Asking for Libra men to answer

  • I would like to know about Libra men and how they are in a relationship.

    I know about 4 Libra men, and each one is extremely focused on sex. two have confided in me about their sex life and cheating on spouses, and yes have tried with me.

    Another one is the partner of a friend of mine and I hear all about the issues from her, and just found out he is a Libra.

    The fourth is someone I was involved with and he is so focused on sex, but also, thinks he is in love all the time.

    In one year he fell "in love" with 5 different women. He cheats too and does so when getting ready to leave one relationship but will secure another before leaving.

    ALL of these Libra men cheat, and each one of them gets so jealous, angry, and shocked if a woman cheats on them. In some cases the woman hasn't cheated, they just suspect it.

    Are ALL Libra men like this??

    I know only one Libra woman, and she was promiscuous when younger but then changed and almost became a prude.

    so, any Libra males want to answer this one?

  • I am not a Libra male, but I do think that this is what you get from the most of them. I do feel that I know two exception to the rule, but that is about it. LOL. I am currently involved with a Libra, and he loves *** also. So much to the point that he has been untrue and it does not appear to be that alarming to him. He swears that I am entertaining other guys. I thought that it had a something to do with being an attractive woman, but now after reading your post, I feel it's in his nature. He chased behind me for over a year while I was in another relationship. Now that he and I are suppose to be exploring a relationship of our own, he can't seem to "get right". He kept talking about us marrying, and buying rings. LOL! Oh yes, he also said that his behavoir stemmed from me treating him a certain way, and that you just can't do certain things and not expect something back. They are very vengeful people also. Or should I say that they appear to believe in tit for tat. On ther flip side, they are very attentive, and will make you feel like the source of light for their life. I've been trying to figure out lately if I should just move on, or see wht else is up. Somewhere in my mind I felt like I was special to him because he won't dare ask of me, some of the things that I know he has asked of others. Almost like he was keeping his image of me pure. I know it soulds crazy, because you would think if a person cared enough, that would staighten them up.

    I do know from reading that Libras are rulrd by Venus, which is the relationship God, so that may explain their need to be "loved" or to feel like they are so often. They enjoy having people around them. I do think they are, men and women Libras, seek a relationship and love ***. My aunt is a Libra, and she has always been a bit wild. She plays her TV loud, and I thought she was going deaf, until I met a few more Libras. LOL. It's like they are drowning out thoughts with noise or something. My friend mom cheated on their dad, and he would be what most women would call the ideal mate. But, they will give you shirt off their backs. The only thing we outsiders can do is ignore them, because they don't like for you to be upset with them. So, with them, I guess you just have to take the good with the bad. Weigh all of your options, and decide what you can and can not live with about them, and either move on or stay!

  • Hi,

    I am a female Libran, and I am not promiscous or wild. I enjoy life and being around positive people! I also like having fun but also have a quiet serious side to me! I am single and have never been in a relationship where I cheat on men, would never even think of it. I am quite spiritual so don't believe in being unfaithful. I tend to meet men that tend to cheat on me!

    On the otherhand, I have met a few libran men and feel they can be very friendly and chat to a lot of females. There may be some that may go astray too. They can be quite vengeful, don't think they like being hurt or ignored! Librans like to be loved and fall in love, it is harmless to a degree but they sometimes live in fantasy worlds.

    I guess there are other star signs that have positives and negatives about them, sometimes it is the individual and not the star sign that is the problem. Perhaps you need to just look at the individual and or try other star signs and see what best works for you!

  • i am in love with a libra guy whom i believe is only capable of loving himself. i agree that he is vengeful. he loves women and will give his phone number very easily and tell me they are just freinds. he also loves ### which he is excellent at. he tells me when i am with him i should not think about his friends just be grateful for our time together. he is especially loving and attentive when he wants something from me. after he gets what he wants the love and attention goes. he loves friends, loves to look good and smell good and loves female attention, he even does things to attract other women when he is out with me and tells me it means nothing because i am right there. i have tried to leave him so many times. once he got another woman and then he told me it was over, but she couldn't give him all the gifts i give him so he came back to me. i believe she is stil around though. He has charmed me

  • I have found lots of guys are unfaithful, but out of the ones that I KNOW have cheated... it is the Libra male that seems to stand out!

    One thing I found is that generally they are extremely attractive and charismatic, and even if there is an unattractive Libra male... he still has women surrounding him. It is a charm, charisma, something that I do believe is because of the planet Venus, the planet of Love.

    GALE G: PLEASE get some counselling. This charmer has been using you. I have been there too. It is an addiction. I have had all that you wrote of except being able to afford gifts... and he keeps telling me goodbye AFTER he is secure with another woman... then when it goes down the drain he comes back and appologizes and starts charming me again.

    PS. People that are really good at s*x, and know all the right moves... are experts for a reason. They have done it enough to get that good, or they have been formally trained in that act.

    I needed to get help.

    Why? because in some ways I was "conditioned" by him.

