct 19.

    funny thing is, I know a Virgo female that calls Libra men s luts LOL

    can't say I like Virgo females, but we do see some things the same way only they can set temper aside better than I can

    if you read this, let me know the book's name. I'm curious why she said it

    Bye now.

  • Thanks a lot: that helped. I know how to fix it now and it starts at home. Appreciate it.

  • hope the best for you both

  • leoscorpion,

    Just to get this out of the way...I was not offended by anything you said. I am just clarifying a few things you said on previous comments you left, which I felt were very bias.

    I am sorry that you had bad experiences with Libras, but like I said before we are not all cheaters; we just love a women's affection and attention. This is what rojam2k5 said "I am a creature born to love: all I've ever wanted romantically was to have one beautiful woman who I could love and trust, showering her with all the compliments, love and flattery which flow so abundantly and naturally from the Libran soul." This is what a Libra is always in search for and this is what you may get from a libra once he has fallen in love with you. So please learn something about Libra's before calling us all cheaters.

    Another thing leoscorpion, you said you were aware you were the "3rd party" in 2 out of the 3 libra relationships you had. How can you blame a Libra for being able to charm you into becoming the "3rd party"? You think you have no fault? How do you expect a male Libra who in a lack of better words has mastered the wooing process and has indulged in love for women to not test his craft? I am not trying to justify the fact that he was cheating, but the fact that you as a woman should have known better than to get involved with a libra in a relationship. We are very flirtatious, he might have seen you bending to his will and went with it.

    I must say shame on you for bending to our will and to become involved with a libra knowing he had already had another woman.

    Sorry for being so blunt =X

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