Sudden feeling of dread and panic - can someone help/read this??

  • Hey everyone - I don't know what's going on but not too long ago I got a sudden feeling of dread/panic/angst and I don't know what this means... This rarely happens but only when something terrible is about to/has happened. Can a psychic shed some light on this? Is someone/something trying to get a hold of me? Is there something in my future? I hate this feeling. Thank you guys for any help/any readings!

  • I feel there is something you know you must do but you dread facing/doing it.

  • This is coming from your growing feelings of self-doubt about your future. It seems to come on suddenly but your subconscious has been stewing on it for a while before it leaps into your conscious mind. When you get such a feeling, you must do whatever you can to focus on the positive things in your life and build up your confidence in your own ability to achieve the things you want.

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