    You look up brainwashing and a lot of the things that they say works is very similiar if not exactly like this man did. I am sure he did not know that but it came out the same.

    I still talk with this man, but I do not let him get too close anymore. the final straw was when he chose fun times with another woman over my life. I was suicidal and he knew it, he was also told by another about me... and he didnt bother to answer me when I begged him for help.

    that fact almost drove me to do it.

    I know now that he, nor anyone else, is not worth my life.

    I pray you find the strength to seek counseling and get this addiction out of your life.

  • thank u Sable 31. I have tried to leave him so many times and he lets me go when it suits hm and then he reels me back in with his charm. i have often accused him of using me and he says i am "ungrateful" this is like a sick addictiion. i couldn't see that i needed professional help. i hope i have the courage to get some. i feel so ashamed of myself

  • dearest Sable 31, i thank God for your life today that you can help me and others like me. thank you very much. you are precious. you seem to be a person who gives your all and you deserve the best. i pray that the right person enters your life very soon if it has not already happened as yet.

  • GaleG:

    thank you for your kind words to me. Yes, I do give my all but have done so to the wrong people for many times. Many giving people in this world end up getting used.

    The right person (assuming you mean male, mate. partner) has not entered my life. I do know that I do NOT need a relationship in order to be of value.

    I would like a loving healthy relationship but if it is not to be, then I will deal with it.

    From things you have posted here... you KNOW this man is not worthy. Take the time to write down a list. ALL the things that hurt you or bothered you. Then make another list of all the nice things he has done or that made you happy.

    Journaling is a VERY useful and healthy outlet. It makes you slow down your thoughts long enough to really sink in because you are writing it out. (no computers MUST be pen and paper) Also this makes your thoughts REAL.. you can touch them and re read them when you are feeling doubt.

    PLEASE do get some counseling!

  • surprising why no libra men answering this. probably you've nailed it and they don't like it LOL

    anyway I know some libras, females and males. the males, just like you said, are always into women. I won't be surprised if they cheat since even astrology said they are capable of having multiple relationships at once. the females, I find some are cheaters and some are decent. none of them I find trustworthy, male or female, in terms of friendship. because they seem to want to be friends with everybody and therefore they will be friends with their friends' enemies too. well that's not fun, is it? about vengefulness, yes the males are. but doesn't mean you can't hurt them back. if they hurt you, by all means hurt them back, you will see that they are not as strong as you think. I do this all the time. because I believe if I don't do anything wrong I will win. If you hurt them because you feel like it, well then I can't blame libras for being vengeful. any sign will do the same. it's just how it is.

    I hope that sooner or later everyone will realize how important it is to love yourself. Never ever hate yourself or become a slave of anything. if you can't love yourself, how are you going to find someone that loves you? how will you even notice it, because you don't even know how to love yourself? if you love yourself, you will know when it's time to go and find someone else. if you love yourself, you will feel that someone's intention is either good or bad towards you. everytime I said this, people will say that I am a leo so that's why I'm selfish. you know what? I don't care. I love myself and this is why I found the man I love and love me back. I wouldn't be in a blissful relationship otherwise. if this can save me or help me leave cheaters, well I'm glad I am selfish. In fact I will always be selfish and they should try eating shellfish someday.

  • Nciteful, your insights into the Libra in your life descibes my Libra ex to a "T"! He used to do all the same things! Promised me marriage and then accused me of cheating also. I was a virgin. I moved away after his vengence came out for me supposedly cheating on him. Meanwhile, I always suspected him to be the one cheating but I couldn't prove it. Fast forward 20 years and he is still the same. He finally married a women when he turned 33 because his family told him to (arranged marriage with a recent immigrant from his mother's homeland). Oh, and the fact that her family was very wealthy obviously didn't hurt. I recently saw him for lunch and my impression was that he wanted a friend with benefits scenario even through we are both married to other people. So, I guess it's okay for me to cheat on my husband but not him? LOL

  • I was married 18 years with a Libras guy. I am Scorpio.I felt like I was reading my history again and again . Great sex, charm, and very interested in me in the beggining of the relation , when I didnt want to have a relationship with him. He always wanted female attention. I put up with all the conversations he liked to have with females. From some point , it just didn´t bother me anymore. He also liked to give his cell number very easy. I thought I was capable to live with. He was always suspicious that I was cheating on him. But , things just got worst and he ended up having 2 affairs . Every time he thought he was in love. One of the ladies had a nervous breakdown because she did believe they were going to get married . And of course , was just his charm and talking . . When the affair number 3 started I just coudnt stand with him . We divorced. in 2000. I got married again to LEO guy in 2002 and Happy End. I cannot believe Libra s can have a relationship. I am sorry my English is not very good to explain very well . It is my Third language. I wish good lucky to all having relations with Libra male.

  • To all single girls who are looking to find a partner- NEVER , EVER CHOOSE A LIBRA SIGN MAN as a boyfriend or life partner- They are the worse cheaters of all astrological signs- After 32 years of marriage, and taking care of my husband the very best any woman could do, and after making him very secure financially, I found out that he has been cheating on me with an oriental woman whom he met in a massage parlor- He went there to get massage, he got everything but massage.!! Never choose a Libra man as a life partner, 99% of them are cheaters and they know very well how to hide it!!!.

