Please help

  • My ex-boyfriend recently returned here to my state from another. However hes extremely confused about where he truly wants to live that will make him happy.

    Can someone pick up on his situation and tell me if he will decide to live here with me, or will he leave and go back to where he was living? Also, i'm still deeply in love with this man, but he is not showing much emotion towards me. Does he still love me? Will he choose to live here with me in this state?

    Ive been in constant worry over this. Just really hoping someone can help shed some light on this for me.

    My DOB 9-8-76

    His DOB 1-28-70

    Thank you so much

  • Sorry, I feel this makes a better friendship than a love relationship and I believe your BF has realises it too. He feels uncomfortable being back and will soon move away again. It's actually a good thing because you both bring out each other's nervous sides. You both worry about whether you were really meant to be involved with each other in the first place. Consequently there is no free flow of energies here which leads to guardedness and a lack of coalescence of your strengths. Insecurities abound and you SherryBlossom would become resentful if you lived together because your partner would be always running off to have a good time and leaving you with all the work and domestic responsibilities. You would no doubt keep your resentment to yourself, just becoming more depressed and withdrawn over time.

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