Signs from the you believe in them?

  • I really didn't know where to post this to be honest.

    So I am thinking the Universe is smacking me down with the most obvious signs to do with a certain Scorpio male. The following signs are as follows:

    • Our street address number is exactly the same

    • His street address name is exactly as my old street address name

    • His favourite song by Nine Inch Nails comes on the radio everytime I'm near a radio

    Now do I just throw my hands up to the Universe and let the sequences keep happening or do I grab the bull by the balls and make a move?

    I have to say his staring has intensified to say the least and its like he wants to say something to me but doesn't quite know how.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, and my last question does anyone else believe in Universal signs that get delivered to you?

  • Forget the signs (they could also cover a lot of other people) - do you really want to be in a romantic relationship with this guy? If you do, just ask him if he wants to go out on a date.

  • To answer your question Captain, yes I do wish to be in a romantic relationship with this Scorpio guy, but my gumption stops right there at wishes, he makes me too nervous to be that bold to ask him out.

  • I would be looking at similarities that you've experienced in the past. It's being shown again. If you can set aside the romantic interest for awhile, you may be able to see what is being presented.

  • Libramummy, if you don't give this guy a sign that you are interested, all you will be doing is dreaming - alone. So you can either stop wasting your time - by asking him flat out if he is interested in dating (and making sure it is more than just the common Scorpion interest in sex) - or you can keep dreaming of "What if?" without getting any satisfaction. So try and put that typical Libran indecisiveness aside if you want to make this relationship a reality. And if he says 'no', then you can move on and find someone who is interested. At least you will know if you are wasting your time or not...

  • Just a quick update here with regards to Scopio man, the answer or gesture was no.

    Letting this wash over me and time to find my true soul mate.

  • Scorpio men are great but can be complicated. They say one thing but later on say something different. The Scorpio guy I was dealing with contradict hisself and I have to call him out on it. Scorpio men are shy and not aggressive in approaching new woman. It takes a long time to win their trust. I was going to tell you not to approach him and tell him you like him. They like the cat and mouse chase game. A challenge.

  • Meh no cat n mouse games here sorry to say, so we'll keep in our perspective corners and move on.

  • smug little tosser now is walking around the office like the cat who's got the cream and keeps staring at me.

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