  • Sable31- Read my posting under CHEATINGLIBRAS- 99% of all Libra sign men , without exception , are cheaters. Never choose them as life partners or you will be sorry.

    Read my story under CHEATING LIBRAS- and do not make the same mistake I made by choosing a Libra man.

  • Well this information is no surprise to anyone who has ever been involved with a Libran - Male or Female. Charming, witty, generous, loving, sexy, full of great intentions, dreamers, but also on the turn, selfish, cold, hurtful with their words, pessimistic, non committal and there is 1 important person in their lives, them. Loyalty begins with self and then returned in small doses, just enough to keep you there.

    We have got to admit they fooled us all and we loved them at the time, so either we put up with it or get out, and never try their games for they will just cut you out of their lives. They will pull you back in for a few games, but they are the only ones to know the rules.

    I dont think they mean to be vengeful or hurtful or selfish, its just the way they are, non committal, not able to make decisions and although they come across as being strong and secure, if you look at it all they are insecure, hence the need to have 2 partners at the one time.

  • Dear Galeg

    I think you understand your man but I believe he is taking advantage of you. You also seem to know he uses you. You have all the info on this guy and have him pretty much figured out. I think you need to get out and get into some self esteeem classes some where and when you start to feel better about yourself you will ditch this guy, he is just using you for what he can take from you what about you, does he ever think more about you then himself? Really if you start to read some of this information about YOUR self worth you will change your mind about this guy. It really sounds like he pretty much just takes from you. Think about it I was down your road once and I got into some counselling and what a eye opener which lead me to a thing called MY self esteem. I wish you the best and hope it all works out for you in the future.

  • Wow. As a Libra woman, I'm a little taken aback by this. Personally, I would never even consider cheating and have zero tolerance of cheating on me. We tend to be flirtatious, but I just like to have people like me -- it's harmless fun. Can't speak for men (I'm gay, so don't have experience dating Libra men), but don't put us all in one category. Balance and all that. 🙂

  • Why is gay censored? Since when is that a dirty word?

  • I have a friend of over 15 years and he's a Libra. When we met, I thought he was the hottest man alive. I was married when we met and I'm still married now. Our paths crossed a year ago and he turned my life upside down. Everything I've read regarding charm, attractiveness, great ***, lots of women around, etc., is very true of this man. When our "friendship" got strained he abandoned me. I felt devasted because it felt like a loss. He did return and I can't shake him. It is an addiction that feels like love. Libras take 'friendships" to the extremes. They know how to charm and use people. I was able to manage his manipulativeness and didn't get used. We only had a tryst once since we've known each other. Libras have a gravitational pull on you--they're all over you and you seemingly can't break loose. I failed to mentioned he was married and recently divorced for the same aforementioned reasons. I've been keeping my "friend" at bay. We don't put ourselves in compromising position anymore.

  • I have been without the internet for awhile so that is why I have not responded to all who posted here. I am surprised that not one Libra male posted here.

    It could be because they are just what we have found certain Libra males to be, it could also be that there are not that many Libra males on these sites.

    Maybe they are so busy (with women) in their lives that they have no time to be on a site like this.

    I am currently going through withdrawal symptoms of a Libra male relationship.

    He told me that he is no longer in love with me and is in love with another. However he loves me as a friend and would like to keep in contact through email.

    There is much more to the story of course, and he comes off looking like a grade A first class jerk and showed his selfish streak in regards to his own small children, with previous entanglement.

    I know that the world renowned psychic Sylvia Browne has a astrology book out, a very thin one, and in it she calls Virgo's "the whores of the zodiac".

    Personally, I think she has something against the Virgo people.

    I am a Virgo and I have been celibate most of my life. Out of 46 years of my life, I have only had sexual partners in 7 of them. I think she got Virgo's mixed up with Libra males.

    I am trying to keep away from this Libra male that has my heart. No matter how many times he hurt me, insulted me, chose other women over me, there is something within me that still loves him. I am doing my best to be strong and refuse the friendship he offered.

    That is all he wants at the moment, friendship, but I know that if something goes wrong in his latest fantasy life, and it will, he will cry on my shoulder again.

    I cannot do that to myself again.

    Thank you to all that have posted. I hope that all those out there that are in a horrid relationship with Libra males, and any others out there too, that you get help.

    You are worth so much more than what any male can give you.

    You are a female...

    You are the one that was the strongest and therefore chosen to give life on this planet. Do not let a mere man take that strength from you.

    You can do better.

  • LibraL: I see the little stars where your word g a y was censored has 4 stars.... I wonder if there was a spelling mistake? Probably not and I shall try this to see for myself: now typing the word gay here to see.

    I think that word is censored because that word was used in a derogatory slang connotation and not only as the word meaning happy, or the word meaning of different sexual orientation.

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